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It Started with HELLO (chocolate).

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Every connection we've made in our lives - significant others, friends, co-workers - started with a simple "hello." I remember when I first met Jon. We were in the school cafeteria at Louisiana Tech. Our mutual friend, Anamaria, walked me over to where Jon and a few others were sitting, and she introduced all of us. I thought Jon was so adorable with his messy hair and initially shy demeanor. Our whole relationship sparked with just "hello." (Or it could've been "hi" or "hey," but you get the point.)

Something I would love for y'all to say "hello" to is the new Lindt HELLO chocolate. I was already a fan of Lindt before trying this product, so I knew they wouldn't disappoint me with these new products. 

Lindt HELLO chocolate comes in many different flavors, but the four I tried are Crunchy Nougat, Cookies & Cream, Caramel Brownie, and Strawberry Cheesecake. Jon and I both liked the Caramel Brownie flavor best. It's the perfect combo of milk chocolate, hazel nut, and caramel brownie filling. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It's so delicious, as are the rest of the flavors we tried. 

Plus, there are three convenient ways to enjoy Lindt HELLO chocolate - chocolate bars, chocolate sticks, and chocolate minis!

Want to know who else loves HELLO chocolate? Check out these videos featuring of a few familiar faces, including Lindsey Sterling, Mike Thompson, and more! Videos are co-produced by the amazing and beautiful Ashley Tisdale. Total girl crush on her from my High School Musical days. #letsbehonest. 
Also, you can make some new (or old) connections here to enter in the HELLO Sweet Connections Sweepstakes with five weeks of prizes! So exciting, right?! Who doesn't love free stuff? It's as simple as entering in your email address, and you even get multiple entries by entering the sweepstakes once per day! You can win some awesome things, such as date night for two or a shopping spree!

Be sure to try new Lindt HELLO chocolate, and begin your new connection with a simple "hello." And don't forget to share all of your meet cutes on social media using the official hashtag #itstartedwithhello.

Thank you to Lindt for sponsoring today's post. As always, all opinions are 100% mine.

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A Southern FALL-tastic Giveaway: Win $350! {CLOSED}

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Your awesome Host & Co-host for this giveaway:

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8 YA Books That Should Be Made Into Movies.

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I'm one of those weird people that actually likes to see my favorite books turned into movies. I know a lot of people are always disappointed because they're so worried that the movie won't live up to their expectations because the book was so amazing, but 9 times out of 10, I'm thrilled! I love seeing movie adaptations of books because it helps bring the crazy images happening in my head into real life. 

I feel like I've mentioned my love for this series (and Marissa Meyer) a million times already on my blog, but I love it that much. It's a futuristic retelling of classic fairy tales, with each book focusing on a different character. There are so many twists and turns with these novels; I feel like it could be a really fascinating, nail-biting, spectacular movie series. 


I finished reading this entire series by Kiera Cass in one weekend. It's like The Bachelor if the bachelor was a 16-year-old prince vying for the hearts of people in different castes (because there's a caste system in the book as well). I fell in love with this series, and I think the girls will fall in love with the fashion and beauty of the girls in the competition trying to win the heart of the prince, and the guys will fall in love with the drama behind the caste system and the rebels. Overall a fascinating story that would be awesome to see in movie form.


This book is actually the first in a series by Ally Condie, and I'm currently working on finishing the last book of the trilogy. It's such an interesting concept for a book, and I think a movie adaptation would be so neat! It's about a future society where people are matched by statistics, and the main character, Cassia, was surprised when she saw she was matched with two people. It ends up being this awkward love triangle with some opposition from the big guys on the totem pole. 


I fell in love with this book from the very beginning. Rainbow Rowell never disappoints. I know a lot of girls that already love this story and can relate to Cath's story. It's her first year of college, and her sister has essentially abandoned her, and her roommate is a little nuts. She's also one of the most popular fan fiction writers of her favorite book series starring Simon Snow. I love watching the story unfold and seeing Cath grow into her confidence while in college, and I think others would too. 


Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian created this amazing series about three girls who essentially have nothing in common, but they come together to get revenge on people who have hurt them in unspeakable ways. I haven't read the last book in the series yet (because it just came out on September 16th), but I'm sure the conclusion will be nothing short of amazing. A movie adaptation would be so fun to watch because all three of the main girls are so different, and young adults will definitely find someone to relate to.


This is the first YA novel that Jodi Picoult wrote, and she did not disappoint. This book is about a girl named Delilah who starts talking to a character in her favorite book. Mind. Blown. That would be a fun story to watch come to life. I think all of us have had a little crush on a book character or two at some point. 


Leila Sales wrote this book about Elise who is an outsider in every sense of the word, both at school and at home. She stumbles upon a party where she makes an accidental friend and falls in love with DJing. It's a fun coming-of-age story that a lot of teenagers will be able to relate to. I picture the movie version of this being filled with a lot of dry humor and quirkiness and a lot of good music!


What books would you like to see turned into movies?

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Haters Gonna Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate.

After watching Emma Watson speak at the UN, I've been more inspired than ever about how females can make a huge difference in this world. Think about all of the women who have made a positive impact on your life. There are so many reasons to celebrate these beautiful women who inspire us everyday. One person who has inspired me since my awkward high school days is Taylor Swift.

When I first saw the music video for "Tim McGraw," I had no idea that I was watching someone who would be sticking with me for the next (almost) decade. While I've never met Taylor Swift face-to-face, I feel like she's been with me through most of the important parts of my life:
- when I turned away from a relationship that I wasn't sure I should turn away from ("Breathe")
- when I was having a blast with my girls in Gulf Shores ("22")
- when I was pining after a boy that was nothing but bad for me ("Haunted")
- when I started falling (really falling) for Jon ("Love Story")
- when I have a little tiff with Jon ("The Other Side of the Door")
- when my sister graduated from high school ("Never Grow Up")
- when I'm feeling unsure about my life and future ("A Place in this World")
- when I was reflecting back on the amazing years I spent with my college friends ("Long Live")
- when I'm pining after a celebrity I'll never meet *cough cough Zac Efron* ("Superstar")
- when my friend broke up with her boyfriend, and I gladly stepped up to the plate to offer condolences ("Picture to Burn") 

It seems like Taylor Swift has been there for me for all of my ups and downs. 

Being that we're only two days apart in age, it's no wonder that I can relate to Taylor so much. With every song she releases, I find myself singing along to the lyrics of someone who understands what I'm going through. It's true we've lived very different lives, but in a weird way, I feel like she gets me. I feel like she understands the millions of fans she has that she's never met because she's brave enough to share her story, the trials and tribulations of her everyday life, with her fans. Here's why Taylor inspires me, and why she should inspire you too!:

Taylor has never been dishonest with the media, her fans, her friends, her family. She wears her heart on her sleeves and expresses herself through her music. She's never pretended to be someone she's not, and she's never felt the need to change to please anyone. She's grown as an artist and a person since the release of her first album in 2006, and all of her fans have grown with her. Her lyrics are like taking a look at her diary. She shares some of the most intimate details of her life in a public way, and I think most 20-somethings will agree that that in and of itself is pretty brave. 

Sure, Taylor is talented, no one is denying that, but what makes her a force to be reckoned with is that she refuses to stop. She is constantly writing lyrics and composing songs, and she's good at it, too, but she doesn't just stop at music. She also has a line of perfumes, has dipped her feet into acting, and she's meandered into the business world by working with a number of brands while continuing to build her own. 

This really is my favorite perfume. I wear it almost every day. It smells so good!

I don't know any celebrity who treats their fans as well as Taylor Swift does. She takes it upon herself to go through Instagram posts and leave comments. For her latest music video, she invited several of her fans to dance to her new song. With the release of her latest album, she's giving away so many opportunities for fans to come and meet with her. She even showed up at a fan's bridal shower after getting an invitation in the mail. Taylor is so incredible and loyal to her fans, and even has T-parties after her concerts to mingle with a few of them! Even more recently, she invited 89 of her fans to her own home to listen to all of the songs on her new album and just hang out. If that's not love for her fans, I don't know what is. 

Even though I love jamming to "Shake It Off" (hello, it's been on repeat since it came out), what I love even more about it is the message behind it. It's about not listening to what everyone says about you and just doing your own thing. Shaking it off, dancing to your own tune, and moving on with your life. She teaches people that the most important opinion is the one that you have of yourself, and that's a message that so many people need to hear. You are the only one you need to impress. Yours is the only voice that truly matters. You are the one who decides if you're going to live a happy life or a miserable one. Being as famous as she is, Taylor still manages to silence all of the bad things that people are saying about her and stay positive, and that's one of the most beautiful things about her. 

Instead of being selfish with the millions of dollars that she makes, Taylor uses a good chunk of her money to spread the love (and wealth) and donate to causes that are near and dear to her heart. She's given to causes such as Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, Stand Up to Cancer, Shriner's Hospital, Red Cross, and so many more. That's not even the tip of the iceberg. Taylor spreads the love in so many ways, not just through her wallet. Just this past summer, she visited with and sang to a cancer patient in Boston. 

She also sang with the accompaniment of a leukemia patient on piano,

and made a surprise visit to Hasbro Children's Hospital.

I don't have enough words for the positive impact that Taylor has had on my life. In a lot of ways, she's the reason I'm able to stay positive and share my inspirations and happiness with others through this blog. 

This year, LUNAFEST, is celebrating women who are game-changers in our everyday lives. Brought to you by LUNA Bar, the Whole Nutrition Bar for Women, LUNAFEST launched last week in San Francisco and spotlighted women who inspire and affect our everyday lives. There are so many chances for you to get involved and participate with several events happening across the country over the next few months.The films also aim to raise money for a number of non-profits across the nation, including the Breast Cancer Fund. Check out this video of some of the beautiful women spotlighted in the campaign

While I can't call Taylor one of my BFF's, she has affected my day-to-day life more than some people that I actually do see every day. I've seen her twice in concert (once when she opened for Rascal Flatts and during her Fearless tour), and each time, I've left feeling nothing but true bliss. Through the heartbreaks, the good days, the tears, and the smiles, I can always count on her for inspiration.

Apologizing in advance for these horrible quality pictures.

This is the first time I saw Taylor Swift in concert, when she was considered an opening act back in 2008.

I guess I thought I was a cowgirl. I have since gotten rid of that hat. It's for the best.

My friends and I got floor seats for her Fearless tour in 2009. She came right near our seats, and we got to get an up close and personal view of a portion of the concert. It was incredible!

Who has been a female game-changer in your life?

Thanks to Luna Bar for sponsoring today's post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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Icons by Margaret Stohl {Book Review}.

This past summer, I organized a book swap, and I had so much fun doing it! I met an awesome blogger named Valerie who is as much of a YA novel and Sarah Dessen book lover as I am. One of the books she sent to me for the swap is Icons by Margaret Stohl, so of course I was excited to read and review it!


The book is about a girl named Dol who lives a simple life apart from the rest of society. The only thing she remembers about her past is the tragic deaths of all of her family members on The Day, when much of the world lost their lives to the Icons, an enemy they had no idea was coming.

When Dol and her best friend, Ro, are captured by the people of the Embassy, their lives become an even bigger mystery. Soon, they meet a fellow hostage named Tima who, like Ro, uses anger to express herself toward her captors in the Embassy while Dol finds herself drawn to Lucas, the son of the Ambassador who is responsible for her, Ro's, and Tima's presence at the Embassy. Soon they learn that they may have more in common than they thought. 

I have to admit that this book started off pretty slow for me. When I pick up a book that doesn't instantly entice me in the first few chapters, I usually put it down and read it whenever I feel like, and I end up not finishing it for several weeks because I pick up other books that I find more interesting. This was the case with this book. The first few chapters didn't really catch my attention, but I still muddled through.

I wasn't a fan of any of the four main characters. Dol made a lot of foolish decisions when it came to both love and life in general. She sold off the one thing that truly connected her to past, and it ended up being good for nothing. She gets caught in a love triangle of sorts, but nothing intense happens in either case, so that didn't add anything exciting to the plot. Tima was just a bit on the pathetic side in some ways. The times that she was sassy and intelligent, I really enjoyed her character, but the parts where she pined after her crush and hid within herself, I just wasn't too fond of. Lucas grew up privileged as the Ambassador's son, and he turned a blind eye to many of the horrible things that Embassy did. I was instantly not a fan. Ro was just too much for me. His anger was exhausting, and I couldn't handle it.

One thing I did like about the book was the interesting bits of documents that were included at the end of each chapter. It gave insight into a world that was lost when the Icons invaded Earth. At the beginning, I found them to be rather pointless, but as I kept reading, I started to enjoy them more. It gave some more information about things that you wouldn't know about from Dol's perspective. I feel like this book had a lot of information in it, but the organization and telling of it was a bit too confusing. I feel like the author had this vast idea in her head, but it didn't quite transfer over to paper because her ideas were so big and her written descriptions too vague. It was hard for me to picture anything that she described. 

I give this book a 2.5 out of 5. This is actually the first book in the Icons series, but I don't see myself reading on to find out what happens next. The book didn't particularly peek my interest because so many things were left unexplained; things about the history of the Earth and even the descriptions of what they looked like (I couldn't really get a clear picture in my head from the way she described them). This book just didn't suit my fancy.

For more from Margaret Stohl, check out her official website.

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I Need My (Fall) TV.

How many times can I talk about fall before it starts to get annoying? I hope it's infinity, because I'm not going to stop until December. Fall is the only season where I actually watch TV live (or record shows on the DVR and fast forward through the commercials). Otherwise, it's Netflix central. I feel like I wait all year long for fall so I can figure out what happens in my favorite shows, and I'm pumped to finally have a few of my questions answered. There are also a few new shows I can't wait to start watching this season as well! Fall is the season of good TV.
GRIMM, Season 4
This is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I never imagined that I would love it as much as I do, because it seems like it would be favored by men, but it's actually pretty fascinating. Watching the Grimm's Fairy Tales come to life in the most mind-boggling way...love it! Last season left us with Nick being turned into a normal person, and no longer a grimm. What the crap is going to happen?! Ah!
Premieres Friday, October 24 at 9/8C on NBC


SCANDAL, Season 4
I hate when Scandal comes to an end, because every single season finale makes me so angry. It leaves you off at the most inopportune of times, and I've been waiting to see what happens since April. That's way too long. Last season ended with Fitz finding out his dad raped Mellie, and he gets reelected after his son dies. Meanwhile, Olivia and Jake are jetting off to who knows where? So much stress; I can't even deal. 
Premieres Thursday, September 25 at 9/8C on ABC


REVENGE, Season 4
The first season of Revenge had me at the edge of my seat, while the second season lost me somewhere in the middle. Season 3 picked up though, and by the end I was like "whoop whoop" but also pretty depressed. The former because Conrad was killed by none other than David Clarke himself (HE'S FREAKING ALIVE! Mind blown), Emily/Amanda's dad's name is cleared, and Victoria is locked up in the crazy house. The latter because RIP Aiden (except I was so over him; Jack & Amanda 4ever). The season premiere better not disappoint. 
Premieres Sunday, September 28 at 10/9C on ABC


"Let it goooo! Let it goooo!" I can't. I can't let it go that I'm so freaking pumped about Frozen becoming a part of OUAT. I can't wait to see how they incorporate the sweet sisters into the supposedly bad Anna in the show. The people they chose to play the Frozen characters look beyond flawless, so let's hope they are up to par. 
Premieres Sunday, September 28 at 8/7C on ABC


A TO Z, Season 1
I'm super excited about this new show! I watched the pilot online, and it's so adorable. Admittedly, I only watched because it had the Mother in it from HIMYM, and it made me love her more and make me start adoring Ben Feldman. I can't wait to see what quirkiness this show has to offer. 
Premieres Thursday, October 2 at 9:30/8:30C on NBC


I'm still on season 8 of this show right now, so I have a bit of catching up to do before I can watch season 10, but that's okay! I'm obsessed with this show thanks to Jon, and every episode has me stressed and wondering what they'll think of next (with the exception of season 6. Most of that season was pretty underwhelming). Once I finally catch up, I'll be watching season 10 along with the other loyal Supernatural fans. Plus, Jensen Ackles...swoon!
Premieres Tuesday, October 7 at 9/8C on CW


What shows are you looking forward to this fall? 
Meet my friend, Megan from Lush to Blush!

My name is Megan Elliott and I am the creator and blogger behind LushtoBlush.com, a little peek into my fashion obsessed life. On my blog, you will find a collection of all things lovely. From personal style, my favorite things, and beauty tutorials to weekly giveaways, recipes and DIYs, you’re sure to find something that inspires you. My goal is to create a space for you to get away for a little bit and just relax.

Aside from my blog, I work as a web designer & run Adorn Media Group with my co-founder. In my spare time, I hang out with my adorable pup Adri, watch my shows, and read or watch documentaries. I am an avid lover of the earth and everything on it, especially flowers, and have been a vegetarian for seven years. I find comfort in coffee and scented candles. 

What are you looking forward to this fall? 
Crisp weather, layering, boots, & Scandal (the show, not real life scandals)

What song are you currently obsessed with? 
Stay with Me by Sam Smith!! I'm so obsessed. 

If you could live a day in the life of anyone, who would you choose? 
Lauren Conrad. I love the brand that she has built for herself and I'd love to know the secrets & how she does it!

Name 5 things that make you happy. 
My boyfriend, my family (blood relations & otherwise), shoes, coffee & wine

For more from Megan, visit the links below:
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I think I'm FALLing for you.

Things I love:
1) Fall
2) Getting stuff in the mail

I recently joined forces with Kristie and Dana to put together an Autumn Swap for bloggers. Kristen paired me with Amy, which I was super excited about because we had swapped boxes earlier this year for Valentine's Day! Amy is so much fun to swap with because she is a really good shopper! We have a lot in common like our love for Paris, scarves, and being in love.

Even with a whole different time of the year to celebrate, Amy did an awesome job finding things I love about fall:

Scarves on scarves on scarves. Amy has amazing taste in scarves. One of my favorite scarves is one that she bought for me for Valentine's Day. Now I have these three scarves to add to my collection. 

I'm so excited about these awesome fall treats. I can't wait to make caramel apples with Jon! What a fun date-night-in idea!

All of these fall-scented candles smell so amazing. When I opened the box, my nose was filled with the sweet aroma of fall. Love it!

Dog treats for Molly! When I pulled these out of the box and showed them to her, she was up on her hind legs trying to get one. How adorable is she in this picture? This was taken right before she got to taste the treat for the first time. She devoured it. 

Thanks so much to Amy for such a great box! I'm enjoying all of my fall goodies! 

Happy Fall Swap

What are your favorite things about fall? 

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