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Valentine Box Swap!

Happy Valentine's Day, loves! I've always been a lover of Valentine's Day, even when I didn't have a significant other to spend it with. I love giving out Valentine's Day cards and wearing red and pink, even though they clash, and just celebrating love! I'm a lover of love, whether I was in love or not. Love is such a beautiful thing, and it should always be celebrated, because everyone loves someone and everyone is loved by someone.

This year, even though I have the best Valentine ever (and have for the past 3 years)...

...I decided to join the Valentine's Day Box Swap with Rachael, Ashleigh, and Mandee. I was paired with Amy from Amy Fashion Blog, and we immediately hit it off. Through our numerous emails, we covered all of the important topics, like our favorite kinds of chocolate and her love (and my distaste) of Oreos. She currently lives in Germany, which I love because I was born there and have never been back since. She was a fun person to get to know, and y'all should definitely go check out her page!

Here is what she sent me in my Valentine's Day box:
I was so excited when I opened my package from Amy. 
She wrapped everything up in this cute heart tissue paper.
I am in love with both of the scarves that she sent to me. I've already worn the red-ish one twice. I'm obsessed with scarves, and we talked about how I love infinity scarves, and she got me two of them!
I loved all of the little trinkets she included in the package. She got me two cute heart-shaped ornaments, a stationary set, a manicure set and the most amazing bookmark ever. I had just adopted Molly, and frequenters of this blog should know that I love to read, and now I can combine the two loves. The bookmark she gave me allows me to put a picture of Molly inside. Too perfect!
And it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without chocolate! She sent me some yummy chocolate that I have obviously never tried before. I can't even read the words on the back. They were all pretty delicious though. 
I'm so glad that I got paired with Amy for this box. We got to know each other really well, and she's become an awesome blog friend!

To see what I sent her, go to her page.

Happy Valentine's Day, and enjoy celebrating LOVE! 

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  1. So happy you loved everything. I have never had the milk candy before. I eat the ritter sports all the time. I hope you and Jon have a great valentines day.

  2. Thanks for participating in the box swap, Tiffany! Looks like Amy got you some fabulous gifts! Enjoy that german candy!!

  3. I have the same exact feelings about Vday!! :D That box swap is SO cute. I wish I would have known about it before!! Happy Valentine's Day!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  4. Thanks for participating- you got some GOOD stuff! Jealous of that yummy chocolate!

  5. always nice to get more candy to add to a stach you may have. LOL


  6. It looks like you received great stuff!

  7. The milk chocolate was delicious! I really enjoyed everything. Thanks for an awesome box!

  8. I did get lots of awesome stuff. I've definitely enjoyed all of the candy!

  9. Such an awesome swap. Thanks for hosting it. All of the chocolate was delicious!

  10. Exactly! You can never have enough candy.

  11. went to kmart today and they had candy from vday marked down to 50% off and i got 2 large bags of conversation hearts.

  12. That's so awesome! I love discount candy!

  13. German candy is the bomb, We had a foreign exchange student from there my senior year and her mom sent her so many yummy goodies!


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