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the post with The Heat.

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Yesterday I got an opportunity to do something that I've never done before - I got to go to an advanced showing of a movie. It was pretty exciting, mostly because it was free. I brought my little sister with me, and we went to see The Heat. To be honest, my expectations were pretty low. I thought it was going to be one of those movies where they show all of the funny parts in the previews and then the rest of the movie just doesn't measure up to the trailer's hilarity.

Boy, was I wrong. I was laughing through the ENTIRE THING. There were a couple times that I was laughing by myself, but that's cool. I started tearing up at one point from laughing so much. I also missed some of the dialogue because laughter was echoing throughout the theater. It was so funny, y'all. Be warned that there is a lot a cursing in it, but honestly, I think that just adds to the hilarity, particularly with Sandra Bullock's character. I mean, we're all adults here, right? If you have the money (movies are so expensive now. Ah!) and the means to get there, go see it when it hits theaters on June 28th!

-- tiffanykhyla.

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