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You Might Think You Like Spring, But You Could Be Wrong.

During winter, I always long for when spring comes around. I don't like the cold, and I'm always pumped for the sun to start shining again. This past winter, I felt a longing for spring that I had never felt before because the season was extra cold, and I was just done with it. Over it. Even though I'm a December baby, I just really don't like winter.

Now that spring is here, some days, I'm like "Yay! The weather is perfect!" and then other days, I'm like "Okay...can it be summer already?" When I was in school, I wanted summer for a break from school; now I want summer for a break from spring! It's like a never-ending cycle of season hatred. The only season that's got everything going for it is fall.

Why this sudden longing for summer? Because spring sucks. Yeah, I said. Okay, not everything about it sucks, but it's definitely got a lot of downsides.

I hate pollen! My car is blue, and when the pollen attacks it, it looks green and grossly dirty. It's pretty much pointless to even wash my car during spring because the next day it'll just get covered in pollen, and all of the elbow grease would have gone to waste, so I just drive around with a dirty car.

Bird Poo
Adding onto the dirty car comment, the birds are just flying about during the spring, which is awesome in some cases. I've always been fascinated by birds. Not bird-watcher fascinated, but I love when I see a ton of birds flying together. I just think it's so pretty! Until they poop. The parking spots for my apartment are all under trees, meaning that the birds just come take their rests on the trees above my car, and the next day, my car is even more gross. Yuck.

I don't have allergies, but everyone around me seems to. I'm so greatful for my lack of allergies, but it sucks that everyone around me is sneezing, Molly included. She sneezes on my feet all the time, and it's just gross. Poor puppy, but also poor Tiffany.

Rain is only okay in certain circumstances: (1) When I'm inside and have nowhere to go. (2) When it's raining and storming so bad that the power goes out. (3) When it's cleaning all of the pollen off of my car. That's pretty much all that rain is good for. Otherwise, it's annoying. It rains so much in the spring, and I hate it. I hate driving in the rain because I already suck at driving. We don't need to add in the slippery roads and decrease my ability to see. 

Louisiana humidity is absolutely awful. The air is sticky and always makes me feel like I'm sweating. Plus, my hair... Oh, my hair. 

Anytime that I see a mosquito (or any flying insect), it makes me itchy. Doesn't matter if I haven't been stung or bitten, it just makes me itchy. I hate going through swarms of flying gnats and having gross bumps all over me from mosquito bites. I just hate bugs. All of them.

Not everything about spring is horrible. For example, I like:
Spring colors (all the pastels)
Easter candy
When the sun is shining and the weather is actually nice
Wearing floral prints and spring colors
The beginning of crawfish season!!!

Spring does have its redeeming qualities, but I'm ready to skip to summer.


  1. My allergies have been super bad. Which the other day I had to double up on my allergies pills. Which I know it not a good thing to do but I was dying. I love the new layout.

  2. I prefer looking at the bright side of Spring and just enjoy what it has on offer ;))

  3. noooo spring is the best :) though I'm with you on the pollen and I don't even have allergies (I think...) I LOVE your new layout!

  4. I've never had allergies, but I'm so grateful for that. I hope your medicine helps! Thanks so much! Mo from OllivanderMo designed it for me!

  5. That's a good way to look at it. My favorite season is fall. I like summer sometimes too, but sometimes it's way too hot!

  6. I like spring most days, but some days...ah! That pollen! I just hate it. It makes my car look so dirty. And thank you! Mo from OllivanderMo designed it for me!

  7. Girl, You and your awesome blog designs. I love it!

  8. YES. Everything about this post is spot on. I like spring, mostly for the fact that it means the end of less than desireable chilly weather. I love seeing everything bloom again and the fact that summer is just around the corner. I'm from Arkansas and can DEFINITELY relate to the humidity comment, not to mention my nose is running/I'm sneezing all the time. This has got to go.


  9. I love Spring, but I hate Pollen. I live in Atlanta and it's out of control!!

  10. I always find a reason to not wash my car, pollen, it could rain, I might drive through a mud puddle tomorrow, it could snow.. etc.

  11. Thanks, girl! This one was done by Mo from OllivanderMo, and I'm obsessed with it! Perfect for spring, I must say.

  12. I like spring because it gets warmer, but tbh in the UK we might as well not have a spring as most of the time it's just so gloomy. I mean when it's sunny it's absolutely beautiful but we don't have many of those days. Also i find it really difficult to dress for spring...such an awkward season as the weather is unpredictable and deceiving!;p Also Tiffany I just wanted to thank you for passing by my blog! I really appreciate it :) x

  13. I agree! The best thing about spring is that winter is over, so at least it's a little warmer. And of course the flowers are pretty, but I am just ready to get the pollen and rain over with! Glad you understand the humidity situation. It's awful!

  14. I've found myself doing the same thing lately. There's no reason to wash my car, because it will definitely get dirty almost immediately after.

  15. It really is difficult do dress for spring. It's been kind of gloomy here too, and I hate it! And you're welcome! :)

  16. I love spring but I'm in Arkansas...so the humidity, pollen, and bugs SUCK!!! But I'm just glad it's not snowing!!

  17. I get really excited for spring but then I forget all of these awful things! Haha, thanks for reminding me. I still think it's the lesser of two evils over Summer because then at least it's not hot plus all the gross things.

    Pastels really are my favorite part of the season though! Yay! :)

  18. Yes! I don't like the snow at all. I'm ready for summer!

  19. I love spring colors and spring flowers and the sunshine-y weather, but pollen and mosquitos...YUCK!


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