Endless Bliss | Happy Lifestyle Blog: after all this time, i'm still into you {3 years}

after all this time, i'm still into you {3 years}

Today is my 3-year anniversary of dating Jon. This weekend, Jon asked me what he thought my life would be like if we hadn't started dating. I thought about it for awhile, and I honestly can't even imagine. I don't mean that in a cheesy way; I really mean it. There are so many parts of the past three years that I don't know if I could've made it through without him, and I'm glad that I'll never have to (okay, that was cheesy).

We didn't do anything major to celebrate our anniversary. He came and spent the weekend with me, and I slept for most of it (I really don't know why I was so tired). Yesterday, we went out for sushi (we always eat sushi on anniversaries because it's my favorite) and watched Scooby Doo (how lucky am I to be dating someone who is willing to watch Scooby Doo episodes on Netflix with me?). It was a perfect day to me.

Since I have nothing super exciting to share about our anniversary celebration, I thought I would share our relationship's journey through song, because music is the best (and this is the closest I can get to my life being a musical).

For the Nights I Can't Remember - Hedley

During the summer of junior year, Jon came up to Ruston and we spent some time together, just the two of us. I knew I kind of liked him a little bit, just because we had been spending a lot of time together, but one day, we decided to go to Monroe together, and I was just really excited about this song because I wanted him to listen to it. When it was playing it in the car, something hit me that I really, really (like, really) liked Jon. Mind you, I had a crush on Jon whenever I first met him. He was dating someone else and then after they broke up, I started dating someone. We always flirted a little though (oops, sorry not sorry exes), especially after we exchanged numbers. We took a lot of the same classes during our junior year (I copied his schedule on the sly. I promise I'm not a stalker), and after spending all that time together, the bigger crush started developing.

Before we started dating. Probably the first time we ever held hands-ish.
I Should Be Sleeping - Emerson Drive

When Jon and I first started "talking" (or whatever the kids are calling it these days), I used to call him at ungodly times at night so that my roommates wouldn't know that I was talking to him. We're talking 3 am here. Eventually Jon sent me this song and said it reminded him of me. 

The Only Exception - Paramore

I listened to this song on repeat when I was trying to get the nerve to tell our group of friends that I had a crush on Jon. I even tweeted some of the lyrics at one point. 

Enchanted - Taylor Swift

For our first Valentine's Day, Jon went above and beyond. He did a surprise picnic at our school's greenhouse, and (with the help of one of my roommates), he put together a scavenger hunt with Taylor Swift lyrics. It was magical.

Until You - Dave Barnes

Jon and I said "I love you" after dating for four months. This song has nothing to do with that, but it describes how I feel about him.

This picture was taken on the day that we said "I love you" for the first time.

Lucky - Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

One day while we were driving, Jon and I decided that this was going to be "our song." We have completely different tastes in music, but when I had him listen to this one, he said that he really liked it, and now it's our song. 

My Kind of Crazy - Brantley Gilbert

Jon said that when he listened to this song for the first time, he immediately thought of me. I guess I am a little nuts sometimes, but Jon always thinks it's cute. Also, our first concert together was Brantley Gilbert and Billy Currington, and he sang this song to me while Brantley was singing it onstage.

One of my roommates took a picture of him singing to me. Aww.
Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer

One time, Jon and I went to see my friend, Lucas, play at a bar in Ruston. Lucas did a rendition of this song for us, and changed the words to "Kiss Jon." 

Firefly - Jimmy Needham

Jon and I are always talking about our future together.We say things like "our future kids" and say random things about our future wedding and where we're going to live and how we'll decorate our house. Nothing ever serious or set in stone, but one time, we had a long conversation about having this as the song that we danced to at our wedding and our friend Tyler would sing it for us. We've picked a different song since though, and of course that changes.

I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes

When I first heard this song, I immediately thought of Jon, because I felt like every lyric shouted everything I felt about our relationship. Literally every word. Hunter Hayes knows.

6 Months - Hey Monday

Really, the song just says it all.

Play It Again - Luke Bryan

Every time a song comes on that I like, I always turn it up and say "This is my song," and Jon said this song describes me perfectly because apparently, every song is "my song."

Still Into You - Paramore

The first time I ever heard this song, I sent it to Jon and told him that I thought of him when I heard it. It's so true, and it felt like we went full circle with Paramore in our relationship. 

Jon makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and he makes me feel special every day. I can't believe we've already been together for three years! Yay! Happy anniversary, Jon!

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  1. Huge congratulations on your 3 years! Good luck on many many many years to come! (:

  2. Congrats on your 3 year anniversary! Anniversaries are always the best [:

  3. Ahhh this is so sweet! Happy Anniversary! "Lucky" always gives me that butterfly feeling in my stomach such a beautiful song

  4. Thanks so so much! You're so sweet! :)

  5. "Lucky" is just one of the sweetest songs. It always makes me smile. Thank you!

  6. You guys are WAY too cute. Im so happy for you and I love all the old pix of you guys together ;)

  7. I'm so happy to be apart of y'all's amazing journey! Happy anniversary! I love y'all to pieces!

    Hehe...picture from Jake's wedding! Presh!

  8. Thank you thank you thank youuuuu! Love you! :)

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  10. Happy 3rd anniversary Tiffany! You both look so cute together! Some lyrics are definitely best way to describe your relationship, go girl!

  11. Thanks so much, Areeba! I agree - sometimes music says it best!

  12. Happy 3rd Anniversary!! This is such a beautiful story!!

    And i still can't get over how similar we are in our music taste!! <3

  13. Thank you! And yes, I love it! I'm always looking for music suggestions, so if you have any to pass along, I would love it!

  14. One of my goals this month is to find new music and make a list of our songs for the wedding. I will email them to you in case you haven't heard of some of them :)

    p.s. if you have any to pass on, too!


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