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the post with gulf shores.

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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write about my trip to Gulf Shores. It was literally one of the best vacations that I’ve ever been on. I have an attractive group of girlfriends that I have been close with for the past 8-9 years. We’ve never been on vacation together, just the four of us, so I was pretty excited, and a little nervous too – 4 girls in close quarters for 4 nights. Estrogen limit? It ended up being amazing, and I wish we could have stayed much longer (but only if we each had individual beds and an additional bathroom).

We were so excited to get there that we actually ended up leaving at midnight and getting to the condo about 6-7 hours before we originally anticipated. We did all the necessary things – Wal-Mart trip, deciding who sleeps where, etc. Then we headed to the beach! Can I just say that everything about it was perfect? I don’t remember it being that gorgeous the last time I went (though I did go for spring break rather than summer). The water was a bit chilly, but not cold enough to not go in.

Amanda, me, and Sarah. Kat was tanning (but really burning, actually).

The first day we met these two guys, one who was from Lafayette, LA and whose family owned stables in Haughton. Small world, right?! He taught my friend, Amanda, and me to skimboard. I was aw-ful. I fell on butt, and it hurt for about two days. Not fun. But actually really fun. Cause that makes sense.

This was before I fell flat on my butt.

For dinner, we ate at Lambert’s, which was freaking delicious. The rolls are huge, and they just throw them at you. The roll thrower guy was flirtin’ with Kat and threw three rolls at her head when she told him she didn't want any. He also serenaded her twice. He was okay the first time, singing some Bruno, “Just the Way You Are,” but the second time was not so great. Don’t remember what he sang exactly. Clearly it wasn’t memorable. 

That night, a bunch of randomness and weird circumstances brought three of us (Kat had to get some sleep. She drove the whole time. Bless) to this place called Mudbugs (being from Louisiana, of course we had to check it out). It ended up being a lot of fun. Karaoke and dancing. We met three guys that we ended up seeing every day for the duration of our trip. We went to their condo, and can I just say – Amazing. View. Omg. It was gorgeous. Of course, we went to the beach, and it was chilly, but lovely at night.

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The next day, we woke up and headed straight to the beach. We spent pretty much the whole day there, and every second was amazing. Played a little football with the boys.

Then got dressed for dinner at Lulu’s. That place is really cute. My food was just okay, but I tried some of other people’s and theirs was pretty good. We ended up back at Mudbugs that night. Kat and I sang a Miley duet to “Party in the USA.” Let my Filipino side show on the mic.

The day after that, we did a little shopping at Tanger Outlet then headed back to the condo to change for the dolphin cruise. It was my first dolphin cruise ever, so I was pretty pumped. We saw a good number of dolphins, but the little buggers are hard to get pictures of.

We met this guy on the boat who introduced us to some of his friends when we got off (later they met us at Florabama). One of his friends we had seen a couple times on our trip. He had dreads and he was riding his bike. Hard to miss. He told us to eat at this place called Cosmos, and it was so good. When we got there, the host told us that it would be thirty minutes, then before he could hand us the buzzer to wait, he decided to bump us up and seat us immediately by the bar. Nice guy.

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After dinner, we went to Florabama with the guys, which was a blast. Probably my favorite part of the trip. The last time I went, it was an awkward part of the year and no one was there. Shame. This time, it was ridiculously packed. So. Much. Fun.

The next day, it was time for us to say goodbye to the beach. We had a plan to do a little photoshoot on the beach, but that didn’t happen. Oh well. We ended up driving to New Orleans (my first time!). We did a little shopping, ate a little seafood, and did a little sight-seeing. I would really love to go back and check out Bourbon. We also stopped in Natchitoches to get some Natchitoches meat pies, but they were sold out, so we got crawfish pies, which were pretty delish.

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This trip def brought me closer to my girls. We call each other TASK – Tiffany. Amanda. Sarah. Kat. Get it? (Officially dubbed TASKForce now. Yea. We’re cool.) We met so many people from Louisiana, which was awesome. Everyone we met was super nice. There’s just something about going on a vacation with all girls. It’s so much fun. I can’t wait for our next vaca!

-- tiffanykhyla.

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