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the post with veronica mars.

veronica mars

So I like to do this thing where I watch TV shows that have ended or have been cancelled so that I can just keep watching and not have to wait an entire week to see the latest episode. I've done this with How I Met Your Mother (though I guess this doesn't count because it has one more season left, but I'm super excited for it!), Lost, Heroes, etc. I recently just finished watching Veronica Mars (and when I say recently, I mean like thirty minutes ago), and can I just say that I was pissed? The show was just all open-ended and leaving me hanging. But then I remembered that they were making a movie (production started yesterday, by the way. Wahoo!), and I wasn't so angry anymore. Can you imagine if I did watch it while it was on TV six years ago? I would've been pretty angry. Because:

1 // Logan and Veronica are supposed to end up together! Okay, I admit, I thought Logan was a super jerk at the beginning, but he came around, and he became perfect. I kinda fell in love with him a little bit, not gonna lie. And even though Piz and Veronica are absolutely presh, it's all about Logan. They have too much history to just give up on that, ya know?

2 // What happened in the election?! I mean, I guess it wasn't looking too hot for Keith at the end with whole 'charges against him' fiasco, but he's done so much for Neptune, and people just treat him like dirt. Which doesn't really make sense to me because he's helped so many people, and when people don't want to go to the sheriff (or didn't want to go since he became the temp sheriff after poor Lamb died - which I was happy about. He was not awesome.), they went to him! Has no one heard of loyalty? I'm assuming he lost, but maybe business will be booming at Mars Investigations since Vinnie would no longer be a P.I., eh? If not, I hope he found love.

3 // What happened to Duncan? I know they showed him all happy on the beach with his adorable little girl, but is he going to stay in hiding forever? I really hope they bring him back. Then we can see how his daughter turned out at the reunion.

4 // Did Veronica and Leo rekindle lost love? If Logan and Veronica didn't end up together, I would definitely want her to end up with Leo. They were good together, and he's a cutie.
I guess you can say that I'm pretty passionate about the show since all I've been doing lately is watching it. And lucky me, unlike everyone that watched the show way back when and have been waiting for a movie adaptation for years, I only have to wait a few short months. Though I am depressed that I wasn't able to contribute via Kickstarter. I would've loved some of those cool prizes. Shame really. I've become a little obsessed, which is evident in Veronica Mars's and my social media relationship. Following on Twitter. Subscribed on YouTube. Following on Instagram. Liked on Facebook. All they really need now is a Vine, and we'll be besties. Speaking of YouTube:

I'm really curious to see how the movie adaptation is going to work out. It's supposed to take place around Veronica's ten-year high school reunion. I'll probably be a little depressed if her and Logan aren't together. They were kind of perfectly imperfect. All I really need is for all the loose ends to be tied up, and I'll be peachy. So freaking excited. Y'all don'e even know.

This is definitely my favorite cast announcement thus far. I'm a sucker for anything with sweet dance moves. Plus he's gotten a lot more attractive. Ooh ow ow!

-- tiffanykhyla.

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