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go go gryffindor.

Prepare yourself for a super nerdy blog post, that I'm actually really excited to write about. 
I don't think I'll ever get over my love for Harry Potter. I fully intend to introduce my kids to HP when they're younger and cross my fingers that they love the wizarding world as much as I did, and still do. When I think of HP, I don't just think of how amazing the movies and books were; it brings me back to a time in my childhood when I thought anything was possible. I used to go to the midnight book releases and midnight movie premieres with my friends who loved HP just as much as I did. HP and I were the same-ish age while the books were coming out, and I think that's why this book had such an empowering impact on my generation. There hasn't been another generation that has had a series of books impact society in the way that HP did. I grew up with HP, and I will never not be excited about all things HP.
That being said, I joined Pottermore awhile back. I know. I know. Judge me. I didn't stick with it very long because I didn't get it. I only signed into it twice, and I haven't touched my account since then. My favorite part, of course, was getting sorted into a house. I was 100% convinced that I was going to be  Hufflepuff. Not only is the name, Hufflepuff, freaking adorable, I thought that I had a lot of traits that the Hufflepuff-ians possess.
A few of my favorite characters were Hufflepuffs: Mrs. Sport, Tonks, and of course Cedric Diggory (ooh la la). 
Oddly enough, I got sorted into Gryffindor. I was so shocked, a little mad even. I did not think that I was a Gryffindor at all. I was nothing like Harry or Ron. Okay, yea, I know it's weird. Most people would have been ecstatic to be in the same house as the main characters, but I was just a little weirded out. I never considered myself as brave, which is the main characteristic of people in the Gryffindor House. Then I read up a little more on their other characteristics.

I think I can down with that. When I really thought about it, I realized that there are so many ways to interpret bravery. It's not just being able to walk by yourself in the dark without looking over your shoulder or being able to fight if you had to; it's about being passionate about whatever it is you're passionate about and being able to stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

Being a Gryffindor is about truly standing for your beliefs, having high moral standards, and having the desire to do what's right. I also read that Gryffindors are really emotional, and I've got that trait down pact. They also speak before thinking about what they're about to say. I do that all the time. Weird. Gryffindors also live in the moment. I do that to an extent, but I also try to plan for the future. I'm not very good at it though. Gryffindors are adventurous (yeaaaa) and really value friendships (for sure) and their average typology is ESFJ

So after reading more into it, I definitely understand why Pottermore put me in the Gryffindor house. I have so many characteristics of Gryffindorians, and I'm definitely trying to embrace my inner lion. Plus, I love Hermione, and she was a Gryffindor, so I can't go wrong, right?

When I was reading all this stuff about Gryffindors, it was like reading traits of my astrological sign. I was like "That's so me!"

I got all my nerdy/awesome HP info from here, here, and here.
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  1. I'm a Gryffindor on Pottermore too! I only go on to go through the chapters because it's so cool learning some of the 'inside' things!

    I'm a HUGE fan so I definitely understand where you're coming from ;) Whenever I find someone that does not like Harry Potter..let's just say I won't be on the friendliest terms with them ;)

    My kids will definitely be reading and watching HP! The whole storyline is beautiful, the characters are pure genius...I'll never stop loving it no matter how old I get!

    Yea...I can go on and on..High 5 to being HP fans (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  2. I love it! I wanted to join pottermore but then I had to wait for space and then forgot. Maybe I will do it now? I love HP for the same reasons as you. I think the books really taught us something as youth that few boosks do nowadays.

  3. You have NO IDEA how happy this post made me! And sad. (#postpotterdepression). I ADORE Harry Potter. (Like, I've been to two HP Conventions and have 3 HP Tattoos kind of adore). I joined Pottermore when it first came out and they had that online scavenger hunt for the golden feather to be one of the firsts to get a name for the Beta site. I was a Hufflepuff at the time too, actually! But when I found out Pottermore was coming out, I dropped all my alliances and loyalties because I didn't want to be heartbroken and have an identity crisis if I didn't get Hufflepuff. I ended up in Ravenclaw and am as happy as a clam about it.

    P.S. Have you ever read the Hogwarts house astrology thing? it's awesome.

  4. OMG! You are so committed! HP convention?! I need to go to one of those! Sounds like a blast! I have never read the Hogwarts house astrology and never heard of it. What is it? I must know!

  5. ErinMarie SandersonNovember 26, 2013 at 5:40 PM

    ahh i love this! i signed up a while ago and completely forgot about pottermore! i'm a ravenclaw (where my nerds at?) and proud! i recently got to go to the harry potter studio tour and it was amazing. seriously, a HP nerd's dream!

  6. Yay for being a Hufflepuff! Yea, when I thought about it more, I definitely understood why I was put in Gryffindor, and now I'm just embracing it! I haven't been on the site in awhile either, but I still get the emails for when they add new stuff to it.

  7. Yeah! They're awesome! They sell a bunch of stuff in the vendor rooms at cons and have wizard rock concerts. The two that I went to were at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter too so we got a "Night of A Thousand Wizards" thing where we got to roam the park at night. And it's just this fun thing I found online! If you google "Hogwarts Astrology" It should be the first link. :)

  8. I was having trouble figuring out exactly what I need to do on the website. Maybe I just need to give it another chance. Harry Potter is really just the best thing that's ever been written. It's like a movement almost, not just a story. Yay to being Harry Potter lovers!

  9. Harry Potter was such a huge part of my childhood and a big influence on me. I just love it so much, and I just want to spread the Harry Potter love!

  10. I was so shocked when I was put into Gryffindor, but after reading up on it, I can totally see why! Hermione is my absolute favorite character. Can't even describe how much I love her.

  11. I have a very similar post in my drafts - only I was sorted into Hufflepuff which I didn't expect, I'd expected Ravenclaw! Yay for Gryffindor though, if you're like Hermione you must be AWESOME!

  12. I LOVE Harry Potter! Ugh, to this day I still follow the cast and have HP marathons. I signed up for Pottermore during the beta session and surprisingly I got sorted into Hufflepuff. That caught me a bit off guard but I realized... I fall under Hufflepuff more than other other houses. I guess I sort of hoped to by in Gryffindor because the Trio but I'm a happy Hufflepuff-er. I haven't been on Pottermore since, though I've heard they fixed it up big time since the beta months.


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