Endless Bliss | Happy Lifestyle Blog: the post with Europe.

the post with Europe.


I've become a woman obsessed. Obsessed with EUROPE! I was at work the other day, and I got to thinking about how I'm 23, and I haven't done enough! I mean, I've done some pretty awesome things in my life, and I've gone to lots of awesome places, but I want more. I want to go to Europe. I was only there for two years of my life at the very beginning, so it doesn't count.

I have always wanted to travel with EF College Break because all of their tours look like a blast. I feel like I've ordered brochures from them at least once a year since high school, but I've never legitly sat down and thought about the possibility of going; but now I have. Summer 2014 will be my summer for Europe. I've already started saving up for it and everything. I've also told three people about it, and now I'm writing it here, so it's officially official. I'm going to Europe in 15-18 months.

Can you imagine me in Europe? I feel like I'd hyperventilate with excitement. All the strangers I'll be on the tour with will become annoyed with how many times I say, "This is so exciting" or "This is so fun" and with the outrageous amount of pictures I'll insist on taking. I can't stop watching videos on the EF College Break Youtube page and reading about the tour that I want to do, which is Paris, London, and Rome. I'm hyperventilating with excitement just thinking about going.

When I went shopping with my boyfriend earlier today (V-day, y'all), I found myself asking "Do I want this shirt or do I want to go to Europe?" It obviously worked, because I didn't buy a single thing. The trip is going to be about $4000, so anyone who wants to donate to the "Tiffany is going to Europe in 2014" fund should contact me directly. Kidding, not kidding.

-- tiffanykhyla.


  1. So does this mean for Christmas/your birthday I can just give you money (assuming I have a steady and decent income)? lol

    1. Yes!! I'm so serious. That's ALL I want haha.

  2. Europe is amazing! I lived in England for 5 years so I did a lot of traveling to other European countries. Rome was one of my favorites! You only have a few more months-how is the money saving going?!

  3. That's so awesome that you lived there! I'm so excited to finally step foot in the country that I've only DREAMED about going to! I really can't wait! Money saving is going great! Better than expected. It's been hard to discipline myself, but I'm surprising myself. I can't wait to go!


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