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you really love me?

Y'all, I really love my blog friends. They're way too sweet to me. It seriously makes my day when I wake up to emails from my new blog "pen"pals or to comments on blog posts. It makes me even more happy when someone likes me and my blog enough to nominate me for an award. Sarah from Sweet Happenings nominated me for a Sunshine Award, which I think is so sweet because there's nothing bad about sunshine, right? And my dear friend, Raewyn from Warrior Queen, nominated me for a Liebster Award. Now I know y'all probably think that's obnoxious because I've already posted about my first three {1,2&3} nominations, but I don't care, because I love it, and I love Raewyn. You should definitely go check out Sarah and Raewyn's blogs!

The idea of the award is to nominate 10 bloggers whose posts brighten your day.

The Rules
1. Include the award logo in your post.
2. Link to the person who nominated you {click on the link to Sarah's blog above!}
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award. Link the nominees to your post and notify them!

Sarah's Questions

What's one city you visited that you DIDN'T like and why?
Honestly, I can't think of one. There's good and bad and all of the cities I've lived in.

What's your favourite clothing store?
Forever 21 no doubt. I never walk out of there empty handed, and they have the best sales!


If I gave you $500.00 right now, what would you go buy?
It would go straight into my trip for Europe. I wouldn't spend it on anything else.

What's the population of the city you currently live in?
I live in Shreveport, Louisiana now, and the population is 200,975. I just moved out of Bossier though and their population is 62,745.

What's your favourite scent?
The smell of fall and Christmas. I love cinnamon and spices and pumpkin pies and cookies. I just love it.

Would you prefer to live in the city or suburbs?
The city, most definitely. The only thing I don't like is the traffic, but I love having a bunch of people around and always having something to do. I really want to move into a bigger city when I get the opportunity.

Are you a morning person or night owl?
Night owl for sure. I'm not a happy camper in the morning.

What was your favourite childhood show that you can remember?
Oh my goodness, so many! I loved everything on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Rugrats, The Jetsons, Rocko's Modern Life, everything Mary-Kate and Ashley (of course) and so many more.

Do you prefer swimming or skiing?
I've never tried skiing, but I really want to! And I'm an awful swimmer. I stay in the shallow end.

How long have you been blogging for? 
I wrote my first post in January, but I just started seriously blogging in June, and I love the experience so far!

Raewyn's Questions

Are you an Apple or Android user? (PC or Mac? lol)
I have an iPhone, but I'm definitely PC all the way. Old habits die hard.

What is your dream concert?
*NSYNC! OMG I would die.

If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be?
I have a tattoo! It's of a fairy sitting on a peace sign and it's multi-colored. I got it when I turned 18. I really want to get some more. A few smaller ones.

What type of car do you drive vs. your dream car?
I have a blue 2012 Toyota Corolla, and I love it! I don't actually have a dream car, other than the flying mobile they have in The Jetsons. That would be pretty rad {did I just say rad?}

Why did you start this particular blog (In case you've had other blogs)
This is actually my second blog, most people don't know that. I started one way back during sophomore year of college after I got on OSL. I didn't share it with anyone and I didn't venture out into the blog world. I pretty much just erased everything after and just shut it down. I started this blog just because I love to write, and I really wanted a way to practice more. I've gotten so much more out of this experience than I could have ever expected. 

What is the biggest thing you're looking forward to in 2013?
I've already had a good 2013. I'm really excited to meet Sarah Dessen and Rob Thomas at the Austin Teen Book Festival tomorrow. I'm excited to do some more event planning at my job. I think the last three months of the year are going to be pretty awesome.

How have you changed in the past year?
I've become a lot happier. I mean, the year has had its ups and downs, but after a few things fell into place, everything just seemed to start going right. I'm definitely a lot happier now than I was at this time last year.

Do you have any "tried and true" blogging methods?
Honestly, I'm still a newbie blogger, so I'm still taking advice from the bigger blogs out there.

Who is your blog role model?
I'd say Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars, Kaitlyn from Wifessionals, and Jenni from Story of my Life. I love the look of all of their blogs, and I almost feel like I know them because of how they word everything in their blogs. I've gotten so many amazing blogging tips from all of them too. 

What's your favorite way of communication? (social media, in person, phone, text, etc)
Texting and twitter! Follow me

What's your dream job?
Being an event planner! I'm so lucky that I have a job where I get to dip my feet in the industry. I really love everything about event planning. Even the stressful part usually leads to an amazing outcome. 

Thanks Sarah and Raewyn for nominating me! Y'all are both just too sweet. 

In just a few short hours, I'll be on my way to Austin for ATBF. Catch ya l8r, g8rs. 

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  1. Ah! I love these answers. You always get the most diverse questions!

    I was suuper obsessed with Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon too!

  2. Rugrats was amazing haha! Thanks for doing this. So fun! :)


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