Endless Bliss | Happy Lifestyle Blog: the post with the perks of being short.

the post with the perks of being short.

Standing at exactly 5', I stopped growing at some point in high school, so I know the short people struggle and my life is full of short people probs. Some people may see being short as a hindrance, but there are a few perks, y'all! Particularly from the the female perspective. Here's a list of advantages of being short that I've compiled over the years.

1. You never have to worry about falling for a guy who is shorter than you, almost all of them are taller!

2. You can fit into small places. Meaning you win at hide and seek.

3. You always get to stand in the front in group pictures, meaning you don't get lost in the back like all those tall people.

4. Limbo. Win.

5. When people hug you, it usually turns into an awesome bear hug because you’re so easy to pick up.

6. People will always think you’re younger than you are. Conversation starter. I guess this could be a perk or a hindrance.

7. You don’t have to bend down for anything.

8. You never have to worry about the bed being too short or blankets being too small.

9. When sitting in the back seat of a car, you always have enough room, even if the person sitting in front of you has their chair all the way back.

10. People give you hand-me-downs. What a cheap way to brighten up your wardrobe!

11. You can sleep comfortably in small places.

12. Sometimes, they’ll let you order off of the kids menu at restaurants (Cheap food! Yes!).

13. Asking people to get things down for you is an easy conversation starter. Flirt. Flirt. Flirt.

14. When wearing heels to prom/homecoming/formals/dates, you don’t have to worry about being taller than your date!

15. You can shop for clothes and shoes in the kids section, thus saving you money.

16. It’s easy to maneuver yourself through crowds. If push comes to shove, you could also crawl your way through with minimum dirty looks.

17. Because you’re so small, people will randomly offer to lift you up to crowd surf. (Or is that just me?)

18. If you wanted to be a spy or a detective, you could fit through doggy doors and other small entrances to get the job done.

19. When you go to the fair and have the person guess you’re age, they’re always wrong. So you get a prize.

20. When jumping on the bed, you are less likely to hit your head on the ceiling. 

Can y'all think of any more??

-- tiffanykhyla.


  1. I can't count how many times strangers have talked to me simply because I'm "the smallest person!" lol. Of course it gets old after a while, but sometimes it's fun! Especially if the people are nice afterwards and not totally rude about it. I think I've finally gotten to the point where I have accepted that I'm only going to get shorter from here! haha

    1. Haha exactly! You just gotta embrace it. Otherwise, you're going to be miserable. I know I'm not getting any taller any time soon.

  2. Right?! It's so convenient! I had a twin bed for the longest time, but I didn't even mind. Perfect size for me!


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