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celeb couple splits that broke my heart.

celebrity couple splits

I try to stay out of the tabloids and not pay too much attention to celebrities' personal lives, but Wal-Mart and Target make it so easy for me to stay up-to-date. There are just some celebrity couples who are so perfect together, that you know they're just going to last forever. Then when it doesn't work out, it's like your world crashes with theirs. Dramatic.

Even though my heart didn't really break when these celebrity couples broke up, I was devastated for a little while, and part of me lost all hope for love, but then I found Jon, so it's all good.

Nick and Jessica.
jessica simpson and nick lachey
By Craig Sjodin (Marines.mil) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Come on, they had their own television series for crying out loud! We witnessed the cuteness of their relationship weekly. They had been together for so long, and she was in one of 98 degrees's music videos. They were the perfect couple. When I found out they broke up, I'm pretty sure I said the words "If Nick and Jessica can't work out, then love just isn't real." I wasn't dramatic in middle school at all. Then Nick sand that heart-breaking song, "What's Left Of Me." My heart broke all over again. I was definitely team Nick on this one.

Justin and Britney.
britney spears and justin timberlake
rocorPeter Dutton

I think the heartbreak went international on this one. I mean, they had known each other since Mickey Mouse Club, practically grew up together. They were both so cute, him with his curly blonde hair and her with her baby face. Then she had to go cheat on him and break his heart. My heart hurt for him, and I was willing to sacrifice myself for a rebound girlfriend, but it never came through. Can't imagine why. Team JT all the way. He's only gotten more attractive with age.

Reese and Ryan.
reese witherspoon and ryan phillippe
Eva Rinaldi | David Shankbone

This one was a devastating blow. With seven years of marriage and two kids under their belt, I don't think anyone ever saw this coming. Ryan's an attractive guy so I can see why that little young Australian wanted to get some, but I would never want to be the one that helped break up a marriage like that. Yikes! Team Reese on this one. I'm so happy that she's working on her second marriage now. I hope this one sticks.

Katy and Russell.
katy perry and russell brand
Eva RinaldiEva Rinaldi

I'm still getting over this one (mostly because I just watched the Katy Perry movie last week). They were both so weird separately, so their weirdness was just a perfect match. I was never a Russell Brand fan. His crazy has always been a little too crazy for me. Team Katy!

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  1. I'm so with you on Katy and Russell! I thought they really worked, Nick and Jessica will be together again....one day....in my dreams maybe :)

    1. I was waiting for Nick and Jessica to bounce back together. Sad.

  2. Yeah, I was disappointed with the Nick and Jessica split. Another one - Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (yep, I'm on Team Aniston). Also on my list is Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens & Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (they were really cute couples, I thought).

    1. I forgot about Brad and Jen! They were so adorable. Shocked me for sure. I was just a smidgen happy when Zac and Vanessa split because that meant I could slip in and take her place. It didn't happen though sadly haha. They really were cute together!

  3. I'm still made that Jessica & Nick broke up (mainly because I loved their show) and Ryan & Reese made me so sad. And I'm definitely Team Katy! I just wish she'd stay away from John Mayer. He's not my cup of tea :/
    P.S. and yeah Brad & Jen!!! I LOVED them together.

    1. Their show was the greatest! I was a dedicated viewer. I don't think John Mayer needs to date anyone. Love his music, but he's not a very nice person haha.

  4. katy and russel made me the most sad :(


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