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8 Things to Do and See in Rome (Guest Post).

I'm spending another beautiful day in Rome, and I absolutely cannot wait to share all of my adventures with y'all. While all I know about Rome was learned from The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Mary-Kate and Ashley's When In Rome, I'm happy to have my friend, Emily, guest posting on the blog today because she's been to Rome. And clearly, if you haven't been, you need to make plans to go there ASAP. Start saving your monies!

Now, I've mentioned Emily on the blog a time or two because 1) she's incredible, 2) she's sponsored me before and 3) we're going to be roomies while we're on Blogcation in January! So you should definitely check out her blog, because I know you'll start loving her as much as I do. But do that after you read her guest post and start adjusting your budget to make Rome travel plans.


Hey, I'm Emily and I blog over at Designs By Emily F, I'm also a graphic designer and offer blog designs here! When Tiffany said she was going to be visiting Rome on one of her stops and was looking for guest posts, I decided to write a post on it to help her and any of you that might be visiting Rome. I was only in Rome for 2 days so these might not be all the important things to visit but they are the most memorable to me. I did see the Vatican, but it was torture because it was around 90 degrees and there were a million people (or at least thats what it seemed like). The only thing I remember is the Sistine Chapel because I always dreamed of seeing it in person.

1:: Trevi Fountain
I'm sure most of you know what this is and about half most likely know because of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. I'll admit that thats how I knew about it. It's so pretty and definitely worth seeing just beware there are a million people around anytime of the day

2:: Colosseum 
I'm pretty sure half the pictures I took in Rome were of the Colosseum, I unfortunately didn't get to see the inside, the joys of going at the end of your trip with barely any money!

3:: Get a Metrebus Pass
When I was in Rome we were only there for 2 days, the best way to avoid getting lost is the metrebus (subway). We got a 2 day pass for €16.50 it may seem like a lot but you use it so much it's worth it. Everything is super spread out in Rome and it would be almost impossible not to get lost from walking. 

4:: Pantheon 
The Pantheon is basically just in the middle of all the newer buildings, you are just walking around and the BAM there it is.

5:: Gelateria della Palma
While you are by the Pantheon you must find the Gelateria della Palma!  They have over 150 flavors of gelato. You should just eat all the gelato you can!

6:: Tazza D'Oro Coffee Shop
If you like coffee, which I don't, then you should go to this shop. I got some ground coffee for my dad and it smelled amazing. It made me wish I liked coffee. You can also order coffee or cappuccino fresh! This is also super close to the Pantheon

7:: Fontanella della Barcaccia
Near the Spanish Steps there's a lucky fountain. You are supposed to drink from the fountain and the water will give you luck.

8:: Walk Around With No Purpose
One of my favorite things we did was just walking around to see what we could find. Just make sure you have a map with you so you don't have to worry about getting lost. For dinner both nights we just walked around with no place in mind to eat at. 
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  1. these are some great suggestions! tazza d'oro is fantastic (get the caffe latte freddo, you won't regret it) and much cheaper than sant'eustachio, which is more expensive, more famous and right nearby. you packed a lot into two days!

    my one suggestion is that if you're going to be there for more than a few days, rome is actually a really walkable city and the metropolitana is somewhat inefficient, so buy a good map instead and wander all over! a single ticket is only E1.50 so if you take the metro less than five times a day it'll be cheaper to pay by the ride.

  2. Beautiful pics.


  3. I think I did all of those things when I was in Rome! (Minus the metrebus pass) I will never be able to get over the gelato over there, I'm always searching for a good substitute!

  4. I did several of these things on my trip too. I miss gelato so much already! American ice-cream just can't compare.

  5. Aren't they? I can't wait to share mine!

  6. It was so gorgeous. By far the favorite place I visited.

  7. When I was in Rome, we walked pretty much everywhere, which I didn't mind because it was just a beautiful city to wander around and get lost in. I didn't want to leave!


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