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my trip to Philly.

day trip to philadelphia, pennsylvania
Philadelphia is such a historical city. My boyfriend would have had a field day if he were visiting with me. I took a day trip to Philadelphia with a few fellow camp counselors during one of our days off. I wish we could have spent more than a few hours there, but we still had a lot of fun and got to see a lot of the city. Enjoy the photo tour! I'm such a tourist.

liberty bell
Liberty Bell!
independence hall in philadelphia, pennsylvania
Independence Hall


daniel webster and theodore roosevelt quotes
franklin square in philadelphia

franklin square in philadelphia
Fellow camp counselors, Laura and Kelsey

Benjamin Franklin's grave
independence hall tour
Independence Hall tour

barry at independence hall
Our new BFF, Barry

monopoly pieces in philadelphia
Giant Monopoly iron

love park in philadelphia
Love Park

love park in philadelphia
At Love Park with Brooke, Laura, & Kelsey

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I also got my palm read because it was on my bucket list. She said...
I am loved by my friends and family.
I will travel a lot. 
I will be successful at my job.
She said that i would end up in the medical field, but I don't think that's true.
I am a pushover and will do anything for anyone.
I will live for a long time.
I am in love and with my soul mate.

So apparently I have a lot of good stuff coming my way. I also ate a Philly cheese steak. 
It was pretty delicious. 

-- tiffanykhyla.


  1. This trip looks like a lot of fun to me :) hope you had a blast!

    Love, The mind of an exchange

    1. I had an excellent time! I wish I could go back and spend more time there.


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