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Becoming Bliss | Creating a Happy Playlist.

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Even when I'm having the crappiest of days, there's just something about listening to an uplifting song that can pull me right out of it (even if it's just for five minutes). Even though I have no musical abilities whatsoever, music has always been a huge part of my life. Whether I'm on my daily commute to work, putting in my headphones for a workout, or even in the shower, music is almost always playing. 

I love Spotify, because 1) a couple years ago, my external hard drive crashed, and I lost almost all my music (and pictures, but that's still a little depressing to talk about), and I didn't feel like going through and re-downloading all of my songs, so I just got a Spotify account. As I mentioned in my What's On My Samsung Galaxy S5 Active video, I have tons of Spotify playlists - some for moods, some for when I'm doing something like working out or going to bed, some are for certain genres of music. I just have lots of playlists, and my most frequently played playlist is my "Happy" playlist. 

My "Happy" playlist features of a mix of songs that are either inspirational or make me want to get up and dance or just songs that I'm obsessed with at the moment that instantly put  me in a better mood. Like I said before, music helps pull me out of the foulest of moods, which is why I want to encourage you to create a happy playlist of your own. 

These are a few songs on my "Happy" playlist:

This Head I Hold by Electric Guest
This is one of my favorite songs to get ready to in the morning. The beat is toxic, and I can't help but dance. 

Favorite lyrics: See the answer is this / If I wanna be free / I gotta stop playin' round and runnin' from me

Geronimo by Sheppard
I love the beat of this song. It really just makes me want to get up and dance. It also makes me feel like I could do anything and everything is a possibility.

Favorite lyrics: We can make this leap / Through the curtains of the waterfall

Give Me Something by Alex and Sierra
I feel like I haven't stopped talking about Alex and Sierra. I mentioned them in my last newsletter and in my March Favorites video. I've tweeted about them, and it's all because of my friend, Nina. She suggested them to me on Spotify, and I've been listening to them every day since.

Favorite lyrics: It can be a lonely world / I want forever times forever

Gold by Owl City
This song is so inspirational, and I really want Owl City to make a music video for it. I just loving to the "go-oo-oo-oo-old" in the chorus, as well as the rest of the song.

Favorite lyrics: So write it all and don't forget / You gotta tell us your story / Shout out to the friends back home / Shout out to the hearts you've known / You gave them nothing but the best / And you can tell them your story

Happy (cover) by The Gardiner Sisters
It wouldn't be a happy playlist without the song "Happy." I love this acoustic version of the song by the Gardiner Sisters. I love how goofy they are. 

Favorite lyrics: I should probably warn you I'll be just fine

To hear all the songs on my "Happy" playlist, you can check it out here. I also want to encourage all of you to create a happy playlist of your own!

What songs are on your happy playlist?


  1. Love these! Geronimo is on my playlist too! I also love the song "Elevate" by St. Lucia. It's upbeat and happy and it's what I always blast when I get stressed. Lately, Riptide by Vance Joy is also making the playlist - it just puts me in a chill mood.


  2. OMG music is my life.... some songs that never fail to put me in a kickass, energized mood: "Young Blood" - The Naked and Famous; "Midnight City" - M83; "Take A Walk" - Passion Pit; "Untouched" - The Veronicas; "Little Bird" - Annie Lennox; "Sweetie" - Carly Rae Jepsen (NO judging my love for her); "World Spins Madly On" - The Weepies; "Catch My Breath" - Kelly Clarkson; "Body Work" - Tegan & Sara; "Don't Hold Your Breath" - Nicole Scherzinger; "Avalanche" - Walk The Moon; "Up" - Olly Murs & Demi Lovato

    That should be enough for now, anyway :)

  3. I love your happy playlist! I always like to listen to happy music when I'm feeling down. Often, I just select a kid's dance playlist from YouTube. Those are pretty happy! :-)

  4. Honey, I'm Good by Andy Grammer
    Bills by LunchMoney Lewis
    Four Five Seconds by Rihana
    GDFT by Flo Rida


  5. This one has no words, and I'm usually not a fan of dubstep, but it brings me back to my childhood! <3
    Dubstep NOW! UK – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme

  6. Love this, and especially love that you included your favorite lyrics from each song! I agree - it couldn't be a happy playlist without Pharrell's "Happy" I don't think it's possible to hear that song & be in a bad mood! Hope you're having a great week!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  7. "Happy" always puts in a better mood, no matter who is singing it!

  8. I will definitely be checking that out!

  9. Good choices! I love "Honey, I'm Good" too!

  10. That's awesome! I never thought to do that. I'm sure they always have fun and upbeat songs.

  11. So many awesome songs on your list. The Veronicas are my ish, and no one talks about them, which I don't understand. "Untouched" is my JAM! You don't even know. I've never heard that song by Carly Rae Jepsen, but I'll definitely be listening. Her songs are pretty catchy. Tegan & Sara! So much yes. I love everything that Olly Murs sings, but that song is especially awesome. Just yes. Yes.

  12. "Geronimo" is such a great song! I love it! i haven't listened to "Elevate," so I'll have to go give it a listen! "Riptide" is an awesome song too! I can't wait to see him open for T. Swift this summer!

  13. Fabulous! I saw Alex & Sierra live, and they are DEFINITELY happy music.
    Check out "Invincible" by Kelly Clarkson and "Save" by Tez Cadey...(:


  14. You're absolutely right. Music can change any mood to a better one. I usually tend to go to musicals, because I'm an uber nerd. But, hey, it makes me happier!

  15. YES! Geronimo has been on my Work/Happy Playlist for awhile now and I LOVE the Gardiner Sisters!

  16. Fun! I didn't know all these songs and this has inspired me to make my own happy playlist! I love Songza too because it goes off your mood.I'm going to feature this post on my Blogger Love post coming up!

  17. I loved watching Alex & Sierra on X Factor! I'm so glad they're music is now getting heard everywhere. Great song picks!

  18. I LOVE Geronimo. I found it through your happy playlist. It's my go-to driving song!

  19. Great list! Introduced me to some new ones :)

  20. Yayyy! That makes me happy. That song really gets you pumped up!

  21. I wish I would have watched that season! I watched a few of their performances on YouTube, and they were just so incredible! They've come a long way!

  22. That makes me so happy, Angie! I'll have to check out Songza. That sounds so awesome!

  23. I'm so happy to find another Gardiner Sisters lover! I feel like they're so amazing, and no one talks about them!

  24. There's nothing wrong with that! I love musicals too! I also love listening to Disney songs from time to time. No shame.

  25. I'M SO JEALOUS! I would love to see them live. I'll definitely be checking out those songs. Thanks for the recs, Erica!


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