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my first cara box!

So this month, I did my first Cara Box, and it really was the most amazing blog experience I've had yet. I got to connect with two awesome bloggers, and then send off a kick-butt box (if I do say so myself) to one and receive a super awesome box from another.

I don't think my pairs could have been any more spot on. The blogger I sent my box to is Rachel from Sunshine and Sinatra. I can't explain how much I love this girl. We've bonded amazingly, and I couldn't have asked for a better match. To see the Cara Box I sent her, go check out her post.

The blogger who sent me a Cara Box is Elyssa from Snatching Sequins. She's a fashion blogger, and she's absolutely fabulous. We have a ton of stuff in common, including our love for Sarah Dessen, Harry Potter, dachshunds, and anything sparkly. The box she sent me was spot on.

Look how precious the wrapping is. The pink ribbon is perfect, and all of the cute notes were so fun.

What I got:
Pug greeting card
Thank You notes with a bookshelf theme
Infinity scarf
Pink sunglasses
Princess Band-Aids
Sour Patch Kids
Coral Reef Hard as Nails nail polish
Perky Pink Hard as Nails nail polish

I love everything! Elyssa did such an awesome job picking things out for me. So much pink and so much sparkly. I loved my first Cara Box experience. 

Cara Box

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  1. Are you going to be joining in next month? I LOVE Cara Box... I've met some great friends through it! :D

  2. wow, everything looks so fun and girly, I love it. I got (and gave) that same nail polish (different colors), I love that formula!

  3. I am seriously crushing on these pink glasses! What a fun way to exchange love ;)

  4. ah!! I love your box!! Carabox is my absolute fave, I have made such good friends. Speaking of friends! I'm sorry I haven't sent your bracelet yet. Things have been so so crazy!

  5. I guess we BOTH had Rachel and Elyssa as partners, lol I sent Elyssa her package, and it looks very similar to this one, what are the odds, (minus a few things)

    Love this package, looks great!

  6. Cara box sounds like a really awesome program. You and your partner nailed it when shopping for these gifts. :)

  7. This was my first month too! It was so much fun. I am definitely signing up again!!

  8. I love this!! You got some really great stuff too :)

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  9. Awesome I did Cara Box exchange for 2 months and took a break for the moment. It is loads of fun. Looks like you received some really nice things.
    Visiting from Bloglovin' Blog Hop and following via Bloglovin'

    Barbara @ www.allmylivesnow.com


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