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i don't hate taylor swift.

To start with something completely irrelevant to this post, I'm freaking obsessed with this song. I had never heard of her before Wednesday, but now I can't stop listening to this song. Plus, we share the same name, so I think I was destined to love this song. It's so cute!

Okay now...

I used to be obsessed with Taylor Swift. When "Fearless" came out, I downloaded it as soon as I woke up and was late to class because I wanted to listen to the whole album ahead of time. When "Speak Now" came out, I put the album on my iPod and listened to it to and from class. I am a fan of "Red," but I didn't fall in love with the album like I did with her ones.

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There are a lot of T. Swift haters out there and I just don't understand why. All the people hating on her now are the people who used to love her back in the day. I'm not a super fan or anything, but I'm not a hater either.

She's had a lot of boyfriends.
So what? She's 23! I'm 23 too, and I know if I got the chance to date any of the guys she dated (namely Zac Efron, John Mayer, and Lucas Till) I would go for it in a heartbeat. Why not date a bunch of guys? Isn't that what your twenties are about? Most girls that age date a lot, but people don't know about it because they're not famous. People keep saying that she needs to "grow up," but everyone her (our) age is doing the same thing. She didn't get the chance to live the crazy college life. She got something better! She gets to meet hot celebs daily that the rest of us are drooling over. You go Glen Coco!

She sings about said boys in her songs.
You would too if they screwed you over. You know that if you got the opportunity to publicly embarrass someone who broke your heart, you would so take it. Some say she's abusing her power, I say it's brilliant.

She's not country.
Four albums later, she's was bound to change up her style. Why is that so bad? It's not like she was super country in the first place. Sure she had some twang, but her style was always kind of poppy. Now she's dipping into a bunch of genres, and people are still singing along. Every person who turns 22 starts singing her song. Country or not, her songs are catchy.

Now I'm not gonna lie, I do miss the innocent country girl with frizzy hair who didn't have a ton of relationships under her belt and made fun homemade music videos with her friends, but I know if I were her, I would be doing the same thing, plus trying to throw Shia LaBeouf and Justin Timberlake in the mix.

-- tiffanykhyla.


  1. I'm not a hater but I just don't like her all too much. I can see what your getting at ;) but she's just not my cup if tea.


    1. For sure. I'm definitely in between. And kinda jealous that she spent so much time with Zac Efron. That's my man.

  2. I could not agree more! People give her such a hard time for dating so much, but honestly- she's young, famous... I know I would do the same thing!

    Btw: I nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my last post =]

  3. being too lazy to email you right now (i apologize) also its like almost 1am so....ya #collegeprobs Write a guest post for meeee!!!

    1. Jealous! I miss college. I hope you're having the time of your life. I would love love LOVE to guest post for you! I'll try to come up with something clever.

  4. Seriously , I had been crazy over her . Bought all her limited editions but by time , I just started to get over "Tay-Say"obsession . Though Red has Da best songs she has ever sang .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. A lot of the songs on "Red" are really catchy and fun!

  5. I'm not a fan myself as it's not my type of music but I have to agree why should we judge her - shouldn't we just allow her to make music for others to enjoy it and that be that?

    Thank you for link up with the I Love My Post Blog Hop

    Life in a Break Down

    1. Exactly! Just let her live her life. I don't keep up with celebrities' lives because it's not affecting mine, so I don't get why everyone is all crazy about it haha.

  6. I am kinda taylor swift obessed :)

  7. I was never her biggest fan, but I've always liked her songs. I don't know why people don't like her so much. To me, she's a celebrity--no body truly knows (just from reading magazines) what she's like and what stories are true. Probably some are, some aren't. I've always thought she's beautiful, too.

  8. I've actually always really liked T-Swift! I'd say her music is incredibly catchy (22 has been stuck in my head ALL day!), and I always have fun singing along!
    Also, a really nice veteran blogger explained to me that people don't actually see your comment replies if you reply by the built in Blogger thing, because there is no notification email. They'll get a reply if you email them back from the email notification.
    xo, Hima
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