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7 must have college experiences

College has been the most exciting part of my life thus far (I feel like this is okay since I'm only 23). Everyone's college experience is different (which I think is one of the most amazing things. Sharing stories of crazy college nights. Sigh.). When I think of college, I don't think about academics, I think of the wonderful people I met, the spontaneous trips, and even some embarrassing moments. 

1. Pull an all-nighter
Usually when people think about all-nighters, they think about studying all night. Though I did that a time or two during finals week and mid-terms, some of my all-nighters were spent just having fun with friends. Whether it was just after a concert or a party and we just wanted to drink all night or just playing board games and watching movies all night, most of the best memories came from the nights with the least amount of sleep. 
snow day//Hunger Games midnight premiere

2. Take a roadtrip
Roadtrips were one of my favorite parts of college. My school was in a college town, so there was literally nothing to do there. If you wanted to have fun, you drove either half an hour one way to Monroe or an hour the opposite way to Shreveport. My friends and I did this regularly, and sometimes even drove to more fun places further away, like Dallas or Natchitoches (for the Festival of Lights). Roadtrips are fun even if you're not in college, so of course college roadtrips are da best. 
Tyler's birthday surprise//Mississippi for Jason Mraz concert//Red River Revel
Gulf Shores for spring break//Natchitoches//Dallas (GIRAFFES!)

3. Get involved
My most precious college memories are from being an orientation leader during the summer before my junior year. I was also involved in an organization called Union Board, and I even got to put on the talent show. It's so easy to get involved on campus because there really is a club for everyone. A lot of people like to join a sorority or fraternity. Not matter what you're interested, just get involved! It's an easy way to make some friends.
Orientation Student Leaders 2010!
when I found out I'm scared of heights//matching backpacks//tired after the show
dipping our feet in the fountain//official OSL pic//John Mayer concert in Austin
dancing in "Presents"//our first picture together//"If I weren't a Tech student..."

Union Board!
spring fling event//Vegas event
big sib/little sib reveal//union board wedding

4. Live in a dorm
Most people opt out of living in a dorm and either live in an on-campus apartment or jump to living off campus. I lived in a dorm my first two years of college, and I had a blast. There are special dorm events to participate in, and this is an easy way to meet people. I also got to know a lot of people on my floor. Not to mention, I didn't know my roommate prior to moving in. I got really lucky. My roommate was amazing, and we decided to live together for two years in the dorms. Living in the dorms was a lot of fun, and then I moved into an on-campus apartment with two (eventually three) of my close friends, and it was a blast. I'm a big fan of on-campus living. 

my college roommate and friend

5. Go to football games
And dress up for them! Football games are so fun, especially when you understand what's going on (for those of you who don't, learn a little bit). I loved dressing up in my Tech gear. Paint your body, put stickers on your face, tailgate! It's always a blast. 
Independence Bowl//yea we made those tutus

6. Go to a frat party (or five)
This is obviously one of the most typical college experiences. They aren't as crazy as they make them out to be on TV, but they're still a lot of fun. My favorite part about frat parties are the themes! You always have something fun to wear - a white shirt for graffiti party; red, white, and blue for a 'Merica party, bright colors for an 80's party, or a Halloween costume for the holiday. I always had a blast dressing up and coordinating with my girls. 
Halloween//80's party
America party (we each dressed up as a different city)//Spice Girls for Halloween

7. Make lifelong friends
Self. Explanatory.
my college family (and Mrs. Vivian, our favorite IHOP waitress)

College (and your early twenties) are the funnest part of your life. People are always talking about how much they miss college. You know, statistics say that if people could return to one part of their life, they would return to their early twenties - the college years! So make some friends, drink some punch, and be spontaneous!


  1. Love this post! Definitely so true!


  2. Everything you said is so very true! Also, I'm from Louisiana but living in Michigan at the moment. My husband and I both graduated from UL Lafayette and can't wait til his work moves us back to LA. It's nice to find another Louisiana blogger! Visiting from the Showing Some Love Hump Day link up!

    1. That's so awesome! I haven't been able to find any Louisiana bloggers yet. I went to LA Tech (as displayed from my pics above haha) but I had a few people from my high school that went to ULL! Small world!

  3. So im annoying and refuse to pull alnighters but everything else I'm down with! Everything else I've got covered!!!! You are a rockstar

  4. Ahh! So true. I'm supposed to be taking a roadtrip cross-country this year. So much fun!!

    1. Oh my gosh! I'm so jealous. That sounds amazing! I've always wanted to do that.

  5. This is such a great post, that's all I can say :)


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