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Becoming Bliss | Enjoy the Little Things

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Exciting news, y'all! I'm starting a new series called Becoming Bliss where I'm going to be sharing ways for you to bring a little more bliss into your life! I'm so excited about this new series, and I hope y'all keep coming back to get a little more inspiration each week. 

Today, I want to talk about enjoying the little things. I feel like everyone has seen the quote "Enjoy the little things," but sometimes, that can be easier said than done. When you're living your life from day-to-day, you're not thinking about how the little things impact you. If you're like me, you may catch yourself living life in auto-mode. You're not living in that moment, instead you're thinking about what you need to pick up at the grocery store when you get off work or whether your favorite TV show is set to record. You're not living in the moment. 

My advice is to slow down. Take time to really live your life. Stop thinking about the future for just a little bit and live in the right now. Enjoy the present now instead of reminiscing about it in the future. Take time to really taste that glass of wine. Take advantage of a ten-minute cuddle session with your significant other before you both fall asleep. Enjoy a short walk around the block with your dog. The little things add up to big things; and the little things are what make you grateful for what you have. Don't take advantage of little things you have and don't let those moments pass you by, because some of those things are what others only wish they could have. 

Here are a few little things that I enjoy:
- Slipping into my pajamas after a long day at work
- The wagging tails of my dogs when I get home
- A cold glass of sweet wine
- Hugs
- Themed parties
- Kissing Jon goodnight before he goes to bed
- A compliment on my hair, whether I think it looks good or not
- Reading a book under the lamplight before I go to bed
- Connecting with someone through my blog or YouTube channel
- Getting something in the mail (especially when it's unexpected)
- When someone tells me they're proud of me
- Being compared to someone I admire
- Breaking out into song
- A phone call from someone I haven't spoken to in awhile
- Hitting 'publish' on a blog post that I'm really proud of
- Game nights
- Blowing on a dandelion and watching all of the seeds fly away
- Pillow fights with Jon
- Hearing a song that sparks a wonderful memory
- Spontaneous dance parties
- Sifting my feet through sand
- Brunch
- Long showers with music

What are some of the little things that you enjoy in life?


  1. I love this. So often we are busy looking for the big things that we forget to look at all the little things and then because the big things aren't happening we think our life is horrible.

  2. Love this list! I definitely could stand to look at the little things more.

  3. Yes! I wrote a post a few weeks ago about finding the happiness in the little things! They really are what make life great!

  4. This is so fantastic! When I was in HS me and a few friends were writing facebook notes every day that had 5 good things from that day. It was a good way to see how even bad days have good parts, and that sometimes those little things mean a lot in the long run.

  5. Exactly! It's so easy to look to the future toward big events, but there are so many awesome little things that are happening that we take them for granted.

  6. Thanks, Brenda! It's always good to appreciate the little things in life.

  7. That's awesome! I'll have to go check out your post too! It's always good to remember to appreciate the little things. Like you said, it's what makes life awesome!

  8. That's such a good practice! I feel like I should start doing that. It's a great way to be thankful for the little things instead of complaining about the trivial things.

  9. With the craziness of life I think this is such a great idea. I think the little things really makes a difference. Such a a great list Tiffany.

  10. No matter how cliche it is appreciating the small moments in life makes a huge difference in your overall mentality.

  11. OMG you hit the nail on the head with the first one. The moment I get home from work I usually go ahead and take my shower and slip into my comfy PJs.

    I also love just curling up on the bed with some Netflix (Buffy, Charmed, etc playing in the background) while I blog, read other blogs, and engage with my cyber friends :) Add a nice homemade cocktail and I am good to go!

  12. All these things are perfect!! Wine, cuddling, books, mail! Those are all beautiful fun things. The other day I was cuddling with Pai and instead of living in the moment, I was worrying myself sick about the future of the world. Seriously. I had to remind myself that I'm not in charge of the world (which is a good thing) and to take a moment just to be in the moment and breathe in the moment. I have to remind myself that dating is a beautiful time that I won't get back, and marriage will be completely different one day. Last night I was thinking about how we only have one life. It was a very surreal moment, and I realized there is so much more to do in life than work, Netflix, and blog. We have to love, we have to serve, we have to travel, we have to experience! I want to live my one wild, beautiful life to the fullest, and stop saying no because of fear!
    PS - speaking of getting unexpected mail, did you ever get that card I sent you with the hedgehog paper clip in it??

  13. I'm so excited about your new series!! Love all these things! Some of my little things include: A really good cup of coffee, getting to sleep in an extra half hour, and getting a compliment on a day when I feel like I'm a complete mess. Totally agree with Nina below - I am really bad about looking ahead and not appreciating dating, when I know that marriage is going to come with its own challenges. Definitely working on enjoying the little things!


  14. I completely agree, Jazmine! It's the little things that really matter!

  15. I completely agree! It makes such a huge difference!

  16. I do the same thing! Well, usually I eat dinner, but then I watch the latest Ellen episode before watching some good ole Netflix. Mmm cocktails! I want to learn to make a few. All of mine are pretty basic. I usually just drink wine haha. I definitely enjoy my wine time.

  17. You're not in charge of the world? Ugh! It all makes sense now. You definitely have some deep thoughts during your cuddle time. I completely agree! There's so much life to live, and we shouldn't waste time on the things or people that don't bring us joy. And YES! I did get your card with the most amazing hedgehog paper clip ever. Shame on me for not Instagramming or Tweeting it.

  18. So happy you're excited about the new series, Taylor! Those are all awesome things to enjoy. I definitely love getting in some extra snooze time. I'm bad at spending too much time looking into the future. Sometimes I have to remind myself to just stop, step back, and enjoy the little things.

  19. I enjoy curling up in bed and catching up on my tv shows OR reading a book while sipping tea. Sigh. Good times.


  20. Yes! I enjoy both of those things too, except I'd probably trade out tea for wine haha.

  21. LOL of course wine is always good too! I did my post: http://www.bombshellantics.com/blog/enjoying-the-little-things Check it out when you have time!


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