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the post with the man crushes.

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Honestly, I tried to limit my list to four so it would conicide with my list of girl crushes, but I had the hardest time just narrowing this list down to ten. There are just so many hunky famous people. Why doesn't any guy I know look like that? ...anyway. I tried to get pictures of all of them with dogs, because guys are always more attractive when they're holding a dog. Am I right? One didn't have a picture with a dog, but I did find out that, apparently, he likes to play with his food.

10. Ryan Reynolds
ryan reynolds with dog

My love for Ryan Reynolds began when I first saw him in Waiting... All inappropriateness aside, he was funny as crap. And HOTT (all caps, two T's). He just continues to get more attractive the older he gets. I mean, Definitely, Maybe - most precious movie ever. Sure, the movie was about telling his daughter the story of how he met her mother, but what it really taught me was that he would be a really good father to our future children.

9. Luke Bryan
luke bryan with dog

Luke Bryan has the honor of being the only person on this list who isn't an actor. Of course, living in Louisiana, I love me some country music, and Luke is one of my faves. Whenever he tells me to shake it for him, I do. Gladly. His voice is just {ahh} and his face is just so handsome. And yeah, he has some meat on his bones, but that just means he's human, and he likes his beer. Nothing wrong with that.

8. Chris Hemsworth
chris hemsworth with dog

People are always saying Marsha, Marsha, Marsha Liam, Liam, Liam, but I am allll about Chris. Mhm. I don't think much needs to be said here other than {that smile}. I could look at it forever. If there was an award for best smile out of everyone currently in existence, he'd definitely make the list. And of course, Thor. I got dragged to that movie. Didn't even want to see it originally, and now I can't stop watching The Avengers. Though the movie is AMAZING (no disagreement here), Chris steals the show with his sexiness {and smile}.

7. Ian Harding
ian harding with dog

Okay, yeah, I watch Pretty Little Liars. So what? I'm an adult I can do what I want. Ian is literally the best part of that show. If an episode doesn't have him in it, I'm depressed. Don't care that he plays a cradle robber. I'd lie about my age too. You go, Glen CoCo Aria Montgomery!

6. Matthew Lewis
matthew lewis with gourd, harry potter

Whenever I picture Neville, I always see the little pudgy faced boy who was looking for his little toad, Trevor. Fast forward to the later Harry Potter movies...drool. Who knew that that little boy was going to transform into the hottness that he is now? A million points to Gryffindor indeed.

5. Max Thieriot
max thieriot with dog

I've always thought Max was really cute (I mean, Jumper. Nancy Drew. Adorbs.), but he just shot up to sexy with his role in House at the End of the Street. Not only was he out of the blue, completely, unarguably, where has he been all my life attractive, the movie was really good! Did not see that ending coming. And now I'm obsessed with Bates Motel (though the last two episodes were meh), but I love his role in the show. Not to mention, he has a vineyard with two of his friends called Senses Wines. Who doesn't love a man who makes wine? Officially making that a requirement for my future husband.

4. Ryan Gosling
ryan gosling with dog

I don't know how there are girls in the world that call him a butterface. Ryan Gosling is SEXY! I didn't truly fall for the guy until I saw him in The Notebook, but man, I was so mad at Allie for giving him up. HOW CAN YOU GIVE UP SOMEONE WITH THOSE ABS?! I also just love that he was in the Mickey Mouse Club, and I fall for him a little bit more every time I see his boy band moves on the show. And how can you not love someone who roomed with Justin Timberlake for a part of his life? Ohmigosh.

3. Justin Timberlake
justin timberlake with dog

Okay, I have a confession. During my *Nsync obsession, I loved JC more than Justin. Ah! Now that the secret's out, I still loved Justin back during his boy band days, and now that he's solo and sexier than ever, I literally can't get enough. When his 20/20 album came out, I had it on repeat on Spotify, and I still listen to it in the car. Justin has three main elements, outside of his obvious outward attractiveness, that makes me lovelovelove him: (1) He can sing. He's been singing all his life and his pipes are sharp. Can't get enough. (2) He can act. Did you see Friends With Benefits? That movie was ridiculously good. And of course In Time, which I already mentioned my obsession with that movie when I talked about Amanda Seyfried. And (3) HE'S FUNNY AS CRAP! Oh my goodness. Every episode of SNL that he's in is always the funniest. I almost died during his segment in Vegan Ville in this last one. Girly sigh.

2. Shia Labeouf
shia labeouf with dog

Like everybody who grew up in the 90's, I watched Even Stevens. Of course, my favorite episode was the musical one. It didn't even matter that Shia's voice was dorky; he was freaking precious. I thought the musical idea was brilliant, and I was waiting for Lizzie McGuire to follow suit (Aaron Carter singing doesn't count). Anyway, he grew up into a fine young fella. When I saw him in Disturbia, I was like "Hey, Shia!" And duh he was hot in ALL the Transformers movies and Eagle Eye, but in Indiana Jones...OMG! SEXY!

1. Zac Efron
zac efron with dog

I don't care what anyone says. I have loved Zac Efron since he had a gap in his teeth in Summerland and his guest appearance on Firefly. I was jealous of the girl that got to go on a date with him when he was on Room Raiders. When he first starred in High School Musical, I watched that movie about a million times (or as many times as they showed it on Disney Channel), and then when he started going from cute to sexy (circa 17 Again and Charlie St. Cloud), I became borderline obsessed. I got mad at the girls that just started falling for him, wanting to shout, "I'VE LOVED HIM SINCE 2004!" But it's cool. He's only gotten more attractive with age. Mm mm mm.

-- tiffanykhyla.

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