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44 Signs You Grew Up in the 90's.

signs you grew up in the 90s
It's no secret that I love the 90's. If you grew up in the 90's then you know what I mean. Everything from the slang terms to the toys to the TV shows to the food was just better. I'm officially dedicating this post to everyone who grew up in the 90's, because we're the best generation to have ever existed (kidding...kinda #conceited). If you grew up in the 90's, then you'll totally understand these 44 things. 

1 | You're still waiting for Mary-Kate and Ashley to call you. 

2 | If your school supplies weren't Lisa Frank, then you were doing life wrong.

3 | You've bought a CD just to listen to one song. And then you listened to the whole CD on repeat and fell in love with the rest of the songs. 

4 | You owe all of your common sense to Amanda Bynes and her Ask Ashley letters from All That

ask ashley all that gif

5 | When your parents wouldn't let you go to summer camp, you just watched Bug Juice (it doesn't come in a jar. Bug juice comes from who you are!), because it was pretty much like you were there. It was also the first reality TV show that you fell in love with.

6 | You ate all of the cereal as fast as you could (or just stuck your hand in the box) so you could get the prize in the cereal box.

7 | You knew all of the words to the Out of the Box theme song and did all of the hand movements to the goodbye song at the end. 

8 | Hit clips was the most innovative way to listen to music EVER.

9 | You're still waiting on your Barbie Jeep.

10 | You wanted to go on Figure It Out, but you didn't have any legit talents like: 

figure it out nickelodeon talent

11 | You wanted a My Size Barbie just so you could try on her clothes and pretend to be her (or her BFF). 

12 | Your dreams of starting a bakery began with your first Easy Bake Oven dessert. 

13 | All of your deepest, darkest secrets, like your biggest crush(es) and how you really felt about your BFFs, were kept in your Girltech Password Journal.

14 | What you really wanted in life was to be able to dance to some "kick butt" life size music videos in your bedroom a la Smart House

15 | You remember when McDonald's actually had legit toys. 

16 | ...and Cracker Jack also had real prizes. 

17 | You knew which Spice Girl you were (and all of your friends wanted to be Baby).

spice girls gif

18 | Getting on the computer meant you were learning something on a JumpStart game, playing Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, or creating your new wallpaper on Paint. 

19 | You knew all the words to the following theme songs: Fresh Prince, Full House, Saved by the Bell, and Brady Bunch. 

20 | You wondered wondered what was in a Wonder Ball, and when you finally got one, you thought they were going to be bigger. 

21 | You wanted a life size polliwog for a friend, preferably one named Binyah Binyah.  

22 | When you were playing with your Lite-Brite, all of the lights in the room had to be off. 

23 | Your love for elephants began with your love of catching butterflies in Elefun. 

24 | You were ready to grow up because you knew your future was going to be just like Zenon's world, and you couldn't wait to live in space. 

zenon gif

25 | You loved when the Scholastic paper came out at school, because you loved choosing new books to love. 

26 | You enjoyed rubbing Elmer's glue all over your hands, letting it dry, and then peeling it off, challenging yourself to pull all of it off without breaking the glue. 

27 | You rented the same VHS every week from Blockbuster because your parents refused to by it for you. 

28 | You wanted your best friend to invest in a ladder so they could climb through your window rather than using the front door. 

clarissa explains it all gif

29 | You claimed you only collected Pokemon cards because they would be worth something one day, but you actually enjoyed watching the movies (and you'll always think Pikachu is adorable). 

30 | Beanie Babies were an appropriate gift for all occasions. 

31 | You've tried wishing on a shooting star with your sister so you could switch places. 

32 | You felt rebellious every time you sang and danced along to the "Thong Song."

33 | You struggled while doing the Hokey Pokey at your friend's birthday party at the skating rink.

34 | Furbies were awesome in commercials, but scary as crap in real life (and you still don't understand why they made a comeback). 

35 | Your favorite toys/games were Tamagotchis, Sky Dancers, Polly Pockets, Barbies, Magic 8 Balls, Mall Madness, Perfection, and Trolls.

36 | You debated naming your first-born girl Topanga.  

37 | Question: Are you afraid of the dark? Answer: Yes.

are you afraid of the dark gif

38 | GoGurt was a lunchbox necessity.

39 | You made your notes colorful with gel pens (and then got mad when you accidentally smeared it).

40 | You wanted your pictures to come to life like they did in Pappyland


41 | You loved wearing butterfly hair clips.

42 | Nickelodeon Magazine...please.

43 | Sketchers. 

44 | You knew all the names from Mambo No. 5. 

Were you a 90's kid? 


  1. OMG this brought back so many memories. I remember having a Password Journal and not being able to get it open...my mom walked into my room to see me yelling "SUPERSTAR!!!!!! SUPERSTAAAAAAR!!!" angrily at my Password Journal to try to get it unlocked. Ah, those were the days.


  2. All the yes! #30! Haha. I got Beanie Babies for rewards for the most random things.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love everything about this!! I was trying so hard to pick my favorite, but they're all so good! All the 90s nostalgia is flooding into my heart this morning. I do have to admit, I am STILL waiting for my Barbie Jeep!

  4. Barbie's jeep! Carmen Sandiego! Spice Girls! Beanie Babies! I loved them all.

  5. EVERYTHING is just so spot on.
    My husband wanted to name Quinn either Kimberly or Jason, from Power Rangers.

  6. I love the 90s. LOVE. My high school students complain about the "oldies" when I play 90s music in my classroom. This is such a great list!

  7. Great list! I was an 80s kid (and into the early 90s, though) and can relate to a lot of these, lol! Quite a few apply to the 80s as well!! Fun stroll down memory lane :). I had forgotten about McDonald's Happy Meal toys (they were awesome! Kids today don't know what they're missing, lol).

  8. Haha Mambo #5....Those furby's are still creepy as hell.

  9. Vivian from Out of the Box teaches singing lessons at the college theatre I work at! I still freak out a little bit every time I see her! She's also like 4ft tall, hahah!

  10. Your Friend BrittanyMarch 23, 2015 at 12:17 PM

    Oh my gosh I love this list! I was so obsessed with anything Lisa Frank and I loved those Zenon movies!

  11. Every single thing in this list had me going YES! It's all so true. Children of the 90s, man we had a good decade to grow up in. I will FOREVER be upset all my game skill honing didn't ever get used because as soon as I was finally old enough to compete on all the best Nick game shows, they decided to end them. Unfair.

  12. I can relate to this posts allll too well hahaha.

  13. I was totally a 90's kid. I remember a lot of these, there are a few I didn't know about. number 18, jumpstart, where is carmen san Diego...I was talking about it recently. So many fun computer learning games in the 90s, I remember playing them a lot. :)

  14. I was about halfway down this list and thinking "HOW HAS TIFFANY NOT MENTIONED ZENON YET????" (so not patient..)

    I'm still afraid of the dark. That clown in the attic haunts my nightmares.


  15. SO! I actually went to a party years ago where Mary Kate and Ashley were at NYU. It was crazy... because they were not acting like the sweet girls they portrayed their entire lives lol...

    I WAS Baby Spice.

    I recently re-watched every episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark and was not nearly as terrified... however, the creepy bearded Hagrid looking man in the taxi with his riddles still freaked me out as well as the girl who looked like a baby doll who had a door in her house that teleported you to a dollhouse-sized replica.

    Also: Salute Your Shorts, Hey, Dude!, Saved by the Bell, and Alex Mack! YES!


  16. Hollie Black-RamseyMarch 23, 2015 at 8:11 PM

    Yes, yes, yes to all this. I wanted to be Ginger Spice btw!

  17. OMG. I suddenly miss my childhood! Sketchers, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Butterfly Clips, Spice Girls All That! Where did time go?

  18. Holy crap, mind blown. I had no idea Amanda Bynes was behind the Ask Ashley letters. o_o

    I so very much miss book orders from Scholastic! <3

    I can relate to so many of these! Not so much the TV and celebrity ones because I was banned from TV at a fairly young age, but bring on the beanie babies, Lisa Frank, and gel pens! :P

  19. I LOVE this list! I actually spent 3 years of my life living in Beaufort, SC (a military base island) where Gulla-Gulla Island was filmed and where the actors lived...so, I saw them numerous times at flea markets or restaurants!

  20. That's so cool! I'm so jealous! I loved that show so much.

  21. Haha that's hilarious! Ask Ashley is why I fell in love with Amanda Bynes...and then she went crazy.

  22. I wanted to be Scary! I loved all of her animal print clothes, and I feel like she just understood the whole crazy hair situation.

  23. I'm so mad at you right now. I can't even speak (or type). MKA are my in my top 5 favorite people in existence. Jealous. Is Are You Afraid of the Dark on Netflix or am I making that up? If it is, I need to watch it.

    ALEX MACK!!! Omg! I wanted to have all of her powers. I also recently just started rewatching Saved by the Bell on Netflix, and it's just as incredible. Did you see their mini reunion on Jimmy Fallon?

  24. Zenon was the BEST! I seriously still want to live in space.

  25. Right?! I loved computer games. I didn't even realize I was learning. My favorite was JumpStart 3rd grade haha.

  26. Right?! The 90's was the best decade to grow up in. We weren't all into the technology. We had good TV shows. We actually played outside and weren't attached to our phones. Sigh. That was a good decade. I wanted to be on all the Nick shows so bad! They were so fun! I loved Double Dare and Wild and Crazy Kids, and I def wanted to go to the camps in Bug Juice.

  27. Lisa Frank was everything. I think that's the reason why I love colorful things so much.

  28. They are! Why did they try to bring them back? WHY?!

  29. That's so cool! I would totally fangirl and ask to take a picture with her or something. 4 ft?! Haha aww! So cute!

  30. That's so hilarious! I love Power Rangers! I was the pink one for Halloween one year.

  31. Yes! Everything about the 90's was so awesome and fun!

  32. Kids really don't know what they're missing. The toys now aren't nearly as cool and they're more cheaply made! I remember collecting all of the Happy Meal toys because they were so awesome!

  33. Beanie Babies were the best! I still have a few!

  34. What?! 90's aren't oldies! Haha! 90's had the BEST music!

  35. I want a Barbie Jeep so bad! People say to just get a Jeep and make it pink, but it's not the same!

  36. OMG! That is the most incredible story ever! Haha. I love that your password was Superstar!! My friends and I used to try to get into each others, and I would get so mad when they could get into mine. It was supposed to be secret!

  37. OMG SO MUCH YES hahah esp the butterfly hair clips, Lisa Frank, all the shows, Scholastic books, Are You Afraid of the Dark, beanie babies, gel pens, and Spice Girls. For the record, everyone kept saying I had to be Sporty Spice, but I just KNEW I was meant to be Ginger! :D lol.

  38. Haha I love that! I was always Scary Spice. She was so sassy.

  39. There is too much yes in this post.
    "If your school supplies weren't Lisa Frank, then you were doing life wrong." Yup.

    OUT OF THE BOX WAS MY FAVORITE. Dear heavens what a flashback. And the MK & Ash songs. And Hit Clips!!! I still remember my Hit Clip alarm clock...waking up to N*Sync and Michelle Branch beat an iPhone beeping any day.


  40. Yeah...I'm really sad that she did. :[ I liked her in She's the Man!

  41. I like jumpstart 3rd game too. I also was a fan of the game Howie's Fun House and a Pink Panther Game.

  42. For number 3, those cds were Michelle Branch's Everywhere and the first 2 Avril Lavigne cd's. Out of the Box was the best! We still have out Elefun game, my niece and nephews don't quite get that you are supposed to catch them in their net and just hold the net over the elephants nose so they can catch all the butterflies. I just made a throwback playlist on Spotify because I missed all the songs I grew up listening to and I've been falling asleep to it every night.

  43. WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. Yes. Yes to all of these. I am proud to say that when I was in third grade Nickelodeon took over my school and it was the greatest thing in all the land. I love being a 90s chick.

  44. So many of these I can relate too!! So great:). Thanks for the walk down memory lane!!

  45. Well, to be completely fair and honest it was like I walked by and tried to be cool and say hey, and Ashley looked at me but that was about it. LOL!

    Are You Afraid of the Dark isn't on Netflix that I am aware of; I had downloaded all of the episodes (of TV quality, mind you) a while back and they were on my external hard drive.

    OMG Saved by the Bell (And Full House) was my before and after school LIFE growing up. They always started at like "5:05pm" instead of just 5pm which was weird... I made my boyfriend watch the "I'M SO EXCITED! I'M SO EXCITED! I'M...SO....SCARED!!!" episode a couple weeks ago so he could appreciate all that I have been through lol.... for real, that episode was the reason I contemplated for 5 hours whether or not to take a No Doz and why I cried when I swallowed that bitter pill.... lol... #dramatic

  46. GULLAH GULLAH ISLAND, YES! & Hit Clips were the bomb.com.

  47. So glad to know there's other people who loved Gullah Gullah Island as much as I did!

  48. Okay, officially so jealous of your third grade self. That is literally the COOLEST thing I've heard. WHY DIDN'T WE GO TO THE SAME ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!?

  49. Oh, gosh, yes. Every song on Let Go is still my jam! I haven't played Elefun in YEARS, and I never owned it, but my friend did and she hated to play it. I loved it so much though. I wanted to steal it because she didn't appreciate it. Throwback songs are the BEST! I love listening to 90's and 2000's songs!

  50. I loved out of the box so much, and I was pissed because none of my box forts ended up like that. Ugh! But my love of forts never died. Mary-Kate and Ashley - I still love them. Not ashamed. You had a Hit Clips alarm clock?! What?! I didn't know that was a thing! That's so awesome!

  51. I loved She's the Man too! She was so cute in all of the movies she did. I loved Sydney White and What a Girl Wants! I want to go watch What a Girl Wants now.

  52. Ah! Well I saw Shane West eating lunch this weekend, and I wanted to ask for a pic, but I panicked. I just can't handle famous people. Hyperventilation.

    Okay, I seriously need to watch all of the Saved by the Bell episodes now. I found a clip on YouTube just to watch that part, and holy nostalgia. Yea. I just need to start from the beginning.

  53. UGH I KNOW RIGHT. The biggest frustration was the impossibility of getting your couch cushions and sheets to mirror the TV. And yup, still love them, too! No shame. And YUP. Best. Thing. Ever.

  54. GOGURT! Miss that stuff...and all of this!

  55. such a great post! i was going to do this post, you beat me to it!! SMART HOUSE!! classic! loved that movie!

  56. GoGurt was the best! I used to eat like a whole box of them every day haha.

  57. There can never be too many posts about the 90's! You should still do it! I'd love to see what you loved about the 90's. Smart House was so awesome! I wanted a house like that.


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