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Sponsor Spotlight: Meet Lauren from Lot 48.

hi endless bliss readers!! i’m lauren and i blog over at lot48!! the goal of my blog is to entertain and inspire!! you won’t find recipes or beauty or fashion posts, but you will find lots of laughs and ways to inspire yourself.  i’m a newlywed who maybe takes her role as an aunt too seriously. and i love blogging!! 

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What inspired you to start blogging?  
i really wanted a writing outlet.  i love LOVE writing and i really wanted a place where i could write, no rules attached.  i also wanted to community.  its been a year and i can’t believe how much i love it! 

What's your favorite part about blogging?  
definitely the community!! i have “met” so many amazing people and really made so many new friends from blogging.  i love it!! 

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?  
all the Christmas eve traditions!! we drink hot chocolate and all read the Christmas story from the bible as well as one Christmas book from our childhood.  we get to open one present which is always matching pajamas, which is what we wear on Christmas eve!! 

What's on your Christmas wish list?  
that everyone focuses on the true meaning of Christmas.  i am so tired of the materialism of Christmas.  sure, there are certain presents that i want, and there is nothing wrong with presents, i just don’t want anyone to get too caught up in that and forget it is about CHRIST and his birth.

What's something you want to accomplish before 2015? 
oh geez, that is so close!! get better at loving myself, at being kind to myself.  i tend to really tear myself down, and i am really trying to stop that. 

Are you making any New Year's resolutions this year? If so, what are they?  
i don’t like new years resolutions.  i believe that you should be constantly working on yourself and always, throughout the year, improve yourself. 

What show are you currently obsessed with? 
the real housewives!! a coworker introduced me to them, and i am currently making my way through NYC housewives.  the drama!! it is so addicting!! ah!! i also am watching New Jersey and it is crazy!! it is so delicious, i love all the drama, it’s addicting. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
greece!! this is a #1 travel destination for my husband and i.  we HAVE to make it there someday!! 

If you could live a day in the life of anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why? 
jennifer lawrence.  she is SO FAMOUS and handles it with such grace.  i would like to be famous, just for one day. fun question! 

Name 5 things that make you happy. 
God, my husband, my nieces and nephews, television (i really love television) and my family

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  1. Lovely interview! Really great questions!


  2. What a fun interview! I really want to go to Greece as well--oh, one day. And great question about the celebrity! I'm going to have to ponder my answer to that one for a minute...

  3. I love, love, love her answer for what's on her Christmas list!

  4. Same here! So many people forget what Christmas is really about.

  5. Greece is #2 on my to-travel list (right after Australia!). I'm glad you liked the question! I would probably choose: Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres or Kerry Washington. It's a really hard choice.

  6. Oooh, Emma Watson is a great choice! She's so pretty and I love that she's involved in so many outreach programs. She was awesome in her UN speech about gender equality!

  7. Yes! That speech solidified my love for her even more. She's so incredible.

  8. MOMentous Mom; PerfectionistJuly 9, 2015 at 9:53 AM

    Hi Lauren! Wonderful interview with great questions.


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