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the carrie diares {TV vs. book}.

the carries diaries by candace bushnell

I've always been a fan of Sex and the City. I envied her lifestyle - hanging out with her three closest girlfriends every day, going out and having the time of her life every night, being an established writer known throughout the city. I've never read the book, but I watched the series and the movies. When I found out that they were making a Carrie Diaries series, I was quick to keep up and watch. Plus, I love AnnaSophia Robb. She's just a precious peach.

When I first started reading this book, I was bored. It wasn't quite holding my attention at the beginning. When I got about midway through, I couldn't put it down. I just needed to see what happened in her little group of friends. The book was completely different from the TV series. Other than a few of the characters and a couple scenarios, it may as well be a completely separate entity.

First of all, in the book, Carrie has two sisters, Missy and Dorrit, while in the TV series, she only has one. I guess I can understand why Missy was cut out of the book. Carrie is the eldest of the three sisters and Missy is the middle child. Her presence in the book isn't exactly necessary. Her only "significant" part in the book is taking up too much time in the bathroom when Carrie is trying to get ready for her date.

In the TV series, Lali doesn't exist. I think this is strange because she has such a huge role in the book. She is Carrie's best friend and teammate on the swim team. The swim team is pretty insignificant in the TV series, so I guess Lali went with it. Then because Lali doesn't exist to break-up Carrie and Sebastian, Maggie is the one that steps in on TV to make-out with Sebastian. I liked it better when Lali did it.

Walt and Donna LaDonna don't become buddy buddy in the book. I kind of liked the idea of them becoming friends even though Donna got on my nerves. It showed her softer side because she was willing to keep Walt's sexuality a secret and she was able to sympathize and relate to him because she had a brother or cousin or someone that she's close to that was gay as well.

Carrie and Donna LaDonna bond in the book. They take a random photography class together and get paired with one another. Barriers break and they have a mutual respect for each other and are able to be friendly. Not friends, but friendly. On TV, nothing remotely close happens.

Carrie never goes to NYC in the book. NYC is a goal that she wants to obtain, but it's kind of on the back-burner. Yeah, she has applied to The New School a couple times, but NYC is only mentioned a couple times throughout the book. She doesn't work for her dad's friend at a law firm or get mistaken for a college student and work for Larissa Louglin at Interview Magazine. She doesn't get to the city until the very end.

Maggie gets on my nerves in both the book and TV series. She's a little skanky and attention-seeking in both. In the movie, she's messing around with someone who her dad works with. In the book, she messes around with a guy named Peter, who doesn't exist in the TV show.

The dad isn't as significant in the book. He's obviously very important, but he doesn't have his own story line so to speak. In the TV show, he is trying to move on and dad other women. In the book, he's just the typical overprotective dad who doesn't know how to cope with his wife's death and is struggling to raise his three teenage daughters on his own.

There are a lot of differences between the book and TV show, but I think I'll stop there. Now that I've watched both TV series and read this book, all I want is to see what happens to Carrie next. I just can't picture AnnaSophia Robb growing up into Sarah Jessica Parker. I see The Carrie Diaries and Sex and the City as two separate entities. I want to know more of Carrie's story, but I just don't see her growing up into the character in Sex and the City.

-- tiffanykhyla.


  1. I haven't read the book, but The Carrie Diaries show is definitely my TV guilty pleasure!! I am the same way...I can't imagine Anna Sophia Robb and SJP as the same person!!

    1. I really thought I was going to hate the show, but it's actually not that bad at all. They are just wayyy too different to imagine them being the same person.

  2. I love Sex in the City and I loved the first Sex and the City movie but I hated the second one! I was really into the Gossip Girl books and I tried to watch the TV show but after like one season I quit because (I'm ADD with TV) and because they changed WAY too much I could handle it!

    1. I was not impressed with the second Sex and the City movie. The first one was amazing though. That's funny that you mention GG because my boyfriend's sister bought me the first 5 seasons, and I just started watching them. I've seen them before, but I'm watching them again because the cable isn't working in my room anymore. Tragic. It is a lot to follow!

  3. Hi there, I'm Hanna! I'm co-hosting the aloha friday hop this week and just wanted to stop by, say hi and follow your blog :)


    1. Thanks, girl! Can't wait to check yours out!

  4. that's so weird how different the tv show is from the book! i've never read the book but I l o v e the show (especially sebastian haha)
    lovely blog! just followed you on bloglovin' so hope you can too!
    x x x

  5. I've been wondering if reading the series was worth it, and this definitely sold me! Thanks for the review!


  6. No problem! I haven't watched the second season yet, but I definitely want to.


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