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Gimme Pizza! P-I-Z-Z-A!

Jon and I have been living together for almost two months now. Granted I was on vacation for almost 3 of those weeks, but I digress. We're steadily trying to get into a cooking routine, and we have tons of fun cooking together. Sometimes, we like to try more complicated recipes, but most of the time, we like to keep it relatively simple. 

While Jon tends to like almost everything he eats, I'm a more picky eater. One thing that we can always agree upon is pizza (though preferred toppings are usually up in the air). The other day, we decided to make a homemade pizza using spices that we already had in our cabinet.


Prego Traditional Sauce
Spices (We used Tony's, oregano, garlic salt, parsley flakes and sage)
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (American Heritage)
Toppings (We stuck to just pepperoni)
Olive Oil (not pictured)
Pre-Made Pizza Crust (Mama Mary's; not pictured)

1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F
2. Lightly brush the pre-made crust with olive oil
3. Place about half of the sauce that you want on your pizza onto the crust

4. Sprinkle the sauce with the desired amount of spices
5. Mix the spices into the sauce and put more sauce onto the pizza

6. Sprinkle the pizza with the desired amount of mozzarella cheese

7. Place toppings onto pizza as desired

8. Bake at 450 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes
9. Enjoy!

This post is for the #SummerBloggerChallenge. This week's prompt: Try a new recipe or create your own. This could be for food OR drink, or both! Take photos of the finished product of the food/drink you make, you could also include photos of the process. Talk about whether you liked the recipe you tried, OR if you're creating your own recipe, talk about why you chose to make it.



  1. Your pizza looks great! I've been wanting to try a homemade pizza recipe with my 5 year old so thanks for this. We LOVE pizza!!!

  2. That crust looks delicious. Is it ironic that I am eating pizza RIGHT NOW?

  3. That looks amaaazzzing. I wasn't so hungry and now I'm STARVING (for pizza of course!)

  4. I love pizza!! I've always wanted to try making my own...but first...I need to get a pizza stone for my oven!

  5. Thank you! Making the pizza was just as awesome as eating it.

  6. I wish I was eating pizza right now!

  7. I want some pizza now too now that I'm thinking about it. Mmmm.

  8. Homemade pizza is the best! I love pizza too!

  9. got to love homemade pizza.

  10. I love making homemade pizza, so much that I even make the dough myself. It's so simple to make and sometimes takes less time to cook than the frozen ones


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