Endless Bliss | Happy Lifestyle Blog: Motivated Mondays: 25 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer (Guest Post).

Motivated Mondays: 25 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer (Guest Post).

Happy Monday, friends! Today, I'm waking up in Rome, which is the city I've most been looking forward to visiting on my trip. I can't wait to taste the Italian cuisine and even attempt to cook some myself while I'm visiting.

Today, I have Michelle from Midwest Beauty on a Budget guest posting for Motivated Monday! She is a fellow dog lover who is going through the same struggles as many of us 20-somethings - trying to survive being broke, but still living fabulously after college.

Michelle is sharing 25 ways on how you can be like Judy Moody and have a not bummer summer. Okay, you can judge me for making that reference, but that movie was kind of cute, right? But really, these are some awesome tips, so go out and make the most of your summer!



Summer is in FULL SWING and by now you might be trying to find some new things to do with your days. Need some inspiration? Here's my list of 25 things to do this summer before it disappears! This list is all about INDULGING in yourself and your friends, making memories, and LOVING your life.

1. If you aren't taking summer classes, or waking up for work at 5AM like I do, then TAKE ADVANTAGE and sleep in. Open the windows, let the sun in, turn on your feel good tunes and relax. If you're not going to do it for yourself, then do it for me--seriously.

2. Take an outdoor yoga class or take your dog to the park! Have a picnic. Wriggle your toes in the grass! We spend all of our time at school, in our textbooks, at work, or in front of a computer screen. Enjoy the outdoors. Breathe in some fresh air.


3. Whether you want your summer to be relaxing and uplifting or if you want to GET PSYCHED, make a mix-tape to go with the theme you want. That way, when you're feeling down or need to get pumped up when you're getting ready, you have the perfect playlist to get you there!

4. Start a self journal. Spend some time to REFLECT. Even if it's just 10 minutes of writing.. you never know what you'll learn about yourself! Or if you're less into reflecting and more into keeping memories, make a scrapbook of your summer adventures!


5. Explore somewhere new. Find a nearby museum or a part of the city you've never been before.

6. Find a summer DIY project! Take up wood burning, build something, find a project to decorate a bare wall. Let your inner artist out and EXPRESS YOURSELF.

7. Wear ALL of your favorite dresses or outfits this summer! -- This is a personal goal for me. I LOVE dress shopping, but I only wear them a couple times a year! So this summer I'm going to try to find a rhyme or reason to wear each and every one of them!

8. Go to a flea market or your local thrift shop. Find some great steals and rock them!


9. Learn another language. How about French or Spanish? There are tons of free apps or programs out there!

10. There's nothing like a REFRESHING drink on a hot summer day. Learn to make a classic mint julep or a moscow mule. Or a white sangria, if you and your girlfriends are the wine types!


11. TREAT YOURSELF to a massage with your besties.

12. Sneak into a swimming pool and ENJOY. There's nothing like night swimming with your friends!

13. Carry a tiny water-gun in your purse and surprise some people. (; Even better, start a Facebook event and invite ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS to the most epic public water gun fight ever!


14. Get a group of your friends together for NIGHT GAMES. Go to the park, play hide-and-seek, freeze tag, flag football, or anything you want at your local park!

15. Go camping or go to the lake with your closest friends! Take lots of pictures and HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! As we get a little older every year, memories like these fade, so make as many of them as you can.

16. Go on a vacation. Take Friday through Monday if you don't have that many vacation days and escape away to a city nearby! ROAD TRIP!


17. FIND LOCAL EVENTS. Most places have summer fairs, festivals, concerts, and other fun events that you and your friends can enjoy together! Bring out your inner carnie if you have to and drag your new summer fling to the carnival!


18. Sign up for an art class--or any kind of class! EXPAND YOUR SKILL SET.

19. Start an herb garden or plant a flower garden. BEAUTIFY your surroundings.

20. Go apple picking! Or berry picking, or whatever suits your fancy. (:

21. If you're in the midwest, go find yourself a sunflower farm! (And if you're in Kansas, LET ME KNOW which ones are the best ones!)


22. Try cooking!

23. Make new friends! Build your network; you never know who you'll meet and who might change your life.

24. Throw a party. Celebrate your friends!

25. Go to a bonfire and make a fire pit (safely, and only if it's legal). Roast some s'mores and indulge on good times with your friends.


So there you have it, my friends. I hope you've enjoyed this list and that I've inspired some new thoughts. You may have different ideas for your summer, but the point is for you to enjoy your life and everyone in it. Maybe try to do something new everyday. Set some personal goals. Live, learn, and love. Whatever you decide, good luck!

With love,
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  1. Such a fun season. I chuckled at "sneak into a pool," that's one of my favs. Snuck into quite a few in summers past before I moved out to LA -- now I need to find some friends who are down haha!
    xo, Krist | peachesbeachesandurbanistas.com

  2. I've never snuck into a pool. I'm such a do-gooder sometimes haha.

  3. That's so awesome! Have fun exploring!

  4. so many fun idea. I plan on exploring a new place for my birthday weekend.


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