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Mini Fruit Pizza Recipe.

I've made these fruit pizzas twice, both for work, and both times, they were a hit! I love recipes that are simple and require very little money. If you're looking for a snack that's both sweet and healthy-ish, then these fruit pizzas are perfect. We ate them in the morning, but they would also be good for an afternoon snack or a tasty dessert.
-- Pre-made sugar cookie dough
-- Cool Whip
-- 8 oz. cream cheese
-- Assorted fruit

1. Bake the cookies as instructed. I made mine little mini cookies, but little things are so cute.
2. Mix together all of the cream cheese and about 3/4 of the Cool Whip to taste. You can use as little or as much as you'd like, but I'd recommend using at least half of the tub. I used my Ninja to mix the two ingredients together.
3. Cut fruit as desired. I used mandarin oranges, bananas, grapes and kiwi for this batch, but you can use whatever fruits you'd like. I wanted a variety of color.
4. After cookies are done baking and cooling, use a spoon to place a desired amount of the Cool Whip/cream cheese mixture on the cookies.
5. Place fruit on the cookies and Cool Whip/cream cheese mixture as desired.
6. Voila! Done! 
It's super easy and super tasty. Enjoy!
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  1. So cute and a semi-health snack.

  2. They were pretty adorable and delicious! They were a hit in the office!

  3. they look fantastic and so pretty!

  4. Thank you! They were super easy to make and delicious!

  5. I'll definitely be making these for my boyfriend soon- he loves fruit pizza, and I've been searching for the perfect recipe!


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