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the truth about santa.

I found out that Santa wasn't real in the third grade. I believed in all of the make-believe characters for about an average amount of time. I feel like I found out that they weren't real at the correct ages. Santa was the last to go though. I don't remember how I found out about the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny. 

Apparently I should've listened to my original instincts and not trust him. Silly me.
I was pretty sassy when it came to the tooth fairy. In the few years that I lived with just my dad and my older brother, I feel like my dad did a pretty awesome job keeping all of the characters alive. The tooth fairy always gave me a dollar when I lost a tooth, but one time I wrote the tooth fairy a note saying that I wanted $2 instead of $1. I really don't know why. I mean, I was 6. What did I need money for anyways? My dad (or the tooth fairy rather) gave me $2, and I was pretty dang happy.

I don't remember the Easter bunny being a huge thing. I only have one vivid getting a basket from the Easter bunny once, and it was when I was living in Arkansas with my dad, step-mom, and 3 brothers and sisters. That was probably the last time we got anything from the Easter bunny.

Don't let the shirt fool you. I do not like cats. I did, however, wear a lot of hand-me-downs.

I think it was 3rd grade when I found out about Santa. My step-sister, step-brother, and I had made all of these cute crafts for Santa at school. Also, at our house, we didn't leave out milk and cookies for Santa. We left out sweet potato pie and something to drink (I think it was wine, but I don't really remember). Everything Santa related went according to plan. It wasn't until about a week later that we found out the devastating news. We found all of the crafts that we made for Santa in a kitchen drawer. We asked our parents if Santa was real, and they told us the devastating truth. So sad. It's a funny story to look back on though.

Notice Rocko's Modern Life on the telly and those awesome handmade candy canes on the tree. 
How did you find out about Santa?
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  1. Wait.....Santa isn't real?!?! I remember when I found out. I had seen a present that Mom had gotten me and on Christmas morning I received it from "Santa". Boooooo.

  2. I need to ask my mom about this because I can't remember at all when I found out santa wasn't real-- I know we believed in him when we were little but I don't remember how I found out or if I even really cared. That's too funny you found the things you made santa-- so sad! haha I feel like most people end up finding out from other kids ruining it for them!

  3. I never believed in Santa haha. Or if I had any doubts about his existence, I was always certain that he didn't come to Hawaii. After all, we had no chimney so how would he get in? We also didn't have snow, so how would his sleigh work without snow?? I think everything was confirmed when I was about 5 though. My sister and I left out cookies and milk just to make sure, and my parents weren't aware so they were still there in the morning. My dad was eating them for breakfast. hahaha. My parents are bad at keeping the magic alive.

  4. Haha oops...sorry to tell you my blog! ;) Aw that is not a fun way to find out about Santa though. I don't know how I'm going to keep the spirit alive with my future kids.

  5. That's so true! I feel like I had friends tell me that he wasn't real, but I just ignored them, possibly even argued with them, and said that Santa definitely was real. My parents did a pretty good job keeping the Santa spirit alive, up until leaving all of our stuff in the drawer. It was a sad realization haha.

  6. Aw man! Santa was such a fun part of my fam's Christmas tradition. I don't think we had a chimney either, but I was convinced that Santa's magic was so intense that he would be able to figure out a way to get inside. Kind of like in The Santa Clause movie with Tim Allen, I guess haha. I was not very logical as a kid and didn't think about any of the things you thought about it.

  7. Haha that's funny that you lied! I wasn't that logical. I just always believed until I saw all those crafts. I was definitely crushed!

  8. I bet you were crushed when you found your Christmas crafts in the drawer. It does make for a funny story now, though. When I was about 7 or 8, I put the pieces together and decided there was no logical way Santa could make it all around the world in one night. Ha. When my mom asked me whether I still believed that year, I lied and said yes because I was afraid I wouldn't get any gifts if I told her I didn't believe anymore. Haha.


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