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a million reasons to be thankful.

I won't name all million of them (mostly because I don't know every single reason, but there has to be a million. I'm sure.). My 4-day Thanksgiving weekend couldn't have been more awesome if I wanted it to be (other than a celebrity run-in with the entire cast of Harry Potter, Ellen DeGeneres, David Giuntoli, NSYNC, and the cast of Pitch Perfect all at once. But what are the chances of that happening? ... Exactly. Moving on.). 
One random thing that happened over my mini break was that my blog reached over 200 followers on Bloglovin! It made me super happy to get the email (just ask my sis. She was there when it happened), and many many THANKS to all of my beautiful followers. Y'all are so sweet. 
Happy Thanksgiving! I stayed the night at my parents' the night before and woke up in time to watch lots of TV and a movie and a half (Pitch Perfect!!!) with my sister. My mom had to work, but my sis, my step-dad, and I ate a delicious Thanksgiving lunch. Yum! 
At 5:30, my sister and I were on the way to Wal-Mart for some Black Friday shopping. It was a cluster. More crowded than last year. By 7, we were already in line for Target. 
I bought 27 movies (yea! TWENTY-SEVEN! I ended up going back on Saturday and buying Silver Linings Playlist), 2 scarves, and some black riding boots. I mostly go for the movies, but the other things are a little bonus.
I had stayed the night at my co-workers because I house-sat the whole weekend while he was out of town. 
Chiweenies. The cutest.
I woke up extra early so I could drive to Converse to see my friends, Tyler and Analeigh, and then ride with them to DeRidder to see my friends, Anamaria (she flew home from Chicago) and Mandy, and Jon came later. We talked, laughed, played games, and ate a lot. I forgot how much I missed those crazy people. It made me sad to leave them because who knows how long it will be till I see them again? College reunions are the best for real. Miss them already. Anamaria also gave me an early birthday present, but I want to wait to post what it is later! It's super awesome though.

I got a little too aggressive trying to surprise Jon for a funny picture. 

I caught up on some TV shows and cuddled with the puppies before Jon got to my co-worker's house. Then we watched a movie and passed out because we were super tired.
Jon and I ran a few errands and then watched Despicable Me before he had to leave me until my birthday. Sadness.
What a weekend! I wish every weekend was as awesome as this one. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!
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  1. love the pics!!! I always buy a bunch of movies on black friday but 27 may take the cake!!

  2. awesome movies from what I can tell. how much were they a piece? i saw someone else on blog with movies that they got from black friday. i dont do black friday. did it twice and will never do it again. plus this year I worked so it was all good.

  3. For the most part, they were just $2 each. There were a couple that were $4-$6, but almost all of them were $1.96 at Wal-Mart.

  4. I spend way too much money on movies.

  5. Love those boots so cute! Black friday is the best for movie deals!

  6. So glad I got to see you! Love love love!

  7. It was a blast! I really had so much fun. Wal-Mart was so crowded, as usual, but it was worth it for all the movies. I was actually there less than an hour. The longest part was waiting in the checkout line.

  8. Yesssss! Best reunion ever. Miss you already! Loveeeee!

  9. Your weekend sounds so amazing! I should have gone to Walmart for Black Friday too!

  10. Thank you! I've worn them so many times already! And I agree! The low-priced movies are my favorite part of Black Friday.


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