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6 favorite movies based on books

Let's be honest. When a movie is made based on a book, the book is usually better. The only books that I didn't like as much as the movie was The Lord of the Rings series. I tried reading the first one, and I thought it was so boring. Sorry fans. I did love the movies though!

Anyway, as y'all know I love to read and watch movies, so when I read a book and find out that it's being made into a movie, I giggle like a little school girl. Also when I find out that a movie is being made based on a book, I try to get my hands on the book and read it first. Some people say it's best to watch the movie first so that you like both the book and the movie, but I'm a firm believer in reading the book first. If the movie doesn't measure up to the book to at least some point, then that's the movie's fault. I mean, look at the brilliance of Harry Potter. These are some of my favorite...

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1. Harry Potter
By J.K. Rowling
I guess I'll start with the obvious one. I've never tried to hide my obsession with Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is a freaking genius, and all of the writers and directors and producers and actors (obvi) from Harry Potter were amazing. 

2. Hunger Games
By Suzanne Collins
This one of the books I didn't read until I found out that it was being made into a movie. My friend, Mandy, recommended it to me and bought me the first book. I was immediately hooked. The first was my favorite. The movie was exactly what it needed to be, minus a couple of things, but it was still awesome.

3. Perks of Being a Wallflower
By Stephen Chbosky
I actually didn't read this book until after I saw the movie. My sister and I both wanted to see it, and luckily it was playing at the Robinson Film Center. The movie was so good, and both my sister and my boyfriend got the book for me for my birthday. Jon had to take his back because I opened my sister's first. I read it in two days and loved it.

4. Princess Diaries
By Meg Cabot
I honestly don't remember whether I read the book or saw the movie first. I read and watched both of them so long ago. I still watch and love the Princess Diaries. I think Anne Hathaway is flawless. Both the movie and book are hilarious. 

5. Bridget Jones Diary
By Helen Fielding
I laughed through the entire book. I wish I had a friend like Bridget. It really made me love British people even more. I tried watching this movie with my sister, but she fell asleep. Trust me, it's not boring. I'm kind of glad she fell asleep because I was embarrassingly laughing out loud by myself. It was so freaking funny. I'm laughing right now just thinking about it.

6. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
By Ann Brashares
I think all girls love this movie. I've always had groups of girlfriends in foursomes, and between this set of girls and the girls in Sex and the City, we're always choosing the girl we're most like and running with it. (I'm Carmen and Carrie, by the way.) I loved the movie adaptation. Still do actually.

Honorable Mentions
(Don't judge me. I'm a child at heart.)

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  1. Love the HP and Hunger Games movies too! I just watched a Catching Fire trailer, and I can't wait for the movie to come out. Which was your favorite Hunger Games book?

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  2. bridget jones is amazing!!! Soooooo laugh at loud funny. Now I want to go watch it. lol

  3. I totally agree with you! I tend to read the books first before I watch the movie. I was like that with Twilight, Harry Potter, and all of the Nicholas
    Sparks books. Thnak you for linking up with us @ The SHOW OFF Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain

  4. I did a similar post as part of my 30 Day Book Challenge. My favourites include Bridget Jones (of course!), High Fidelity and Girl, Interrupted. I love them all so much. I didn't like the My Sisters Keeper film, I much preferred the book xx

  5. I just finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy and I loved it. I loved the book and the movie of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. About A Boy is a great book with a great movies adaptation. Also, you can't go wrong with most of the Jane Austen adaptations. Found you through the On A Wing and A Prayer bog hop. New follower http://georgielee.blogspot.com

  6. I was sure that Harry Potter would be on first place! The perks of being a wall flower is much better in film, I suppose.

  7. I always read the books first too! I'm one of those annoying people that comments every time a movie changes something from the book - although not once did I said "that's not right" when watching the Hunger Games! I've never seen My Sister's Keeper, someone told me it was hugely different from the book and that has put me off.

  8. I've seen/read all your favorites as well! I did get annoyed however with "My Sister's Keeper" because they definitely changed it and made it so Hollywood- I was so annoyed!


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