Endless Bliss | Happy Lifestyle Blog: Smiling Goats + Red Velvet Funnel Cake + Helicopter Rides.

Smiling Goats + Red Velvet Funnel Cake + Helicopter Rides.

This past weekend, Jon and I went to the state fair here in Louisiana. It was Jon's first time going to the state fair, so I was excited that we would get to experience it together. While I don't like to ride too many rides because I get awful headaches when I'm hung upside down and spun around too fast, I still enjoy going to the fair.
The first thing we did was eat because neither of us had eaten breakfast, and we were starved. He enjoyed a chili cheese dog, and I munched down on some ribbon chips. I love me some ribbon chips. I put a bunch of seasoning salt on it to make it more yummy. 

Next, we enjoyed a few fair rides and other fun things. We did the bumper cars, rode the ferris wheel, rode in a not scary haunted tunnel ride thing, and visited the petting zoo.

This smiling goat is my new best friend. I literally couldn't stop laughing.

I also got to check something off of my bucket list. We rode in a helicopter! I know it's weird that I don't want to ride rides, but I'm willing to ride in a helicopter, but this was a prime opportunity to check something off my bucket list, and I had to jump at the chance. It was only a 2-minute fly, but it was so neat to see Shreveport and the fair from that point of view. It was Jon's first time flying ever, so it's awesome that his first time flying was in a helicopter. 
Before we left the fair, we had to get a funnel cake! We decided on a red velvet one with powdered sugar and cream cheese. It was so delish.

Have you ever been to the fair? What's your favorite thing to do at the fair? 

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  1. Oh how we love the fair! Normally we go to the State Fair of Texas and we just eat eat eat.

  2. That red velvet funnel cake looks amazing! We use to visit the fair every year in WI and loved it! I wasn't crazy about the fair in Baton Rouge a couple years ago :(

  3. I love fair time!!! Ours is going on right now, and I totally feel ya - I hate riding most of the rides too! I used to love them, but my adult brain full of danger knowledge won't let me get on anything that spins or flips. :p I go to EAT!! And check out all the animals and the baking competition!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! I've always loved going to the Fair , although I do not like Funnel Cake - My husband thinks i'm crazy lol

  5. Haven't been to the fair in about a hundred years! I remember the crazy spinning rides being my favorite!

  6. That giraffe has the longest tongue in the world. LOL

    I love going to fairs. We have a fair of the sorts called Global Village. One thing that I love about all fair is the food...oh yes the food.

  7. Those used to be my favorite too! I would get on them over and over again when there were no lines. Now they make me so dizzy!

  8. What?! I have to agree with your husband on this one haha. Funnel cake is my favorite!

  9. Right?! It's crazy. Giraffes are my favorite animals, but their tongues freak me out haha. And I agree - fair food is the best!

  10. I'm glad you understand! It's hard to trust rides that are portable haha. I definitely go to eat and go to the petting zoo!

  11. It was so good! I want to learn how to make it! I've never been to the fair in Baton Rouge, but this one in Shreveport really isn't something to write home about haha. I've been to bigger ones in other places, but it's still fun to go to and eat!

  12. I want to go to the fair in Texas so bad! It's massive compared to the Louisiana one. The food is my favorite part of going to the fair.

  13. wait a minute...RED VELVET FUNNEL CAKE?????? I have died and gone to heaven just on the thought alone! I haven't been to the fair in years!

  14. How cute! Love all your swoon-worthy pictures :)


  15. Look at you in your leather jacket, soooo cute aka rockin'! I love the fair, especially going with a guy I'm dating and I am NOT a rider of the rides. Ever. Did it once in HS and won't do it again!!

  16. Right?! As soon as I saw it, I HAD to eat it, and it was SO GOOD!

  17. Haha. I also wore combat boots. I haven't worn that jacket in awhile, but for some reason, I just felt like throwing it on. I don't ride rides either, and Jon loves to! They give me awful headaches.

  18. Love state fairs! Haven't been to any in a while but loved them growing up!! I hope to go to some when I head back East in the Spring! You guys look so great!

  19. Thanks so much! We had a blast! I hope you can make it to one soon!

  20. I actually hate fairs now. Its to much noise. But seeing your post made me remember happier times.

  21. I hate that you don't like them! I love crowds and noise at things like this and concerts, conventions, etc.

  22. I never knew giraffe's had such long tounges! I can't believe you had helicopter rides a the state fair even if they were only for 2 mins - that's so cool!

  23. Right?! They're super long and purple. So weird! This was the first year I saw helicopter rides at the fair, so of course, I had to jump at the chance. It was an interesting experience.


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