Endless Bliss | Happy Lifestyle Blog: i ran my first 5k.

i ran my first 5k.

Okay, the title is a little misleading. I didn't actually run. I walked for most of it, and had to spurs of jogging, but still, I finished my first 5k, and I think that's a feat in and of itself.

My friend, Claire, and I did the Run or Dye 5k, and I guess we chose the latter, because by the ending of it, we were dying. Covered in color and hot as crap (thanks, Louisiana), we ran walked over 3 miles in downtown Shreveport. It was fun and awful at the same time. I probably should have trained for it or something. We weren't the only ones walking though. There were some people who even had to sit down on the sidelines because they couldn't keep going. We weren't one of those people, so we felt pretty good about ourselves.

 photo 5e2f8dfc-0583-42c2-b46f-db7f59c641ce_zps6b24a44d.jpg

 photo 0cdf8f4d-e5a5-401a-a9aa-07b4ec93ff9f_zps36cdde76.jpg

 photo 7689de4a-2352-4e1e-bf3c-613ea3f65024_zpsbcecf799.jpg

 photo IMG_2663_zpsa3b15a5e.jpg

 photo 886dcf99-9d45-4d79-991d-e1565b3b649f_zps9706e035.jpg

 photo 61976d1c-5513-41ef-b0e8-db518337c3a9_zpsbc8666a6.jpg

We had our post marathon 5k meal at Chick-Fil-A. Luckily, we weren't the only ones who had this idea. There was a lady that asked to take a picture with Claire and me for their Facebook page though, so if you spot us randomly in cyber space, let us know. I was starving, so this is what I ate.

 photo 9416c44c-5e36-4d1e-b286-3e83617a38f4_zpsf6d32c8d.jpg

Don't judge me.

The rest of the day was spent with Jon, who drove an hour to come support me at the run (aww). After I showered and got all most of the color off of me, we took a nap. Yeah, we were both exhausted. Then we went to dinner at Smashburger with my sister, went to look at some apartments (exterior/location. I'm finally trying to move out, y'all), and watched The Avengers (forgot how much I loved that movie).

Have you ever ran (or walked) a 5k?

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  1. MMMM Chick fil a! oh, and whenever I do 5K's (which isn't all that often, letsbehonest, I always walk/run them :)

  2. I have never done a 5k but I really want to just because those color runs look like so much fun! I have no interest in actually running. Walking a 5k sounds perfect to me!

  3. Well done! I run my first 5k a couple of years ago and boy, did I feel it!x

  4. OOH! We're doing the Run or Dye color run in November over here. I'm attempting to get in shape to run it, but most likely I will walk the whole thing. But hey! It's still fitness!! I'm glad you had fun!!

  5. Great photos Tiffany,I want to join marathon too.
    Have a good week ahead of us.


  6. thats a seriously awesome 5 experience! lol Ive done 5ks without training before, but with a color run its more the experience that matters, not your time! I love how you have your bucket list with different posts as you complete. verry cool!

  7. I was definitely doing it for the experience and not the time. One day, I would like to do it for the time though. It was a blast!


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