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#BlissfulBookTalk: A New Series

#blissfulbooktalk blissful book talk book club

I have a big announcement for all of my fellow book lovers! I decided to start a book club of sorts called #BlissfulBookTalk. At the beginning of each month, I'll share a book that I plan on reading, and I would love for y'all to join in! 

Throughout the month, I'll be sharing tidbits of the book on social media, including my favorite quotes, favorite parts, thoughtful questions, etc., using the hashtag #BlissfulBookTalk. You can join in on the conversation by using the hashtag too! Even if you've read the book of the month, you can still share your thoughts on the book as well.

#BlissfulBookTalk is a new book series that will go hand-in-hand with my vlog, so if you want a little more information about it, you can check out my latest vlog:

February's #BlissfulBookTalk book will be Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris. I've been an NPH fan for many years, and I can't wait to dive into his book and pick through his brain. If you're a fan or would like to get to know NPH a little better too, join in with this month's read!

I hope y'all are as excited about this new series as much as I am!

What books would you like to see on #BlissfulBookTalk?


  1. Such a fun idea! Loved the video too!

  2. Sheryl Nadler SheppardFebruary 9, 2015 at 3:47 PM

    Have you read the series The Girl in the Box by Robert J. Crane. It's sooooooo good. I am on book 7 of 10.

  3. Loved the video!! I'll keep watching to see what you're reading.

  4. Woot, enjoy your new feature :)

  5. I haven't! I've actually never heard of it. Thanks so much for the recommendation. Ten books?! Woah! I need to get started!

  6. I'm excited for this new series!

  7. Yay! I'm glad you're excited, Sierra!

  8. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!! I just finished his book about a month ago so I can't wait to see what you thought about it! Yah! I'm so excited! (Also, please be my IRL friend. You are so adorable.)

  9. Yayyyy! So happy you're excited!!!! Let's totally be IRL friends because you're only one state away, and that's nothing.


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