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30 Blog Post Ideas for When You're Feeling Uninspired.

Writer's block. It happens to the best of us. There's nothing more frustrating than being in the mood to write and nothing creative coming to your brain. Luckily, my friend, I've come up with a list of potential blog post ideas for you to get your creative juices flowing. Here are few blog post ideas for when you're feeling uninspired. 

1// Try out a new (to you) restaurant
Share your experience and take lots of pictures.

2// Do a reverse bucket list 
It's awesome to look to the future and figure out some things you want to do before you kick the bucket, but what about all of the amazing things you've already done? Share a few of the things that you've already crossed off.

3// Make a travel itinerary
Whether it's for a place you've already visited, a city you've been dying to go to, or the city you live in, come up with a travel itinerary for someone else who may want to visit one day. 

4// Do a favorites round-up
You can make it a themed round-up such as your favorite beauty products or favorite things about an upcoming holiday. You could even do a general round-up of things that you've been loving lately. 

5// Share a playlist
What music have you been loving lately? Share it in a playlist or with some YouTube music videos. You could even theme it with the season, an upcoming holiday, an activity (such as working out, your morning commute, or going to sleep), or with a mood (such as happiness, lass, or angst). 

6// Scour Pinterest and try some projects or recipes
You spend all that time pinning great content and tutorials, so why not put it to good use? Try out a few projects or some recipes and share your experiences. Were they successes or failures? Did you follow the tutorials step-by-step or take your own spin on them? 

7// Write about something you're really passionate about
Even if it's controversial, share your thoughts on a subject that you're knowledgeable on and are passionate about. Ask others to share their opinions and get a discussion going. 

8// Write an open letter
It could be for a celebrity, a close friend, someone who's inspired you, your future self, or even your dog!

9// Do a 90's quiz
I love nostalgia, and traveling back in time with a 90's quiz is the perfect reason to share your favorite things about the past. 

10// What's your most embarrassing moment? 
Share the story on your blog so the world can laugh along with you!

11// Share your experience from a show you've attended
Have you ever been to an awesome concert, play, opera, or other kind of show? Write about it and any pictures you have.

12// Take a photo every hour for one day
From the moment you wake up, snap a photo every hour then share the stories behind each photo. 

13// Write a letter to your childhood self
What lessons would you teach your younger self? 

14// Write about a cause or charity that you're passionate about
Spread the word about it, and who knows? You may get some other people to be as passionate about it as you are. 

15// What lessons have you learned from your favorite character?
Think of your favorite character from a book, TV show, movie, etc. and think about the lessons that they've taught you about a subject. It could be general lessons or lessons about love, blogging, friendship, life, etc. 

16// Share your firsts
It could be your first crush, your first kiss, your first pet, you first best friend, etc. Share some of your firsts in a blog post or make it into a series. 

17/ Do a get-to-know-me post
Even though you're sharing little tidbits of your life on your blog, why not dedicate an entire post to help readers get to know you? Share some random facts, tell a story from your childhood, find a random quiz and answer the questions. Let your readers get to know the person behind the blog. 

18// Review something
What's something you love or something you never want to use again? Review it on your blog and tell your readers why you love or hate it. It could be a book, a movie, a beauty product, etc. 

19// Write a story
Let your creative juices flow and write a fictional story and share it with your readers. 

20// Do a Throwback Thursday post
Take advantage of the popular hashtag and travel back in time to share a story from your past. 

21// Who is someone who inspires you? 
Write about them and talk about why they inspire you. How have they changed your day-to-day life? Share some specific examples. 

22// Create a gift guide
Is there a holiday coming up or a birthday of someone in your life? Create a gift guide for the holiday or a group of people, such as 20-something women, dog lovers, sports fanatics, bookworms, etc. 

23// Create a wishlist
What's something you've been longing for? Share those things in a wishlist. This is an especially good post if your birthday or a gift-giving holiday is coming up. 

24// Share what's in your handbag
What essentials do you have to have with you everyday? Share those things in a post!

25// Share some of your favorite quotes
What quotes never cease to inspire you? Share a few of those on your blog. You could also do quotes that make you laugh or even ones that make you cry. 

26// Do a post from the perspective of someone else
It could be from the perspective of your favorite book character, movie character, or even your dog!

27// Have someone in your life guest post
Who is someone that you're always talking about on your blog? Your best friend, your significant other, your siblings? Let them guest post for you!

28// Share your blogging journey
How did you come up with your blogging name? Why do you blog? What things do you wish you had known when you first started blogging? Share it in a blog post or even create a blog series with some helpful hints. 

29// Do a book to movie comparison
Has your favorite book been made into a movie or is a book you've read becoming a movie? Write about what you liked or didn't like about the movie adaptation. If the movie hasn't been made yet, write about what things you hope they keep in the movie, what you're nervous about them taking out of the movie, or just your general feelings about it becoming a movie.

30// What is your biggest dream?
Share it with your readers and your journey to achieving it. What have you done to try to make your dream become a reality? What things are still on your to-do list to try to achieve your dream?

Have you ever experienced writer's block? What things do you do to overcome it?


  1. Some great topics for whenever I am being attacked by blogger's block!

  2. Love love love love this. I am probably going to use every single one of these. When I first started blogging years and years ago, I wanted to share stories on my blog. I should really get back to my creative route. I think I might try the photo for every hour of the day to document my trip to Asheville tomorrow!

  3. I love these kind of lists, they are perfect for when I am going through "blogger's block." I really like the idea of a reverse bucket list, I am definitely going to try it out soon! Thanks for sharing!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

  4. Love this, so many interesting and fun ideas. They're sure to help with any blogging slump!

  5. This is an awesome list! Thank you so much for sharing this. Blogger's Block is a real thing, for sure!

  6. These are really great ideas! It's amazing how some weeks I just feel "on" when it comes to blogging. Others, I rely on lists like this to inspire me again. :)

  7. I'm bookmarking this! Sometimes I'm struggling for posts and need these lists! I love the open letter idea, I just don't know what to write a letter about! I can't believe I never thought of the book to movie comparison before!!

  8. Tina Marie (Sawyer-Roberge)March 11, 2015 at 12:31 PM

    I've booked marked this as well!

  9. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  10. These are awesome ideas and some are unique ones I haven't seen on any other "post ideas" list. Love it!! Going to pin it :)


  11. A lot of these are ones I've been planning to do for the next couple months! :D! Great list!

  12. Wow - lots of great ideas! Thanks!

  13. Oh yay! That's awesome. Thanks, Farrah!

  14. Thanks, Amy! I hope you find them useful.

  15. That's awesome, Tina Marie! Thank you!

  16. Yay! Thanks so much, Jess! I'm so happy you liked these ideas! There are so many books being made into movies nowadays.

  17. I completely agree, Jessica! I feel like the last half of February was so blah, and now I'm feeling much more inspired, and of course it goes in and out. Hope you can find inspiration from this list!

  18. Bloggers Block is so real, and it's the struggle when it sneaks in.

  19. Thanks, Llinos! Sometimes, lists like these are my saving grace when I'm in a slump.

  20. Nice ideas!!

    Lots of love,

  21. I'm so happy you liked these ideas, Colleen! Making a reverse bucket list is so fun, because you get to relive some of the most amazing moments of your life!

  22. Don't you write poetry? Or am I making that up? If you do write poetry, then I would love for you to share that on your blog. If you don't write poetry, maybe you should anyway because I think it'd be fun haha. I can't wait to see all of the photos from your trip!

  23. Yay! Thank you! Bloggers block is the worst!

  24. Love this! I've been uninspired lately. Pinning for later. :)

  25. This is fantastic. Definitely pinning. Thank you!!!

  26. Great list! There's some really different ones here.

  27. This is amazing. I haven't had any writer's block in a while [knock on wood] but next time I do, I'll definitely try one of these. Thanks!

  28. Yay! I hope this list helps get you a bit inspired!

  29. Thanks, Tanea! I tried to share a few that I've done in the past and also a few that I've been wanting to do.

  30. Yay! That's awesome, Sarah. I hope that you never get writer's block, but if you do, I hope this list helps you!

  31. I literally have a list for every kind of blogpost imaginable to write about and never did I think of any of these topics, great post Tiffany!

    - Devon, www.ColdKnowledge.com

  32. These are all fabulous - bookmarking this! I love "take a photo every hour for one day." That just sounds so creative and fun, like it would end up opening my eyes so much more to the little moments in the world around me!


  33. Yay! I'm glad I could help you find a few more blog topics for your list!

  34. I keep telling myself to do that post, and I still haven't! One of these days, I'll do it. One day.

  35. These are so helpful - thanks for sharing!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  36. Exactly what I needed right now! I've been wanting to blog but feeling so run down with life has made me uninspired. Thanks!


  37. Perfect! I'm so glad you found these ideas helpful!

  38. Lovely tips! I took number 13 and did this to it

    Thanks for sharing the tips!


  39. That's so awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  40. These are perfect and going to do a few of these this week! Thanks Tiffany!


  41. You're welcome! I'm so happy you found them helpful!

  42. Oh my gosh! :) I was so so so delighted while reading this as I already employ a few of these babies when the weather is not too nice to me. Thanks so much for this Tiffany! :)

  43. You're very welcome! I hope you found it helpful!

  44. Great ideas! once I read this so many ideas came to my head! I'm just starting out with blogging and need some ideas to help me get started and this was perfect! Thanks!


  45. That makes me so happy, Michaela! Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to get the creative writing juices flowing. Happy writing!

  46. Love these. So going to have to use them next time I get writer block.


  47. Yay! I'm glad! I tried to think of some that are more in depth and not too too general.


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