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32 Things That Make Me Happy.

I love finding things to be happy about every day, and as soon as I saw Erin and Sarah's challenge to find 32 things to be happy out, I just knew I had to participate. Here are 32 things that make me happy. Challenge yourself to find 32 happy things today!

1. Perfectly middle-crisped bacon.

2. Making travel plans.

3. Bringing my puppy to parties.

4. Texts/tweets/snaps from people I haven't spoken to in a long time.

5. Forehead kisses from my sweet boyfriend, Jon.

6. Going shopping for something specific and finding it in the first store you go to.

7. When people buy me lunch.

Froyo counts as lunch, right?

8. Meaningful comments on my blog posts.

9. Discovering a new song that I know will be on repeat until I get tired of it.

10. When someone understands my Mary-Kate and Ashley references.

11. Talking about books with other people who like to talk about books.

12. Unexpected snail mail.

13. Sushi.

14. When the power goes out during thunderstorms.

15. When someone compliments an outfit that I spent a lot of time putting together.

16. When authors retweet/reply/favorite my tweets after I review their book.

17. Free anything! Don't care if I have no use for it.

18. Counting down to vacation time.


19. Music from the 90's.

20. Actually anything from the 90's.

21. Murder mystery parties (really, all themed parties).

22. Watching and falling in love with a movie that I didn't expect to love.

23. When one of my favorite books is made into a movie.

24. When the weather is perfect - not too hot, not cold at all, sun is shining, just a slight breeze. Perfection.

25. Blog friends.

26. Dancing solo in my room with no pants on.

27. Puppy cuddles. 

28. Puppy kisses.

29. Successful Pinterest projects.

30. Finding good covers of songs on YouTube.

31. Netflix.

32. Being lazy in bed all day.

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  1. I love this! I think I like forehead kisses better than regular kisses . . . ok maybe not. Are you going on blogcation?! I want to go so bad but I can't this year. Aghhh.

  2. Love this post. I love forehead kisses. Haven't got one in a long time. Also blog friends are the best. I also love snail mail. One thing I also ask for on my birthday is birthday cards. They make me so happy.

  3. O can for a song on repeat that has been me today with crazy kids by Ke$ha

  4. once again, great post! "it's the little things that make life such a big deal" (:

  5. I've loved reading these posts-- so much happy! I'm definitely with you on unexpected snail mail, book talk, and froyo (which totally counts as lunch!)

  6. I love snail mail, book talk, free anything, finding what I need at the first store and theme parties definitely! Also a song on repeat is my jam!

  7. Forehead kisses are so lovely. I AM going on Blogcation, and I'm officially devastated that you're not. We would've had too much fun on a boat together. Booooooo.

  8. Forehead kisses are the best. And I love birthday cards! I keep all of my cards and have some from the 6th grade. I love that song by Ke$ha! All of her songs are so catchy.

  9. Snail mail is the best! I love getting anything in the mail (except companies trying to get me to get a credit card. Ain't got time). I want to eat froyo for lunch every day.

  10. THEMED PARTIES ARE MY FAVORITE! I just love getting dressed up for anything, especially when I get to be creative. So fun.

  11. My favorite part of this was that you started off by talking about bacon. It only got better from there! lol. :) Great list!

  12. Haha I love bacon so much! I want some right now.


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