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ghosts of Halloween costumes past.

I am a big believer is DIY costumes for Halloween. I just love dressing up for Halloween. I've never been the Mean Girls kind of girl who wore the sluttiest thing I could find paired with animal ears. I like being creative (when I have the time to be). I also don't believe in repeating costumes. If I plan to go to three different parties on different days, then I have to have three different costumes. Here are my Halloween costumes from my college years.

{Senior Year: Halloween 2011}

Spice Girls

I'm a huge fan of group costumes, but most of my friends now think that they're lame, and Jon pretty much refuses to dress up for Halloween. Boo on y'all! This Spice Girls group costume is still one of my faves, because we all fit our roles pretty awesomely.

Oompa Loompa and Willy Wonka

My friend, Mandy, was is just as into creative Halloween costumes as I am. We both created our costumes from things that we already had and then just bought a couple things for the finishing touches. How awesome are we?

{Junior Year: Halloween 2010}


Christmas is my favorite holiday, so why not dress up as it? It was actually pretty simple because I had a bunch of Christmas stuff, and Christmas decorations and such were already out (as per usual), so I just bought a lot of cheap Christmas-y things at the Dollar Tree. Super cheap and I got to use the Christmas stuff for Christmas later. Win-win.


So for this costume, I pretty much just bought a bunch of felt and went to town. It took me a few days to finish, and I still have it because I refuse to throw it away (even though I can't think of an occasion to wear it again unless someone asks me to be in a play about Italian food).

{Sophomore Year: 2009}
Apparently I made my boyfriend at the time dress up three times this year. 

Princess and the Pea

I had to think of a last minute costume for a progressive dinner for one of the organizations I was in, Union Board. I thought this was pretty clever. All I had to do was buy a crown and sew some blue felt onto his shirt.


I loved the 80's and I already had a bunch of colorful clothes, so I just threw this together. My now ex was pretty lame and refused to roll up his jeans to look more 80's. Ugh. Oh, and you can see Jon in the back. He had longer hair then.

I literally threw both of our costumes together the day before the party. All I had to buy was the suspenders. And don't judge me too harshly, but I bought those two pairs of suspenders from Wal-Mart and then returned them the next day. I mean, I don't wear suspenders. Had no reason to keep them.

{Freshman Year: 2008}

Hooters Girl

This costume was kind of a cop out. I just bought the shirt and wore some Soffe shorts that I already had. I cropped my friend out because I don't want her corporate people to somehow find this post and fire her, so now it just looks like an awkward MySpace profile picture.

As you can see, my costumes got better through the years. I get to dress up twice for work this year, and I can't wait to reveal my fun Halloween costumes to you! Wahoo! What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes that you've worn?

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  1. hahaha this is great. can't wait to see your costumes for this year! (:

  2. I love costumes, those are amazing, have a great halloween! :)

  3. i love DIY costumes too! I think the Christmas theme one is my favorite but the pizza one is so cute too!

  4. I love the Spice Girls group costume. I never dress up for Halloween... kinda a bummer, since you're only in college once!


  5. My favorite is for sure Christmas. Hi, I love you. <3

  6. The fact that i haven't followed whats up in your life because for whatever freaking reason I wasn't following you on GFC and now I am forever pounding my head into the concrete wall of my dorm. IM AN IDIOT. Ok so basically you rocked the ish out of the hooters outfit. Sooooooo myspace era stuff, I feel you. Did I ever tell you I love the craziness of your hair? Cuz I do.


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