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college roommates.

I'm interpreting The Thankful Project in my own way today. Today's prompt is "words." The word I chose is roommate, and I want to share with you some of my favorite people in the world.

I honestly feel bad for the people who choose to stay home while attending college. There's just something about moving to a new place for college, away from your family and away from the similarities of your every day life. Unlike most people, I wasn't scared to move away. I've moved so many times in my life, so I felt like that was just a preparation for me to finally be living independently from my family for school.

I really lucked out with my first roommate. We were strangers before we moved in together and ended up living together for two years, which was a blast. During my junior year, I moved into an apartment with my friend, Anamaria, and two strangers. Anamaria and I were wonderful as roommates.

We were cuddling before we even lived together.

Then during December of my junior year, one of our roommates moved out, and our friend, Mandy, moved in.

During senior year, our friend's little sister, Analeigh, came to Tech as a freshman, and she moved in, which led to us having the best (and most diverse) roommate foursome ever!

There are so many things I miss about living with the four of them, like...

...walking across the street to get fro-yo.

...getting ready for parties together, particularly ones that had themes.

Graffiti party!

...carpooling to Wal-Mart.

...doing things together that other friends wouldn't think of as fun, such as having a murder mystery party.

Drag queen, lap dancer, senile mother, hippie cousin

...eating lunch together on campus even though we saw each other every day.

...opening each other's Christmas presents together in our pajamas before we opened any of our other friends' presents.

...walking to class together.

...cooking meals together.

Making sushi!

Making king cake for Mardi Gras!

...brainstorming Christmas present ideas together.

...going tailgating and to home football games together.

...having game nights filled with board games and Skip-Bo.

...taking road trips to places that had cooler things to do than our little college town.

Gulf Shores! Technically before Analeigh officially became our roommate, but still one of the best vacas ever!

Natchitoches to see the Christmas lights

...crafting together.

...decorating the apartment, both in general and for holidays.

Look at all those gifts and that expertly decorated Christmas tree.

...stealing music from each other.

...movie marathons.

...throwing surprise parties.

...piling in one bed to watch TV shows together.

...writing parodies and making music videos.

...not having to walk far when you need someone to talk to.

Blurry, but I still love this pic.

I love these three girls so much, and I'm counting down the days till I get to see them again (which is in less than 3 weeks)!
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  1. I feel the exact same way about my college roommates. They are amazing, and I will certainly miss them next year when they aren't here!

  2. Don't forget our amazing morning of birthday surprises. Those were always fun. Love you, Tiffy K! :)

  3. Great blog!!! Inspiring to see such great friends!

  4. This is so precious! You are so blessed to have good roommate experiences :)

  5. Oh girl, I've neevr lived with room mates! This looks so much fun! Y'all crazy ladies!

  6. this is so sweet! my college roomies are still some of my very best friends, make sure you stay close with them :)

  7. Love this! My college roommates are some of my best friends.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  8. Same here! I'm already planning for them to be bridesmaids!


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