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the post with the glitter.

DIY glitter projects

One thing most people know about me is that I L.O.V.E. GLITTER! I just love to sparkle, and sparkly things are so pretty. So naturally, I like to make as many things sparkle as possible. And it's so easy to make {almost} anything sparkle with just two simple steps!

-- Mod Podge (either matte or gloss will do)
-- Sponge brush or paint brush
-- Bowl
-- Glitter! Any color. I've used all types of glitter, and of course the brand that sticks and looks best (and costs the most) is Martha Stewart. I still buy lower priced glitter though, and sometimes, it works fabulously.
    // Mix glitter and Mod Podge in bowl.
    // Using the brush, paint on (almost) anything!
      It's that easy! So far the only thing that I've tried to glitter that didn't stick was my rubber iPhone case. It just peeled right off after it dried. So unfortunate, because those glitter chevron stripes were precious. Here are some things that I've glittered that came out wonderful:

      I bought some plain white wannabe-Keds from Wal-Mart in the kid section for $5. I've gotten more compliments on these shoes than I have on any of my others (excluding my red sparkly flats. No place like home, y'all).

      DIY glitter ombre shoes
      After the first layer

      DIY glitter ombre shoes
      Several layers later...

      A photo posted by Tiffany Khyla White (@tiffanykhyla) on

      I bought this clutch at Sam Moon in Dallas when I was in high school. I used it for a few months then moved on. I found it a few months ago, and now I use it on the daily.

      DIY glitter clutch

      I got this cup for $2 at Michael's in the kids craft section. I wish I would have used a different brand glitter for the heart because it came out clumpy, but I still love it.

      DIY glitter coffee thermos

      -- tiffanykhyla.

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