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the post with the liebster award.

liebster award

I am just tinkled pink to have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Krystal at Spunkee Belle. Her blog posts are just pure hilarity, so you must go check her out. I've only been seriously blogging for the past month or so, so I just think it's sweet that she liked my blog enough to nominate me. The Liebster is awarded to up and coming bloggers with 200 followers or less whose blog deserves some support and recognition. Even though I've been blogging for such a short amount of time, I've already met some sweet (and hilarious) people.

So the rules for the Liebster are as follows:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • List 10 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate up to 11 bloggers with 200 followers or less and notify them that they've been nominated.
  • Ask the nominees 10 questions for them to answer on their own blog.

Facts about me:
I've never lived in a place for more than 3 1/2 years, except for Louisiana! I've lived here for the past 9 years. My dad was in the Air Force, and I moved around my whole life until I moved to Louisiana. It was a good place to settle down for high school and college, but now I'm ready to move. Preferably somewhere with a beach!

I can't go on roller coasters! Well, I guess I can, but I'll have a terrible headache afterwards. I used to go on roller coasters all the time when I was younger, but last year when I worked at a summer camp, we went to Hershey Park, and I went on five roller coasters within two hours and almost died. Plus it was hot. The combination did not suit me well.

I'm a hoarder-in-training. I literally keep the most random things. I have ticket stubs from the early 2000's. I keep room keys from all of the hotels I stay at. I keep every birthday/Christmas/just because card that anyone gives me. I just keep a lot of random things, and I have a lot of memory boxes that are filled to the brim.

I have a stuffed animal named Jorge, but I pronounce it George usually. He is a giraffe. Fun fact: giraffes are my favorite animal because they are something I'll never be - tall.
magnolia watercolor painting
I took a watercolor painting class for a couple months. I painted a magnolia, and it turned out kind of awesome if I do say so myself. I started painting a seashell, but I had to stop going to class because of my work schedule. It's such a hard craft, but I loved it.

I love picnics. I hate that Louisiana's weather in the summer is so humid and gross, but I love to eat outside when the weather is nicer and cooler. I also love to read outside whenever I get the chance.

I don't drink sodas (unless mixed with alcohol). Whenever I go to restaurants, I always order water. The server thinks it's because I'm cheap, but it's actually because I just like water. It's tasty and healthy.

My closet is color coordinated. I can feel your judgement. My dad was very organized, and he used to color coordinate his closet. It wasn't really on purpose. He just put shirts that were alike together and they just so happened to be the same color. Once I found out that his was color coordinated, I followed suit, and now I always color coordinate my closet. Mind you, this has been happening for about 10+ years now.

My favorite Disney movie is Lion King. Yeah, all of the Disney princesses are great, but I just loooove Lion King. Mulan and Aladdin are a close second and third. All Disney movies are pretty amazing though.

I love sushi. It's possibly my favorite food. Definitely top 5. It's different at every restaurant you go to. It's just really tasty, depending on what you get. I love me some sushi. Mm mm.

Questions from Krystal:

What is your biggest fear?
Getting Alzheimer's. I don't have anyone in my family that has had it or anything, (though my great-grandma Patsy started losing her memory and couldn't remember anyone, but I just think that came with age. She died at 106.) but I did visit the Alzheimer's unit at a nursing home. It was so sad. I just started crying, especially after I witnessed a Notebook moment. This man's wife had it, and he came and fed her every day for every meal, and she had no idea who he was. It broke my heart.

If you could have a private dinner with ANY 5 people, who would it be?
  1. Kristen Bell. I think this just goes back to my obsession with her, particularly in Veronica Mars. This will now be the third blog that mentions her. I guess I'm a super fan.
  2. Sarah Dessen. I know she's a young adult author, but I've been reading her books since middle school. I've loved every book that I've read by her, so much that I re-read them. I would love to pick her brain on advice to write a book of my own. She's brilliant in my book.
  3. The Harry Potter trio. I guess this is cheating because it's three people instead of one, but I don't care. Harry Potter is seriously my childhood. I remember when it first came out, I refused to be a fan. Then my sixth grade teacher gave me the first book to read, and I was hooked. Forever obsessed. I went to the midnight showings of the movies and I got my books at midnight at Barnes and Noble. I've read the books a million times, and I'm always watching the movies. I think it would just be amazing to meet the three people who played the main characters. My life would literally be made. 
  4. Ellen Degeneris. She's freaking brilliant and flipping hilarious. I love her more than words can say. I wish I lived in Cali just so I could go to one of her shows.
  5. THE CAST OF FRIENDS. Yes, I deemed it necessary to put that in all caps. I'm also aware that technically, I've named 12 people that I would want to have a private dinner with. Don't care. I have loved Friends for forever. I used to watch it with my dad when I was younger. I didn't really appreciate it until I got to college and I had time to watch TV, and I actually understood all the jokes. If I'm watching TV and FRIENDS is on, it's usually tuned to that, despite the fact that I own all ten seasons on DVD.
What is one thing you regret from your past and why?
I regret quitting gymnastics! Gymnastics was literally the only sport that I was seriously involved in. Okay, it was only for 2-3 years, and it was in elementary school, but I really wish I would've stuck with it. I don't think I would have gone to the Olympics or anything, but I would have loved to try cheerleading or maybe danceline or something. I tried to play soccer once, but I only lasted a week before I quit. Gymnastics is something that I could've done for a long time though. I was the only one in my class who could do a roundoff back hand spring. Impressive? Maybe not.

diy christmas halloween costume
What's your favorite holiday?
Christmas. By far. No question. It's not just the presents and the music (yes, I'm one of the five people in the world who actually enjoys Christmas music) and the food. It's more of the feeling I get around Christmas time. Everyone is just so happy. People love each other a little more. Christmas is the holiday where everyone is giving and most people become just a little selfless. I love shopping for Christmas gifts (even though it stresses me out big time). It's just the most wonderful time of the year.

What is your dream job?
I want to be an event planner! I think it would be so much fun. I planned a talent show when I was a junior in college, and it was an absolute blast! I think event planning would definitely put my organizational skills and perfectionist tendencies to work.

If you could date one celebrity, who would it be?
Zac Efron. No question. He is just an attractive human being. I've only read positive things about him. Apparently he loves his fans, and he's so humble. He's so grateful for everything he has. I know all of this because we're dating (in my head). But seriously, I've had a crush on him for so long that I would probably faint just being in the same room with him.

What is one bad habit you wish you could change?
I wish that I was motivated to exercise more. I was doing really well for a few months at the beginning of the year. I had a work-out schedule. I joined a gym. I had a few apps that I used to work-out with. Then I just stopped. I'm doing a Run or Dye 5k in Septemeber, so I really need to step up my game and get to working out again.

Chocolate or vanilla?
This is a loaded question. I love chocolate candy, especially Hershey's Cookies and Creme (and yea, I know it's white chocolate, but it's delicious). I hate dark chocolate though. Meh. Other than that, I don't really like much chocolate. I don't like chocolate cake or chocolate ice-cream. I do like vanilla ice-cream with chocolate in it though. And I do like chocolate-chip cookies, yum. I guess overall, chocolate would be the winner.

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Crawfish. I can't even describe how much I love crawfish. I hate that crawfish season only lasts a few months out of the year because I crave it year-round. I could definitely eat crawfish for the rest of my life and be happy forever.

What is one thing your readers may not know about you?
 My first job was a grocery bagger. I worked at a grocery store called Publix when I was 15. It was down the road from my middle school, so I just walked to work after school. I stood at the end of the registers and bagged people's groceries for them then pushed their carts to their cars and helped them unload their groceries. Men used to laugh at me like "Why do I need this little girl to help me with my groceries?" Ain't that the truth.

Questions for my nominees:
  1. What is your favorite Disney movie?
  2. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
  3. Tell me about your first best friend.
  4. What is your favorite candy?
  5. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
  6. Who is your celeb crush?
  7. What is your favorite animal and why?
  8. What is your favorite game? Board, card, video, etc.
  9. How did you choose the name of your blog?
  10. Why did you start your blog?
And I'm nominating...
{{Just a note...I went by the number of Bloglovin' followers. Not GFC. That's all.}}

Rebekkah @ {{Reba-K Writes}}
Rita Marie @ {{Champagne-n-Pizza}}
Ginny @ {{Buttergirl Diaries}}
Jenni @ {{Flying On A Rainbow}}

-- tiffanykhyla.


  1. Reading through your facts I was thinking, are you me?!?! Obviously not all of it, but we have a LOT in common. I am so addicted to Friends, even though I can join in pretty much all the dialogue nowadays I still watch it all the time.

    Thank you so much for nominating me! I can't wait to get started on answering your questions :)

    1. Friends is the best show ever! Sometimes I just think about Friends quotes and laugh by myself haha. Can't wait to learn more about you and see all the things we have in common!

  2. Thanks for nominating me!!! So super sweet!

  3. I'd choose Ryan Gosling to dine forever!

  4. Woah , I can clearly remember my hard + determined high crush was Zac Efron & he still looks even handsome than ever before *sigh* .
    Gym { insert a big LOL} I am away!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Haha he is so attractive. Love me some Zac.


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