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Haters Gonna Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate.

After watching Emma Watson speak at the UN, I've been more inspired than ever about how females can make a huge difference in this world. Think about all of the women who have made a positive impact on your life. There are so many reasons to celebrate these beautiful women who inspire us everyday. One person who has inspired me since my awkward high school days is Taylor Swift.

When I first saw the music video for "Tim McGraw," I had no idea that I was watching someone who would be sticking with me for the next (almost) decade. While I've never met Taylor Swift face-to-face, I feel like she's been with me through most of the important parts of my life:
- when I turned away from a relationship that I wasn't sure I should turn away from ("Breathe")
- when I was having a blast with my girls in Gulf Shores ("22")
- when I was pining after a boy that was nothing but bad for me ("Haunted")
- when I started falling (really falling) for Jon ("Love Story")
- when I have a little tiff with Jon ("The Other Side of the Door")
- when my sister graduated from high school ("Never Grow Up")
- when I'm feeling unsure about my life and future ("A Place in this World")
- when I was reflecting back on the amazing years I spent with my college friends ("Long Live")
- when I'm pining after a celebrity I'll never meet *cough cough Zac Efron* ("Superstar")
- when my friend broke up with her boyfriend, and I gladly stepped up to the plate to offer condolences ("Picture to Burn") 

It seems like Taylor Swift has been there for me for all of my ups and downs. 

Being that we're only two days apart in age, it's no wonder that I can relate to Taylor so much. With every song she releases, I find myself singing along to the lyrics of someone who understands what I'm going through. It's true we've lived very different lives, but in a weird way, I feel like she gets me. I feel like she understands the millions of fans she has that she's never met because she's brave enough to share her story, the trials and tribulations of her everyday life, with her fans. Here's why Taylor inspires me, and why she should inspire you too!:

Taylor has never been dishonest with the media, her fans, her friends, her family. She wears her heart on her sleeves and expresses herself through her music. She's never pretended to be someone she's not, and she's never felt the need to change to please anyone. She's grown as an artist and a person since the release of her first album in 2006, and all of her fans have grown with her. Her lyrics are like taking a look at her diary. She shares some of the most intimate details of her life in a public way, and I think most 20-somethings will agree that that in and of itself is pretty brave. 

Sure, Taylor is talented, no one is denying that, but what makes her a force to be reckoned with is that she refuses to stop. She is constantly writing lyrics and composing songs, and she's good at it, too, but she doesn't just stop at music. She also has a line of perfumes, has dipped her feet into acting, and she's meandered into the business world by working with a number of brands while continuing to build her own. 

This really is my favorite perfume. I wear it almost every day. It smells so good!

I don't know any celebrity who treats their fans as well as Taylor Swift does. She takes it upon herself to go through Instagram posts and leave comments. For her latest music video, she invited several of her fans to dance to her new song. With the release of her latest album, she's giving away so many opportunities for fans to come and meet with her. She even showed up at a fan's bridal shower after getting an invitation in the mail. Taylor is so incredible and loyal to her fans, and even has T-parties after her concerts to mingle with a few of them! Even more recently, she invited 89 of her fans to her own home to listen to all of the songs on her new album and just hang out. If that's not love for her fans, I don't know what is. 

Even though I love jamming to "Shake It Off" (hello, it's been on repeat since it came out), what I love even more about it is the message behind it. It's about not listening to what everyone says about you and just doing your own thing. Shaking it off, dancing to your own tune, and moving on with your life. She teaches people that the most important opinion is the one that you have of yourself, and that's a message that so many people need to hear. You are the only one you need to impress. Yours is the only voice that truly matters. You are the one who decides if you're going to live a happy life or a miserable one. Being as famous as she is, Taylor still manages to silence all of the bad things that people are saying about her and stay positive, and that's one of the most beautiful things about her. 

Instead of being selfish with the millions of dollars that she makes, Taylor uses a good chunk of her money to spread the love (and wealth) and donate to causes that are near and dear to her heart. She's given to causes such as Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, Stand Up to Cancer, Shriner's Hospital, Red Cross, and so many more. That's not even the tip of the iceberg. Taylor spreads the love in so many ways, not just through her wallet. Just this past summer, she visited with and sang to a cancer patient in Boston. 

She also sang with the accompaniment of a leukemia patient on piano,

and made a surprise visit to Hasbro Children's Hospital.

I don't have enough words for the positive impact that Taylor has had on my life. In a lot of ways, she's the reason I'm able to stay positive and share my inspirations and happiness with others through this blog. 

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While I can't call Taylor one of my BFF's, she has affected my day-to-day life more than some people that I actually do see every day. I've seen her twice in concert (once when she opened for Rascal Flatts and during her Fearless tour), and each time, I've left feeling nothing but true bliss. Through the heartbreaks, the good days, the tears, and the smiles, I can always count on her for inspiration.

Apologizing in advance for these horrible quality pictures.

This is the first time I saw Taylor Swift in concert, when she was considered an opening act back in 2008.

I guess I thought I was a cowgirl. I have since gotten rid of that hat. It's for the best.

My friends and I got floor seats for her Fearless tour in 2009. She came right near our seats, and we got to get an up close and personal view of a portion of the concert. It was incredible!

Who has been a female game-changer in your life?

Thanks to Luna Bar for sponsoring today's post. All opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. T-Swift is the best! I do love her. I think because she is only a couple of years younger than me that I have also been able to relate to her. She is a wonderful person.

  2. Love her and this post!! I saw her way back when she opened for Rascal Flatts too!

  3. I absolutely love Taylor. I think one of my favorite quotes about her was something along the lines of "If you tell Taylor she can't do something she will go out of her way to prove you wrong. If you tell her she can't make a pop album she'll make one that is so good people won't know what to do." Also, I love how happy she is right now, and how she's sticking up for all her girl friends. And her friendship with Ed Sheeran. And how amazing she is. Yeah, I just love this lady.

  4. I love Taylor Swift. This her new song. It make me realize to shake off any negative comment it get on my blog. Which lucky hasn't been in a few month.

  5. Shake it Off has certainly been on repeat on my iPod too... I even dance to it as I'm walking to the University! I get some weird looks... but who cares? :)

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

  6. I'm not really a fan of her music, but I can respect the things she does for her fans.

  7. Beyonce is my guiding star musically. I can dance around and cry and do damn there anything if I hear her music.
    I think Taylor Swift is just as talented, but people want to hate on her a lot.

  8. Not my favorite artist but I definitely love how philanthropic she is! Loved that you added some videos!

  9. I really want to dislike her, but, damn it...you gotta admire the girl. And I can't stop singing her songs.

  10. I love her! and the new song can't stop listening to it! And also I cried during Emma Watson's speech it was just amazing and love her even more!!!

  11. Taylor is too fun. She creates great music with fun lyrics and she really is inspiring. Her newest song never fails to put me in a better mood. <3

  12. I completely agree! She's so much fun. I'd love to be her friend!

  13. I'm glad you're a Swiftie too. I have been listening to "Shake It Off" nonstop. It's so good! And Emma's speech was incredible. I've watched it a few times, and I never stop getting inspired by it.

  14. Even when people stopped liking her when she turned more toward pop rather than country, I've always stayed true. She's so talented, and it's been fun to watch her music grow.

  15. Even if people don't like her music, it's hard to deny that she's a wonderful person. I love all the good she puts out into the world!

  16. I hate that people have so many negative things to say about her! She's really done nothing but date a lot of people, but isn't that what you're supposed to do in your teens/20's? She actually does a lot of good for the world, and I adore her for that.

  17. I love all of the things she does for her fans, both philanthropic and not. I just think she has a heart of gold and puts a lot of positivity out into the world.

  18. I love "Shake It Off!" It just makes me happy and makes me want to dance. It's so catchy and has an awesome message attached. It's so worth the weird looks you get, I'm sure!

  19. I love Taylor Swift too! Her new song is amazing, and I can't wait for the new album.

  20. So happy to find someone who loves Taylor as much as I do! I love that quote about her too! It makes me want to do the same thing - just continue to prove people wrong. I think she's in such an awesome place right now with her friendships, her career, her relationships. I adore her too!

  21. Yay! I'm so glad you love her too, Claire! You're the only other person (besides the people I went with) who went to see her open for Rascal Flatts.

  22. So happy you love Taylor too, Logan! She's such a relatable person, and I adore her!

  23. Same! I already came up with about 4 blog posts from inspiration from her speech.

  24. She seems like she would be a blast to hang out with and she certainly is real!

  25. Your T Swift outfits are great! They remind me of home :)

  26. I dont care who knows it - I freaking love T swift! Great great post!

  27. Thank you! It's the first time I ever wore a cowgirl hat, surprisingly, since I live in Louisiana.

  28. Right?! I would love to hang out with her for a day. I think we'd have fun baking cookies and making sparkly crafts.

  29. Wow! That's so awesome! Emma is so inspiring. I can't wait to see your posts.

  30. LOVE THIS!! I have always liked TSwift for the same reasons. Sharing it on my weekly wq links!!

  31. Thanks so much, Raewyn! So happy that you're a fellow Swiftie!

  32. You are too cute! Love this unique approach to talking about LUNAFEST! Glad I got to check it out!

    Here's my post: http://asideofsweet.com/lunafest-connecting-women-film/

  33. I love Taylor. Im a total Swifty. I can't wait for this new album and tour. She's amazing and Im older than her.


  34. I love Taylor too! She's always been such a huge inspiration to me, and I think she's an excellent role model, especially since she has to many people who try to put her down, and she just brushes it off and rises above it. I think that says a lot about her character.

  35. Aw! Thanks so much! She's been a role model for me for a long time, and I'll gladly stand by her and her inspiring song lyrics!


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