Endless Bliss | Happy Lifestyle Blog: labor day weekend.

labor day weekend.

While some people were BBQing or visiting with family to celebrate the three-day weekend, I was in bed or on the couch most of the time, just how I wanted it.

Oh hey Gossip Girl. I'm on season 5 now. Soon my mentioning of GG will cease. I really do enjoy my GG nights in bed just cuddling with my stuffed animals. (Am I pathetic? Just a little?) While I was lying in bed, I

I started my day by PAYING FOR MY TRIP TO EUROPE WITH MY SISTER! I'm so freaking excited (hence the all caps). My sister and I are officially traveling to Europe on June 22,2014, the day after she turns 18. Happy graduation to her. Yay Europe for me. We're taking this trip to London, Paris, and Rome. I'm already counting down the days (292 FYI). The deposit is paid and the confirmation email has been received. I just can't wait. OMG! AHH!

After paying for Europe, I took my sister to get a haircut. While that was happening, I went to the library (because I'm a nerd) and got four books. Then I got a text from my friend, Mandy, who said that she was coming to town! My sister and I drove the Boardwalk (where she was headed), and waited on her at Orange Leaf with the company of some froyo. It was perfect in the Louisiana humidity.
Whoever came up with the dividers for froyo cups, is brilliant! I indulged in some strawberry, cheesecake, wedding cake, and birthday cake ice-cream. Wedding cake was my favorite. Delish. I'm obsessed with marshmallows right now.

I only got to see Mandy for a few minutes. Her and her sister were shopping for a dress and a pant suit because her sister just got voted onto homecoming court at her high school.

After going home and watching college football for a little bit with my sister and step-dad, my sister and I went to dinner at The Real Pickle. It's this really cute sandwich place in Shreveport with names with sandwiches like "I Bird It Through the Grapevine," "Once, Twice, Three Times A Gravy," "Wiener Takes It All," and "Twist and Kraut." I ordered a "The Chicks in the Mail," which was a chicken salad with bacon, lettuce, and tomato on sour dough bread. It was delicious. We also ordered some chicken and waffle bites for an appetizer, and they were to die for.

The last stop was to a local coffee shop called Rhino Coffee. My sister and I both ordered an Iced Lightening. The barista let us try a sample (I said I wanted something cold and sweet). It was so good. I'm a huge fan of local coffee shops. I don't think Starbucks puts enough love into their drinks, plus it's not consistent everywhere you go. I went to Dallas and ordered a hot chocolate, and it was so gross. I mean, how can you mess up a hot chocolate.

 photo c6561b16-997c-432a-98bd-63e5fd88e9df_zps0b78e599.jpg

Why is that straw so big though?

I had a lazy Sunday watching more GG (surprise surprise), chatting with my sister, blog stalking, reading (I just started What Happened To Goodbye? by Sarah Dessen), and writing.

Today, I'm going to my friend's friend's mom's house to go swimming and eat. I've been wanting to jump in a pool. Mhm. Happy Labor Day!
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  1. WHY ARE WE TWINS. I'm obsessed with GG right now and watch probably an hour or two a day... I love it. Almost on Season 3. What are you planning on watching next?

  2. I have never seen those froyo dividers before! That's absolute genius. And that Europe trip sounds amazing and so much fun to go with your sister! I'm seriously jealous I am sure you will have a blast.

  3. Hi !! Im new in grab a friend... :)
    Im now following u on bloglovin, facebook, twitter, gfc and pinterest... :)
    I think you had a great weekend!!! I love gossip girl.... u might notice that if you check the before novelstyle section in my blog....and scroll all the way to the bottom. Oopsies! Took me a few hours to get those :D haha
    Hope we can stay in touch :)


  4. froyo! yes! you are so lucky, the nearest froyo place to me is like an hour away :( I am totally with you on the local coffee shops over Starbucks! I've only been to Starbucks a few times, and the strawberry frappe I got on my two most recent trips was so disgusting because it didn't even taste like real strawberries... your Europe trip looks fabulous!


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