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i did it for love {thankful project}.

I've been a fan of Chasing Happy for a long time, and I got super excited when I saw that Kenzie was doing writing prompts for November, because I knew they would be awesome, so all this month, I'm going to try to participate in The Thankful Project. I accidentally missed yesterday's, so I'm going to be posting twice today, so be looking for that post later. [I know. Weird. I usually don't post on Saturdays, and now I'm posting twice?! Crazy.]

Yesterday's prompt was to write about a person. Please bare with me for all of the following cheesiness, because obvs the person I'm most thankful for is Jon.

Jon has been a part of my life for the past five years. We pretty much only have about 3 things in common. I know when a lot of people say that opposites attract, they really think the relationship will fail in the long run because the two people have virtually nothing in common. Honestly, I think that's what pulls us together more. It's like we challenge each other in little ways, and we learn a lot from each other.

There aren't many people in the world who could stick with me through my short temper, laziness, and selfishness, but Jon loves even those parts of me. In relationships that I've had in the past, when we fought, we would both just shut down and not speak to each other until we got over it. Jon doesn't let me get away with that. He wants to know exactly why I'm upset, what triggered it, and what he can do to fix it. Sometimes this drives me crazy, but when I think about it later, I'm so thankful because, really, who does that? Only someone who really cares about you and never wants to upset you again.

Jon and I have grown together in the past three years of our relationship. When I think of the person I met in the caf five years ago, and the person I'm in love with now, it's hard to believe that they are the same person. Jon is the most loving and compassionate person I've ever known. He's good at so many things, and I admire him in so many ways. When people ask me about him, I immediately get a goofy, shy grin on my face, and whenever I see him for the first time in a long time, my stomach still does flip flops. I'm so lucky I get to spend forever with him.



  1. Eeeeep all the feels. Absolutely precious. Also, LOVE the makeover! It's so happy and fun!

  2. So adorable! I love all your goofy pictures you guys are so cute!

    xoxo Jenny

  3. I just shed a tear. I blame it on my lack of sleep. Y'all are presh! Love!

  4. You look great together!! And, is that a cruise picture?? Totally so much fun with the person you love!!

    1. It is a cruise picture! How did you know? Have you been on a cruise before?

  5. Love the photos of you together.

  6. All types of feels going on right now!
    Love is a beautiful thannnggg.♥

  7. Holy s, I totally teared up reading this!
    I can't wait to meet my perfect person!


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