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goodbye 2013.

Where did 2013 go? No, like, seriously. This has been the fastest year of my life, I swear. Maybe because time flies when you're having fun? Though some days were obviously not very fun. Thanks to Rachel from Sunshine and Sinatra (aka one of my favorite bloggers/my blog soul sister - she just gets me), I decided to share my 2013 with y'all. Get ready for a lot of random.

I brought in the new year with my friend, Katherine, after work of course because I was working front desk at the same hotel where I currently work. I loved working the front desks with my girls, Claire and Yas'Mine. I wrote my first blog post about something a guest said to me. It was a dumb post, but oh well. My hedgie graduated from kitten food to cat food (awwww). Lots of crafting. Not a very exciting month. I joined a gym like 90% of the people in the world who make getting fit their new year's resolution. I also started going to hip hop dance classes with my sister. So random. 

I celebrated my third Valentine's Day with Jon and joined the iPhone family. I went to the worst Mardi Gras parade I've ever been to. Seriously. I got like 2 beads. Jon turned 23, but I didn't get to celebrate with him because we were (still are) long-distance, and I was sad, but he didn't care because he worked. I started taking watercolor painting classes. It was hard, but fun. 

The official grand opening of my hotel happened, and it was the funnest day on the job. My friend and co-worker, Claire, and I broke out into song at the front desk pretty regularly. I finished my first watercolor painting. It was a magnolia. I think I only saw Jon once this month and it was to go to a play that someone gave Jon tickets for. 

I had a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie marathon with my friend, Sarah, aka the only person in my life that appreciates my love for MKA. Jon and I acted like tourists in my town every time he came to visit, and I started my second watercolor painting of a seashell (it still remains unfinished).

I took the best vaca ever with muh guhs in TASK (Tiffany.Amanda.Sarah.Katherine). Seriously. It was a blast. A very unpredictable adventure. Can we go back? We also made a pit stop in New Orleans on the way home. I deactivated Facebook for awhile because I was spending way too much time on it. I started to get really unhappy with my job because I was doing something that I could've done without my college degree. I was so unhappy, in fact, that I decided I want to move to Australia for a year, and I started making preparations to do so. My sister got her senior ring, making me feel old. I saw my friend, Tra, in Wal-Mart. This is significant because he currently resides in California. I also went to my first PRIDE Awards for work.

June was a really hard month for me. I was unhappy for several reasons. I started putting all of my time into planning for Australia, trying to get out of the country ASAP. My sister turned 17. I was supposed to go to Galveston with her, but she got stuck in Florida, so I convinced Jon to go with me even though he hates being spontaneous. I got to see my best friend from middle school in Houston, and it was a blast! My friend and co-worker, Yas'Mine, had her baby shower. This is the month when I seriously got into blogging.

Celebrated my friend, Sarah's, birthday complete with a birthday suite and a night on the town. It was a night full of laughs and wine. I also got a promotion at work! My first promotion ever and the first promotion in the hotel. I was so excited. I have the best office-mate ever, and I laugh every day, even though I was super awkward at first. Still awkward in general though.

I went to Ruston to visit Jon, and we went indoor camping, and it was a blast. I also decided not to go to Australia. Jon refused to weigh in on my decision, but I was having this internal debate ever since I got my promotion. Since I decided not to go down under, I decided to plan a trip to Europe with my sister using the money I had saved up for Australia. I celebrated my friend, Amanda's, birthday. She had a pool party with a DJ and everything. Twas a blast. Flitwick turned 1. I saw my friend, Lucas, and his band, The Larangos, play. Oh and the NSYNC reunion happened, which was pretty life changing and worth mentioning.

I moved into an apartment with my friend, Amanda. It took me weeks to unpack because I was busy pretty much every weekend this month. I went to Austin with my sister for the Austin Teen Book Festival, and it was the best nerdy bookworm thing I've ever done. I got to meet a bunch of authors, and it was seriously a bookworm's dream come true. I ran walked my first 5k, Run or Dye, with my good friend, Claire. 

I finally finished unpacking all of my stuff at my new place. I dressed up twice for Halloween, and my costumes were pretty freaking awesome if I do say so myself. I also started reading for a fun a lot more! Nerd.

I saw Jon more this month than any other other month of the year, and I loved it. Obvs. Jon and I went to our first opera to see my co-worker, Jimi, in it. It was really awesome! Jon and I celebrated Thanksgiving together and we went to a Tech football game (actually less than half a game cause it was so freaking cold). I also saw my graduation brick! Thanksgiving with the family was good and I house-sat for the first time.

This month seriously flew by. I went to my first company Christmas party and won the ugly Christmas sweater contest. I celebrated my 24th birthday. Once with my family and Jon, again with my co-workers, and then again with TASK at brunch. My friend, Katherine, also had a birthday and turned 23. She had a Rock Band/Just Dance party. My friend, Sarah, had an ugly Christmas sweater party, and it was super fun. Christmas with the family and mom's friends was lovely and included a very competitive game of Pictionary. Jon and I celebrated 3 years!
Tonight: Night on the town with my girls? Tbd.
It's been a pretty good year, and I'm so excited to see what 2014 brings!
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  1. Yea I'd like to know why it seems like the years and even mths and days go by so fast now a days. back in elementary school they went by so slow. Now at the age of 30 they fly by. But they do say "Time flies when you're having fun." pinkowl07.blogspot.com Come check me out and see my goodbye 2013 post. Have a great new years and a good 2014 to come.

  2. That must be it, that time flies when you're having fun. I agree that it seems like days went by so slow when I was in elementary and middle school. Now they're just flying!

  3. This is incredible! I love how you got to summarize each month with all your favorite memories. I hope the new year is good to you!



  4. I can't even describe how sad it makes me to see that I'm only in one of these pictures. This needs to change in 2014! I'm glad you had an amazing year!

  5. Thanks so much! It was a pretty awesome year. I'm hoping for the best in 2014!

  6. It's super depressing. We better see more of each other next year!


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