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So while blog snooping yesterday, I came across this awesome link up that is just way too perfect for me. I mean, y'all know how much I love to read, so I'm so excited to find other bloggers that are bookworms like yours truly. So I'm linking up with Taylor at Pink Heels Pink Truck and Lesley at By the Porchlight for the Literary Junkies link up!

What are you currently reading? Tell us a bit about it!


I'm reading Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg. It's about a guy named Rafe who has been openly gay since middle school, but in his hometown, he is known as the "gay guy." He transfers to an all boys boarding school across the country and decides to not tell anyone about his sexual orientation in order to try to shed his label. I'm about 8 chapters in right now, and I'm really enjoying it. 

What are your five most recent book purchases?
1. Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg
2. This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales
3. Fire With Fire by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian
4. Rats Saw God by Rob Thomas
5. The Summer We Read Gatsby by Danielle Ganek

Have you ever named/nicknamed anything (person, pet or thing) after a character? Who and why?
I honestly can't think of a nickname that was given to me from a book. Hmm.

If you could live in one book, all of its characters and in the town, which would it be?
Harry Potter, obvs. I love Harry Potter so much, and I will for the rest of my life because it's so amazing. I think I'd be a Hufflepuff even though Pottermore said that I would be in Gryffindor. 

Can you think of a book you read that taught you something concrete that you’ve never forgotten? Tell us about it.
The only book that I can think of that has had a huge impact on my life (other than Harry Potter, duh) is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I read it in middle school, and I just loved how these girls were completely different but they were so close and such good friends because they had known each other for their entire lives. I don't have a friend that I've known my entire life, but I do have a few really close girlfriends that I love love love. 
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  1. So glad you are linking up! It is a good group :) I am adding Openly Straight to my reading list now.

  2. Ahhh I love The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!! It was one of my favorite series when I was younger, I think still now!! Did you ever read "Sisterhood Everlasting" its like set ten years after the fourth book?

    -Adri @ Adri's Thoughts

  3. I love that you are a bibliophile as well! I look forward to reading all the books you blog about :)

  4. I loooove reading and books as well! definitely am bookmarking this post & might link up myself :)

    I'm currently reading harry potter, super late, I know-- but I'm obsessed!

    sundays grace blog


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