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Travel Bucket List.

Ever since I traveled to Europe last summer, I've been focusing an embarrassing amount of time planning trips that I may or may not go on. I've even been toying with getting a second job so I could pay for future trips and fuel my wanderlust. There are just so many beautiful places to go in the world that it would be a tragedy for me to not travel to as many of them as possible. 

These are a few things that are on my travel bucket list:

// Visit the Sydney Opera House
Australia is the #1 travel destination on my bucket list, and no trip to Australia is complete without visiting this gorgeous marvel of a building. Gosh, I would love to see it in real life!

// Volunteer abroad
I love volunteering, and I feel like doing it abroad would just make my heart burst (in a good way). I would love to volunteer in Bali, Fiji, Thailand, China, Morocco, and so many other places!

// Go backpacking in Europe
It doesn't even matter where I backpack to; I just want to go. I want to fly to Europe with just one bag (or two if one of them is smaller) and take busses and trains and planes to different areas of Europe. I want to stay in hostels and visit with locals and live a nomadic lifestyle, even if it's just for a month or two weeks. 

// Experience Oktoberfest in Germany
Even though I was born in Germany, it's hard for me to count the country as one that I've legitimately visited since I can't remember a thing. I would love to visit my homeland and experience one of the world's most epic festivals, Oktoberfest. I want dress up and drink beer that I'll most likely hate and have no worries. 

// Let the wand choose me at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida
Even though I've visited the set of Harry Potter, I still need to go to Orlando and experience Harry Potter in a completely different way, including buying a wand at Ollivander's. 

// Ring in the new year in Times Square in New York
I know I wasn't exactly build for the cold, but I would still bundle up to have this experience. I know natives may say the experience is overrated, but I don't care. I just want to do it to say that I've done it. And while I've already been to the big apple twice, I've never gone during the holiday season.

// Leave a letter on Casa di Giuletta in Verona
You can thank Letters to Juliet for this one. 

// Stick a piece of gum on the Market Theater Wall in Seattle
Equal parts gross and awesome. 

// Ride a camel in Egypt
There are two main things I want to do when I visit Egypt: 1) Visit the Pyramids, because if you didn't see the pyramids, did you even go to Egypt? and 2) ride a camel. I feel like riding a camel would be the ultimate way to explore the country.

// Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain
I guess I just have rotten luck because when I went to Rome this summer, they were doing construction on the fountain, and I didn't get the chance to throw a coin in. I'm sure I'll make it back to my favorite city in the world to throw a coin in and make a wish. 

// Visit all seven continents
And yes, I'm including Antarctica in this one. How incredible would it be to say that I've been to Antarctica? I've seen tons of Antarctic cruises that seem both crazy and awesome. I would love to take one one day, but first, I'd need to get a proper coat (or five). 

// Walk on the Great Wall of China
So much history and so much beauty. I would love to experience this. 

// Take a road trip across the United States
I feel like that would be the most epic road trip ever. I love road trips, and it would be so great to stop and see the highlights and important stops in each state. 

// Visit the Berlin Wall
I feel like I spent so much time learning about Berlin and this infamous wall that it would be a shame to live my life without seeing it in person. 

// Ride a gondola in Venice
Even if it's not a romantic ride, I would love to ride a gondola in the canals of Venice. 

// Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
I would say scuba diving, but I am clearly not good at trying to breathe through my mouth. I loved snorkeling in Cayman Islands, so I could only imagine the beauty waiting for me in the Great Barrier Reef. 

// Ride an elephant in Thailand
After reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult, my love for elephants has turned into an obsession. I would love to see these beautiful creatures up close (and we're not talking behind the cages in a zoo) and ride on their backs. 

// Go sailing in the Galapagos Islands
I've read that sailing through the water around the Galapagos Islands is a surefire way to appreciate the islands' beauty. 

// Swim with manatees in Florida
I've always loved manatees, because I really feel like we could be friends. It would be so fun to swim with these friendly and fun creatures. 

// Stand on the equator
Because, why not?

// Stand in the sky deck in Chicago
Literally the only thing on this list that I'm 100% sure I'm going to be able to do. When I visit my friend and former roommate, Anamaria, with my friend and also former roommate, Mandy, we'll be going to the Taylor Swift concert and exploring Chicago. It'll be my first time, and I can't wait!

This isn't even close to everything on my travel bucket list, but these are a few of the main things I would love to do. Really, I just want to travel and go everywhere I can.

What things are on your travel bucket list? 


  1. Oktoberfest and new year eve in New york are on my bucket list too. I still have going up the effiel tower on my list. Which I will get to mark off in March. I so can't wait to do that.

  2. Travel are my favourite bucket lists! :)

  3. So many awesome places here! Harry Potter world is fabulous, you will absolutely love it! One of my dreams has been to backpack across Europe as well! As much as I don't understand ringing in New Years at Times Square.. that is also on my list to do! I definitely need to make a list of my own for sure!

  4. Wow, you are so ambitious! That is such an amazing list. I never thought about making a travel bucket list before, but that is a great idea!

  5. love this list!! I definitely want to do some of these, esp the coin in Trevi fountain, HP world wand choosing, standing on the equator, NYE in times square and more! Thanks for some new ideas as well :)

    http://StorybookApothecary.com ♥ Stop by to chat, if you like!

  6. Go back to Great Britain, especially Wales, visit Japan and go to a traditional cultural festival, and eat my way through Venice and Tuscany

  7. I've been to the gum wall in Seattle. It's amazing and incredibly gross.

  8. I feel like that's exactly how I'm going to feel about it! Awesome, but disgusting.

  9. I feel like all of those things sound amazing! I would love to eat my way through Venice and Tuscany too!

  10. So happy to share them. I want to travel so much! Too bad I don't have enough money to do it all.

  11. I suppose I am! I hope I get to finish most of this list during my lifetime. Making the list got me pumped to do some more traveling.

  12. I think that's a normal reaction.

    Btw, I have an annual Blog Awards thing on my blog, and you were nominated and won two awards...If you feel so inclined to check it out: http://www.apeekatkarensworld.com/2015/01/the-4th-annual-karens-world-blog-awards.html

  13. I can't wait to go to Harry Potter World one day! I know I'm going to have the time of my life! You should definitely make a travel bucket list! I had a lot of fun making this one, and I have lots more to add.

  14. Exactly! Same here! This made me want to hop on plane ASAP!

  15. Thanks, Whitney! I want to travel so much more.

  16. I loved going up on the Eiffel Tower! It was so incredible! I got to see it light up too, both from on the Eiffel Tower and on the ground. So beautiful. You're going to have an amazing time in March!

  17. These are awesome bucket list items. I love that you got creative with it and didn't just put places you wanted to visit. I would add "Get a beer at an authentic Irish pub." and "Watch a play at the Globe Theater." to the list!

  18. I love this list! Like you I'm a wanderlust at heart and constantly need a trip on the horizon (which I'm lacking right now and I'm getting antsy, so I need to get on that!). Some of your items are also on mine (especially visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!). I live outside of NYC, but have never been to Times Square for the ball drop on NYE, but because it's SO cold and you have to be there so, so early, I can't say I've had the desire, lol. But I hope you make it there one year!!

  19. I would loveeee to do a road trip across the U.S. someday! I'm hoping I'll eventually get my residency back in CA so I can pretty much do that in the process of moving back home! :P

    Volunteering abroad is an amazing experience! I finally got to do that last spring for a medical service trip to the Dominican Republic! <3

  20. I absolutely love all of these! I'm going to be in England next May for student teaching and am hoping to stay after a couple of weeks and go traveling/backpacking through Europe. And good luck with that sky deck in Chicago! I'm terrified of heights, so those glass floor type things are not my friends.

  21. Yay! This is so exciting! Thank you so much!

  22. I want to do both of those things too! I want to go to Ireland so bad!

  23. Haha I can totally understand why you'd want to avoid Times Square on NYE. I like the idea in theory, but I'm sure if I ever do get to do it, I'll probably be absolutely miserable and frozen. I'm not meant for the cold.

  24. I do the same thing, Carly! If I don't write stuff down, I quickly forget about it.

  25. I think it would be so fun to take a road trip across the US! Even though I'm always wanting to take international trips, there's still so much to do in the US, and I want to take advantage of it.

    I'm so jealous that you were able to volunteer abroad! I've been looking at different volunteer websites, and I really hope I get to do one soon!

  26. I'm so jealous that you'll be student teaching in England! That sounds like it'll be an amazing experience! I can't wait to read all about it. I'm scared of heights too, so I'm a bit nervous about the Sky Deck, but we'll see what happens! Haha.

  27. I love this! I do the same, planning for trips that I may or may not take any time soon! I've been living just outside Beijing for 4 months now and I still haven't walked the Great Wall yet. I'm dying to get there though. Plus I lived in the suburbs of Chicago for 6 years, spent a lot of time in the city, even attended a university in Chicago for 2 years and I have yet to walk on the Sky Deck. Too many other things to do perhaps? I can not let my chance at the Great Wall pass me by...I need to get on that!

  28. This is an amazing travel bucket list, those places all sound amazing. I loved Egypt when I visited and Europe is a stunning place to explore so backpacking would be fantastic. Good luck I hope you visit every single one of them

  29. What a great list! I'm looking forward to going to Oktoberfest this Fall and visiting Paris, as well as a couple of other places in between the two hopefully! I think I'll see about swimming with something like manatees or dolphins as a new thing this year since I'm already here. HP world was awesome, even for a newbie like me. I look forward to hearing about your visits to each one!!

  30. Nice list! While I would never do NYE in Times Square, I do have to say that NYC at the holidays is a must-do :)

  31. I love manatees!! Swimming with them would be amazing! Riding a camel in Egypt is also on my bucket list. All of these are awesome.

  32. I love your list! I want to do all those things too. Might have to cross out riding on an elephant though cos I already did that when I was in Thailand! So fun omg :)

  33. That's so awesome! I'm jealous! I want to ride an elephant so bad. It looks like such an awesome experience, especially with my new elephant obsession.

  34. Manatees are so cute! I want to swim with them so bad! I think riding a camel would be uncomfortable, but awesome too haha.

  35. I definitely want to see all the pretty Christmas decorations all around NYC during December. I bet it's gorgeous!

  36. I'm so jealous of your travels! I want to go to Oktoberfest so bad! I really enjoyed my visit to Paris this past summer! I loved picnicing next to the Eiffel Tower. So touristy, but it was amazing. I've never swam with manatees or dolphins, but I'd love to both! If you do, you'll definitely have to share your story! And lots of pictures of course. I'm so jealous that you've been to HP World too! I want to goooo!

  37. I visited London, Paris, and Rome this summer, but I would love to backpack Europe and see even more places! I'm so jealous that you've been to Egypt. I bet it's incredible!

  38. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that! At least if we do end up being able to travel somewhere, we'll be prepared, right?! That's amazing that you're living right outside of Beijing! You'll definitely have to walk the Great Wall and share your experience! I bet it's incredible. I'm sure you did lots of other fun things in Chicago even though you didn't get to go on the Sky Deck. That's definitely a priority for me when I do go this summer though!

  39. I did a few of these when studying abroad in Germany. You should definitely experience Oktoberfest and see the Berlin Wall! I actually talked about Oktoberfest and the Berlin Wall on my blog. (http://meetmeinmidtown.blogspot.com/2014/09/beer-and-more-beer-oktoberfest-in.html) Great post!


  40. That's amazing! I'm so jealous! I'll definitely be checking out your post and living vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing!

  41. This is such a great list! You might have inspired me to make my own- I don't know how many times I think or say things/places I want to go and then forget about them.


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