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i've got sunshine.

So a million years ago a few weeks ago, Noor,nominated for a Sunshine Award! I was super happy because 1) sunshine - duh! and 2) this was the second time that I've been nominated! So so sweet. The Sunshine Award is basically an award that goes to bloggers whose posts brighten your day! So of course I was thrilled to be nominated by Noor, because 1) she's awesome and 2) she's hilarious! Seriously. Go check out her blog now (or after you read this. Whatev). 

I was also nominated by Alma at A Conquered Mess a couple weeks ago. How sweet, right? And so is she. And so is her blog, so go check it out nowww!

Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
Share 11 random facts about yourself.
Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
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1. I love reading. Though if you've read my blog before, I'm sure you already know this. I don't have enough bookshelf space for all of my books! Really, it's out of hand.

2. If I could travel to anywhere in the world, it would be Australia. I'm just fascinated by the country/continent, and have been wanting to go there for years.

3. My favorite person in the world is my little sister. There are just some things about me that only she understands. We have a lot of fun/funny memories. There's no bond like a sister bond.

4. The 3 comedy movies that I could watch over and over for the rest of my life and still laugh are Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect, and Bridesmaids.

5. I really love eating pizza Lunchables.


6. If it was socially acceptable to wear tutus every day, I would. 

7. Throughout my day, I think of quotes from FRIENDS and just laugh to myself, because that show is freaking hilarious.

8. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Everyone is just so happy and generous around Christmastime. I wish the world was like that all the time!

9. I watch too much TV in the fall because that's when all the good shows are on. Currently watching How I Met Your Mother, The Blacklist, Glee, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Grimm, Once Upon a Time, and Revenge. I had to stop watching The Voice because my TV-watching was really getting out of hand. I'm also watching shows on Netflix. Sigh.

10. I write down something I do every day on an index card, fashioned after this Pinterest idea. I started doing it last year in 2012.

11. I would paint a lot more if cleaning up afterward wasn't such a task.

1.The last movie you watched? Give an expert review.
The last movie I watched was Drop Dead Gorgeous. I had never seen it before, but my office-mate insisted that I would love it. Of course, he was right. It was basically a fake documentary about a high school pageant. A lot of famous people were in it - Kirstie Alley, Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Brittany Murphy, etc. I can't believe I had never heard of it was for. A lot of random, unexpected stuff happens, and it was just full of hilarity.


2.Have you got any silly joke you would never share in public?
Simba was walking too slow, so I told him Mufasa.

3.What's your weirdest high school memory?
I can't think of a weird one, but I can think of an awesome one! I got to be part of the High School Musical play, and it was awesome! I had never been onstage before. I was only an extra, but I still was onstage a lot because of the intricate dance numbers and such. I was a jock, and I had a blast.

4.If a Pinterest DIY could become reality without any fail , what would you make?
Why was this the hardest question ever? There are so many things! Right now I'm feeling this giant beanbag, because that would be the coolest thing ever. 

5.In your dream house , how the bed room looks?
I always wanted one of those beds that was in the ground. I don't know why, but I thought that would be cool with a lot of pillows.

6.How did you get into blogging?
My friend, Tyler, actually started blogging, and then my boyfriend, Jon, did too, so I thought it would be fun. I really didn't know anything about blog world, and now that I'm a part of it, I'm hooked!

7.Any advice you want to give some new bloggers?
Don't be a no-reply blogger!

8.If you could make a wish right now , what would it be?
I would wish that I had enough money to travel the world!

9.Complete the sentence : If dinosaurs were real , I'd ____________
...be scared every day of my life.

10.If you could write a book , what would it be about?
I'm actually in the middle of writing a book. I'm nearing toward the end! What it's about is a secret though. Shh! Maybe if I get published, I'll share.

11.Who's your celebrity crush? (fill it with spice , I love this topic)
I have way too many. My #1 is Zac Efron though. I've loved him for a very long time. Oh heyyyy


1. We’re in a zombie apocalypse, did you die or did you survive?
Oh, I would most definitely die. I have no defense skills, no muscle, and very little experience with a gun. Not to mention, I've only been camping once in my life, so if I had to live off the land, I would be like Foxface in The Hunger Games and eat the wrong berries. Oops.


2. What is the most useful gift you’ve ever been given?

My pocket knife from Jon! I had been wanting one for forever, and he finally got me one a few years ago. AND IT'S PINK! I actually use it a lot more often than people would think. I always try to have it with me at all times. 

3. What has been your most life-altering moment?

Probably getting promoted into the job I have now. I was in a pretty depressing place when I was working front desk. I was trying to leave the country because I was so unhappy. Now I feel like I'm happier than I've ever been.

4. Is there a phrase you always find yourself saying?

I say way too many things way too much. I always say "that's funny" after laughing at something that I thought was funny. That's all I can really think of. 

5. What has been the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

One time I was trying to get to a surprise party for one of my co-workers, and I didn't know where he lived. I ended up pulling up to this house that had a lot of cars at it, and when I walked in, I realized I was at the wrong person's party. I died.

6. What do you do to relieve stress?

I usually read. I love getting lost in books.

7. Everyone has a weird habit, what’s yours?
I brush my teeth in the shower. Some people think that's weird, but my fam has been doing it for as long as I can remember.

8. Least favorite household chore?

Cleaning the bathroom, obvs.

9. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Short. Hungry. Dreamer.

10. Why did you decide to start a blog?

I really enjoy writing, and they say that the best way to become a better writer is to write (and read).

11. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

I just want to be more exposed to the world around me. I love reading about other people's experiences and reading advice from them. It's also a good way to find recipes and craft ideas. And of course, I want to make blog friends. Duh.

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1. What is your favorite thing about autumn?
2. What will you be doing for Thanksgiving this year?

3. Talk about one of your favorite memories.
4. Who is the most influential person in your life?
5. If you had to be an animal for a day, what animal would you be?
6. What would you do if there was nothing to hold you back from doing it?
7. What is one accomplishment that you're very proud of?
8. What is your favorite book?
9. If you could meet one celebrity today, who would you meet?
10. What is one movie character you would like to be for a day?
11. What is your favorite thing about your blog?

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  1. OMG for three reasons :
    1) You called me awesome , 2) Zac Efron is your crush, 3) You just told me about Drop Dead Gorgeous!
    LOVED reading your answers , it's like knowing a whole new Tiffany!

  2. I love your dinosaurs answer, haha I would totally be scared too! I feel like I saw that movie ages ago but I can't remember so now I want to watch it again! such a fun post!

  3. 1) Have you seen The Heat??? It's up there with Bridesmaids for me. AKA I could watch it all the time and laugh hysterically even if I was watching it by myself.
    2) Drop Dead Gorgeous = also hilarious.
    3) I TOTALLY BRUSH MY TEETH IN THE SHOWER TOO!! So convenient! Except I don't do it in my dorm shower cause where would I put my toothbrush cause our shower is ratchet and naaaasty.

    Loved this post! So fun

  4. Hi lovely!
    Thanks for checking out my blog. I've followed you on GFC as well. It's nice to have a fellow Louisiana blogger :)

  5. awesomeness!! my celebrity crush is channing tatum all the way!!

    thanks for joining the fun friday blog hop!

  6. That joke! Oooh and the embarrassing moment, you're too funny! Reading your post was a great way to start my weekend :)

  7. I posted about it! http://thatcollegegirlsguide.com/post/66677723035/sunshine-award
    Loved your answers, by the way.

    xo, TCG


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