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14 things in 2014.

I've never been one for new year's resolutions. I suck at keeping them, and most of them have been cliche throughout the years. It's like I'm starting the year setting myself up for failure, so I don't want to do that. Instead, I want to share 14 things that I would like to try to do in 2014. 'Try' being the operative word here. I don't want to say they're resolutions because if I fail, then I'll be mad at me, and we don't want all that.

1. Travel more.
This is always on my list of priorities, but it's becoming harder and harder to do when I have a full-time job and limited funds. I am going to Europe this summer for two weeks, which I'm really excited about, but I would also like to take other, smaller trips around the U.S. and either visit friends or just have new experiences. Road trips are my favorite.
2. Say yes.
Ever since I settled into my new job and new apartment (both not so new anymore), I've gotten into this routine of going to work, catching up on some TV shows, blogging, showering then going to bed. Anytime someone asks me to do something apart from that, I'm usually like, meh. I mean, I have had a lot of fun experiences with friends in the past few months, but for the most part, I'm just lazy. I need to start saying 'yes,' Yes Man style.

3. Write.
I love blogging, but I have so many outlets for my writing that I've been ignoring. Like most bloggers, some of my posts are filtered, and I've been ignoring my journals and other memory keepers. I need to start making more time to write in them. 
4. Silence negativity.
Not only within my own head, but I also need to silence those around me. I need to stop dwelling on the words of others, and instead, ignore negative words and thoughts and just be. 

5. Be more honest.
Sometimes I catch myself telling little fibs for no reason. Like if I did something and I share the story with another person, they'll ask if I have any pictures on my phone of it, and I'll say 'no' even if I do. I don't know why. Maybe I'm too lazy to look them up? I don't know. It's odd. I also filter a lot of my thoughts because I don't want people to judge me, but I need to start being more like Fat Amy - "I guess I'm just not really living if I'm not being 100% honest." 
6. Unplug.
I don't mean for an extended period of time, because I know I couldn't do that. Not cold turkey anyway. I just want to live by this quote - "Wherever you are, be there." When I go out to eat, I try not to be on my phone. I try to engage with the people I'm with and not have all of my relationships turn into social media relationships. I want to challenge myself to put my phone away whenever I'm with other people, only taking my phone out to snap pics and selfies of memories being made.
7. Get into a nighttime routine.
I'm unintentionally punishing myself with my current sleep schedule. I am a night owl, and I always seem to stay up later than I intend, but I still have to be at work by 8:30 every morning. I always wake up late. I'm always tired throughout the day. I always tell myself that I'll go to bed early that night, but I never do. On the weekends, I stay up even later, and even though I can sleep in, it still messes up my sleep sched. I need create a proper nighttime routine for myself.
8. Complain less.
I don't like listening to people complain all the time. Ranting is different. You're allowed to be upset about stuff every once in awhile. We're human, duh. But when I hear myself constantly complaining, I get annoyed with myself. Complaining gets you nowhere, and I need to start telling myself that before I go to someone to whine about all of my minuscule problems.
9. Cross something off my bucket list.
I feel like I've just been staring at and sharing my bucket list for the past year, but I don't remember actually crossing anything off, and if I have, it's nothing exciting like bungee jumping, riding in a hot air balloon or meeting the President. I need to get on it.

10. Stop being afraid.
I have so many fears; it's ridiculous. Just the other day, there was an event happening at the hotel, and I was nervous to go take pictures because I didn't want to just stand there taking pictures like a creeper. When I actually went to take the pictures, no one even paid attention to me, and that's what a lot of the situations in my life are like. I freak out and get nervous for no reason. I just need to swallow all of that fear and face it.
11. Do research for my book.
I started writing a book (like 15 chapters worth), and I got an idea for another one. Actually two other ones. I want to do research for them because some of the concepts are complicated. Research includes: shadowing a brain doctor and going to a dream psychologist. 
12. Read more.
I think I got a jump start on this goal already. I read a lot in November and December, but I've slowed down for the past couple of weeks. I love getting lost in books, and I love the way books mess with my emotions even though the characters aren't real. I love the stress of waiting for the next book in a series I love to come out, and I love waiting to see movie adaptations of books that I've loved. I just love books. Nerd out.

13. Don't dwell.
Forget the past. It's over. Move on.
14. Be happier.
I want to be someone that other people want to be around, and no one wants to be around a negative Nancy. Plus, happy people are the prettiest.
Notice that none of these have to do with eating healthier or working out, because Tiffany ain't got time fa that. What are your goals for 2014?
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  1. You're going to Europe??!!!! EXCITING!!! I'm totally in for meeting Zac Efron, such a hottie! Also, the quote in #2 is like one of my favorite quotes ever, simple but so true!

  2. Yes! I really can't wait! I'm traveling with EF College Break. I love love LOVE Zac Efron! Mhm. He is just so attractive. And yes, it's such a good quote. I need to start living by it!

  3. This is such a good post! I need/want to do so many of these things as well. I definitely feel you on number 10...isn't it so annoying when you stress/worry about something and then it ends up being not a big deal at all. I do it all the time as well!

  4. Yes! I get stressed out over the smallest things. I hate it!

  5. I love this list! A few I've already made as a resolution for myself but definietly stealing a few more off you :P

  6. Yay! Thanks so much! I hope 2014 brings you lots of good things!

  7. you have got it all in the bag my love :)

  8. The next to last sentence of this post IS THE BEST. Best of luck to you on your goals; I think you can easily conquer them all! And if you plan to meet Zac Efron, I'd love to tag along. ;) You've got my number, girl. Ha. Things have gotten a little busy for me with starting my new job, but maybe we can meet up again sometime. Just shoot me an email or text, and we can make plans.

  9. Haha it is definitely one of my faves cause that's EXACTLY how I feel. No exercising or being healthy for me. I tried it at the beginning of last year, but I only lasted a few months before I quit. Omg if I got to meet Zac Efron, I would die of happiness, and you could be there to witness haha. We definitely need to get together again!

  10. These are awesome goals I need to unplug more too & I love the fact that you referenced Fat Amy lol. This is kind of weird but I totally went to high school w/ your friend Anamaria (I recognized her on your sidebar & clicked over to her blog)--talk about degrees of separation!

    x Haley

  11. Holy cow! What a small world! That's so awesome! Anamaria and I met our freshman year at Tech and were roommates for our junior and senior years. And yea, Fat Amy is my hero. She's so awesome!


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