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weekend shanani's.

weekend shenanigans

I think the hardest part of being in a long distance relationship is not knowing when you're going to see the other person again. Even though my boyfriend only lives an hour away from me, we're still only able to see each other about once a month. It sucks.

Jon came and visited me this weekend, and it was amazing. I think the thing I love most about our relationship is that we can have fun doing anything. Some days, we're up for whatever and other days, we just like to be lazy. This weekend, we did a little of both.

  1. Jon needed to get some new boots (his current ones had some wear and tear), so we went to Cavender's to find him a pair. I made him take a selfie with me while we were waiting for the saleslady to find the shoes he liked in his size.
  2. We took a trip to the Wal-Mart to get a few things. I'm a collector of movies, so I always raid the $5 bin shamelessly. I bought 8 (technically 9 movies). I'm wreckless.
  3. Jon used to work at a greenhouse and he got me this plant (I forget the name) ages ago. I had it inside for the longest time, and I decided to move it outside because no flowers were blooming. This was the first flower that bloomed, and it fell off. Jon helped me move the plant to a different pot.
  4. We had to go pick my step-dad up for the airport. He travels a lot for work. His flight was a few minutes delayed. This was Jon's reaction to me wanting to take pictures while we wait.
  5. Glow bowling. This is always fun. We played three games, and I won all three (I was shocked, really). I scored over 90 each time, but never broke 100. Shame. In Jon's defense, we also played air hockey and pool, and he won both. 
  6. Jon and I have been dying to see this movie. We're children. Epic definitely lived up to its name. It was freaking awesome. Not gonna lie. In our defense, we went to an exhibit about a month ago that was all about the movie. They even made a real-life replica of the dad's office. It was pretty neat. 

We also ate lunch at this Vietnamese Asian fusion restaurant called Lemongrass (absolutely delicious), went to the Gallery Fine Arts Center (we love galleries and museums), and went to Books-A-Million (we're both bookworms, and we're suckers for sales. They were having a buy 2 get 3rd free thing, and he bought 2 and let me pick one out for free. Isn't he the sweetest?). That was just Saturday. 

Sunday was full of laziness. We watched two movies, Oz the Great and Powerful (he had seen it, but I hadn't. He hated it. I loved it. Typical.) and Change-Up (one of my new purchases. I had seen it before, but he hadn't. Hilarious). We only left the house to eat lunch at Pie Works off of Pierremont. They have the best breadsticks. Tasty. The pizza is pretty good, depending on what you get, but it's not my favorite pizza in the area. They also don't have very good service there, and for me, horrible service can ruin a meal.

I'd say the weekend was a success. How was yours?

-- tiffanykhyla

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  1. I really wanna catch up glow bowling , a bit hard though but I'm a FAAAAAAN !
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Your boyfriend is a hottie! Glad you guys had a fun weekend:) I wanna glow bowl now...with bumpers that is!

    1. I know, right?! He's a cutie. I wish I would've gone bowling with the bumpers. My score would've been so much better.

  3. glad you had a nice weekend with your boo!!! I too love movie bargain bins.

    1. It was a blast! I don't think I'd have as many movies as I do if it weren't for the bargain bin!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend, and looks like you two managed to do a lot of fun things! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

    1. Oh yeah. It was a blast! We love doing nerdy things like bowling and watching kid movies haha.


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