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Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!

Even though I've lived in Louisiana for nine years, I've never been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I still like to celebrate the holiday in north Louisiana though. Last year, I went to the parade with my friend, Sarah, her Mr. Right Now, and my little sister. That parade was a bust. I got barely any beads because all of the little kids in front of me got them. Boo. For those that have never experienced the thrill of a Mardi Gras parade, you may not understand the significance of catching beads. To be honest, I don't get it either, but what I do know is that I want them all. What will I do with them later? Doesn't matter.

Anyway, this year, one of my co-workers had a party at his house. I had so much fun getting festive.

Molly loved her cowgirl hat and sassy boa... Actually, she hated both of them, and I ended up taking them off, but at least she looked adorable in them for a little while. She did have fun at the party though because she got to be outside for most of it, and she loves being outside. Jon and I also had fun. We ate, drank, had a blast. I also Snapchatted way too much:

When it was time for the parade, I was pumped. I was determined to get more beads than last year. By the end of the parade, I was weighed down by beads, to the point where I just didn't even want to catch anymore. I even told Jon (who was giving all of the beads he caught to me because he didn't want any) to not give me anymore of them. I also caught a tambourine that I had way too much fun with and other randomness.

These pictures were taken mid-parade, and the amount of beads around our necks doubled...except for Jon's. The only setback: my ring and middle fingers on my right hand were both sore the next morning because I idiotically tried to catch this massive bag of beads. I mean, really? What made me think I would be able to catch a gallon-size bag of beads? Dumb.

After all of the Mardi Gras fun on Saturday, on Sunday, Jon and I went to brunch at Panera Bread. I wanted to eat that everything bagel forever. It was so tasty.

I hope everyone has an awesome Fat Tuesday. Hopefully I'll get to eat some king cake and crawfish. Except crawfish is ridiculously expensive. Maybe I'll just eat some shrimp. Happy Mardi Gras!


Also, meet one of my sweet March sponsors, Anna from Flawlessly Flawed!

Soon to be college grad, I am a freelance marketing and design consultant. Other than working I like to spend my time blogging on flawlesslyflawed.com. My blog is an outlet for me to reach out to others by creating, sharing, and inspiring.

What is your favorite thing about blogging? 
The energy that it gives you and also knowing you have helped or inspired someone.

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I am motivated by my passion for creativity and entrepreneurship. A lot of my posts are about entrepreneurship and your career. I like to think that everyone should enjoy the work they do and I want to help inspire people to do that through my blog. Knowing I could be helping someone be happy motivated me.

If you could live a day in the life of anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?
Well this is a tough one. I honestly have no idea. Do I have to answer this one? lol

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Happy by Pharell is my number one song right now, hands down.

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Haha I wouldn't to call myself awesome, but I really try to help as many people as I can when it comes to helping themselves brand themselves or their business, start a website, blog, etc. I am even planning a conference in September that will help people do all that and more. I guess people might say I am awesome for that?

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  1. I love that Molly got dressed up too! So cute!

  2. I've never actually celebrated mardis gras before! I've never even been sure when mardis gras is. haha. It sounds like you had a blast though!

  3. Your outfit is so cute!!!

  4. Haha she didn't enjoy wearing her accessories, but luckily, she tolerated them enough for me to snap some pics!

  5. I don't even really know what we're celebrating, but I just love doing it! It's pretty much just lots of parades, lots of intoxicated people and a ton of food. It was so fun.

  6. Thank you! I love getting dressed up for the holidays.

  7. Thanks so much! I had fun picking it out.

  8. just following u back dear ^^


  9. Thank you! I love having colored hair, but since I can't die it, this is the closest I can get. Those bagels at Panera are so so sooooo good! Yummm!

  10. I hope you've had some great fun during the carnival. You look great on the photos!
    Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin?


  11. Yea I love parades! So much fun. Following you!

  12. You look so festive. love all the colors and the dog is so cute too.

    Would love for you to come join me at my hop http://hotpinkowl02.blogspot.com/2014/03/blog-hop-2014.html

  13. Oh my gosh your outfit is so cute, especially the hair clip!!!!! I love it. Also, everything bagels at Panera are my weakness. All of that fresh baked goodness.


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