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embarrassing things that i do regularly.


I live an embarrassing lifestyle. I try to keep the embarrassment on the down low, but sometimes it escapes, and I just can't help it. I figure if I share a few of my embarrassing quips, maybe I'll find fellow bloggers who do the same things, and I won't feel so bad. Yeah?

I call work just to hear my voicemail.
In my defense, I just got a promotion. I recorded my voicemail, and I just think it's awesome how I have an official title. Plus, I sound super professional. So professional, in fact, that I just want to hear my voicemail. There has been a total of one other person in the world (two if you count my boyfriend) who have heard my voicemail. I just feel like it needs some recognition, ya know?

I think something in my head then respond to myself out loud.
I can't be the only person in the world who does this. Sometimes, I mean to just argue with myself in my head, and then words come spewing out of my mouth unintentionally. I can't help it. Word vomit, people. Word vomit. Cady Heron knows.

I do jazz squares in full-length mirrors.
It started out as simple dance moves, but now it's elevated itself to a constant jazz square. I do the hands and everything. I don't know where this habit developed from, but if I'm by myself and there's a full-length mirror in my vicinity, you best believe I'll be doing some jazz squares. In the famous words of Ryan Evans, "everybody loves a good jazz square."

I jam to "Nothing in This World" by Paris Hilton.
Say what you want about the girl, but that's a good song. At least I think so. When that song comes on in the car, I turn up the volume, and sing, no belt, the lyrics. I love this song. I don't know why. I can't help it. I just do.

I give performances in the car.
As mentioned above, I love to jam to Paris Hilton in the car. Unfortunately, this also extends to several other songs as well. You know those people that you see while you're driving that are just jamming out to whatever they're listening to? I'm that person times ten. My arms, hands, shoulders, hips, etc. get involved when "my song" (which is all songs) comes on. It gets worse when the song is playing from my phone or my ancient iPod since I most likely know all the words and can jam a little harder. I was hardcore singing and dancing to this earlier. Then I got depressed because I can't sing; therefore, I will never be able to join an a capella group. Sad.

-- tiffanykhyla.


  1. haha i love this a lot!! i dance in a lot of mirrors myself!

    1. Dancing in mirrors is the best. It's where I show all my best moves.

  2. A good jazz square never goes unrecognized! :)

  3. I respond to myself out loud too, but since my dog is there, that makes it legit. I'm talking to her... clearly...

    1. Haha that's so legit. No crazy people here.


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